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  1. Hi, Apparently, when creating a bulk email, there is no option to filter by the members language. Am I wrong? If not, that would be a great feature to be able to send emails depending on the members language. We could create a different bulk email for each language. Thank you 🙂
  2. Hi Invision, Could you confirm that referrals don't work on product renewals? Thank you,
  3. Hi Invision, I'm also trying to set up the referral system in Commerce. Apparently, it doesn't work on renewals? That's a big limitation 😥 I've set up my products to have a trial period, by setting the initial price to 0, and then having a renewal price > 0. So I can't use the referral system at all? Is there any plan to improve this? That would be really great to be able to use referrals on renewals, and also be able to choose for how long the referral will be activated for renewals (for instance 1 year). Thank you!
  4. Hi Invision, Quick suggestion of the day 🤠 In Commerce, that would awesome to add the ability to add trial periods when buying products, especially when these products are subscriptions to a service. For instance, we could set a trial period for n days or n weeks, or even n months. I know that currently, we can set the products prices to 0, and then set a renewal with a certain amount. But the current system has 3 limitations: - When setting the initial price to 0, we're forced to have a "trial" period that has the same duration as the renewal period. For instance, we can't currently sell a product that renews every month with a trial period of 2 weeks. - The upgrading / downgrading mechanism currently doesn't work when all the products initial prices are set to 0. The current mechanism looks for the initial prices to determine what upgrade or downgrade is available… So with initial prices set to 0, it is irrelevant. On the contrary, using a real trial feature would allow to use the current upgrade / downgrade system. - When buying a product with an initial price set to 0, an invoice is generated, and immediately mark as paid. That is really weird for the user experience. That trial feature would work a little bit like the current grace period… but in reverse 😎 What do you think of that? Thank you for your feedback!
  5. Sorry, maybe this topic should moved into the Dev Gateway forum!
  6. Hi Invision, As far as I understand the Suite, I can see the geoip_cache is cleaned up every 12 hours: \IPS\Db::i()->delete( 'core_geoip_cache', array( 'date < ?', \IPS\DateTime::create()->sub( new \DateInterval( 'PT12H' ) )->getTimestamp() ) ); Isn't it a bit too aggressive? Could it be maybe 1 week or 1 month, to avoid too many calls to the Invision servers? Especially on a community with hundreds of thousands members? I don't know how often the IP addresses locations are changed in the World, but 12 hours seems really short to me? Reducing the cache updates frequency would reduce the server load on both our servers and your Invision servers… Thanks for your feedback! 🙂
  7. Have you tried Vue.js? Don't you think it could be easier to integrate with IPS than React? I love Vue.js 🤩
  8. Like @Lindy said, AMP is aimed at static pages. No forms, no javascript, and so on. I've implemented AMP on my website for news pages, and I can tell you: it's a nightmare. Needed to produce a complete new specific HTML code, with inline CSS styles declaration (and a very annoying limit on the CSS size). Except for Pages, AMP is absolutely not designed for the Invision Suite.
  9. Hi! Here is a feature suggestion concerning the form fields. It would be awesome to have a special design for specific fields, like Bootstrap does: https://getbootstrap.com/docs/4.1/components/input-group/ Email, URL, Tel… and even add a button for URL fields. Some great things could be done! Thanks!
  10. Hi, Just a simple suggestion concerning the \IPS\Helpers\Form\Url form fields. When a value is set, that would be great to have a button to open the URL in a new page. Maybe something like that: Thanks!
  11. Great, thank you! Note: The Wizard, the MutlipleRedirect… I'm loving your framework everyday a bit more, it's amazing
  12. Hi! The Wizard currently uses background images for the active and inactive steps. … and this makes really difficult to customize the Wizard ? – for instance just setting a different height (its height is currently hard-coded at 55 pixels). Wouldn't it be great to use purely CSS techniques to create the backgrounds? That would be much more flexible and customizable ? Thanks!
  13. Haha, okay! Okay, thanks, duly noted! ??
  14. Hi, Yes, absolutely; however, I'm working on an dev version of my website, which is not yet out. And the support would have answered to me: "What's your installation URL?"… and the support ticket would have failed. So I couldn't figure out another way than posting here
  15. Hi, I think there might be a bug in \IPS\nexus\Package : On line 1890: $extraItems = ( $values === NULL ) ? array() : $this->addToCart( $item, $values, $memberCurrency ); But if you look at this addToCart() method, it doesn't return anything: public function addToCart( \IPS\nexus\extensions\nexus\Item\Package $item, array $values, $memberCurrency ) { } So, at line 1917, an error is thrown when in DEV mode: /* Associate extras */ if ( count( $extraItems ) ) ($extraItems is empty) Thanks!
  16. Hi, As far as I know, the search field in the \Helpers\Table\Db only uses the classic MySQL search. For instance, with the quickSearch property: $_where = array(); foreach ( $columns as $c ) { $_where[] = "LOWER(`{$c}`) LIKE CONCAT( '%', ?, '%' )"; } $where[] = array_merge( array( '(' . implode( ' OR ', $_where ) . ')' ), array_fill( 0, count( $_where ), mb_strtolower( trim( \IPS\Request::i()->quicksearch ) ) ) ); Would it be possible to implement ElasticSearch if it has been configured in the settings? Thanks a lot!
  17. Hi, Up ? That would we great if we could have somme recommandation on what is the best Redis configuration for Invision? Thanks!
  18. Wonderful plugin. Does it work with 4.3 ? Thanks !
  19. Hi, I just saw your Facebook post, I'm a bit overwhelmed Thank you!
  20. ? 10 years! ? March 2008 - March 2018 10 years I've been using Invision Community I just wanted to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the whole Invision team. Your software allowed me to build an awesome community, honestly the best in the French poker world: Club Poker. There is also an english version, thanks to IPS Connect. Thank you Invision, for all you've allowed me to do. Your development skills are awesome. While other forum platforms struggle to deliver ugly and cumbersome interfaces, you've managed to develop a top-of-the-art framework. You've delivered a great user interface, fully-featured, and most importantly highly customizable. You've managed to follow the great trends of the always-evolving user experience, along with the new web and mobile technologies. Responsive design, ajax, emojis, oembeds, rich text editor, notifications, external login handlers, image uploads, members mentions, reactions, spam defense, REST APIs… Over the years, you've never rested on your laurels, and this is your strength. Our ability to develop our own applications, hooks, themes, plug-ins, is unbeatable. The Invision Suite offers hundreds of features, but we always have the possibility to extend them, or even to remove them. The power of your platform resides in its flexibility. Of course, many areas can still be improved, but with your framework, we are always able to tune things as we want them to be. Yes, it requires to be a developer to be able to achieve great modifications, but the framework is so full of features out-of-the-box that it surpasses other frameworks, and Invision has become my primary choice to start new projects. I'm looking forward to launch new projects with the Invision Suite, and on the contrary to other frameworks, I feel very excited to use your platform. I can't end this post without stressing out one of the best things at Invision: your support. Everybody at your team is so prompt to answer, and this is really reassuring to know that we can count on your team when developing a project. Keep up the good work! See you in another 10 years
  21. Oh, okay, thank you for that info! That would be great to be able to set this value as a per-group setting PS: Damn, I'll never know if a customizable reputation value for reactions will be implemented one day. If the answer is no, your descendants will be cursed for the 25 next generations
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