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  1. 4.3: Engagement Improvements

    To help engagement improvement, that would be awesome to have multiple reputation points for reactions I know, I've been asking for this too many times
  2. 4.3: Commerce Subscription Manager

    Awesome! REALLY great! A great simple feature addressing a very common use of nowadays. This is – for now – the most exciting 4.3 feature! Maybe the ability to give multiple reputation points to reactions will beat that Thank you!
  3. 4.3: AdminCP Member Profiles

    Really impressive Thank you Invision!
  4. 4.2 and mobile devices

    Hi, I can see that the 4.2 version is no longer detecting if the browser is a mobile device In the \Http\Useragent class, the mobile property is still there, but is always set to false! That's a real issue for developing applications… Is it a bug? Or the Suite will no longer support this feature? Thank you,
  5. Imgur integration

    Oh, ok, thank you!
  6. Imgur integration

    Hi Invision, Would it be possible to add Imgur as a supported rich embedded link? Thank you! Edit: I can see it was supposed to be included in 4.1.18… Is it a bug?
  7. Hi, For the Clubs map, that would be great if it was auto-centered and auto-zoomed on the existing pins. For instance, instead of having this: … the map would be by default: Much easier to read, and that would avoid a few clicks. I think it's just a parameter to set on the Google Map API. Thanks!
  8. Clubs tab in profile

    Absolutely! Excellent suggestion
  9. Reactions +2 reputation?

    Awesome idea. It would be a great addition to reactions. As for warnings, please let us choose the number of points a reaction can give to the member (positive and negative).
  10. In the Admin CP, go to: Customization > Editor > Toolbars And then hit the button "Restore Default Configuration": That should do the trick
  11. Hi, Did you try to reset the editor toolbar?
  12. [4.2.3] Breadcrumb JSON empty?

    Great! Thanks!