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  1. Perhaps this is a pipe dream, but as sub-economies have proven to be a very effective way of hijacking goal-oriented psychology I would love to see a native points system in IPB. In such an application one could develop different "banks" for different types of points systems depending on the nature of your website. Examples: "credits" (for purchasing services, Store products, exchanging for cash donations to relevant charities) tokens (for gambling, buying bling for their online personae) hours (if you're like me, you sell hours of tuition and/or consultation) How might these points be accumulated/awarded? Examples: buying blocks of tokens/credits/hours in the Store buying Store products: buy product X and get Y amount of credits in points system Z having the highest-rated answers in a Q/A Support forum having the highest reputation in a given forum Awarding points to people who invite new members to your community completing courses or other certifications Other ideas: Targeted emails to certain groups, or certain individuals when credits/tokens/hours are at X or 0 - time to get more!) Targeted emails to people indicating they've been awarded free tokens/credits/etc. Promotions where points are awarded under special circumstances from dates X to Y Toss tokens into a (virtual) fight pit and watch your community fight for them. Cue the oldschool Star Trek fight music. Dance, puppets, daaaaance! mwuahahaha) Hijacking goal-oriented psych--err, offering points could be a great way to spur development and participation in one's community. They could also obviously be integrated into other apps (or other apps could make use of points) as part of competitions, e.g., submitting the highest-rated photos, articles, blog posts, etc. The possibilities go on and on! As some know there have been a couple of third-party devs who have made Points systems, but I have come to think that if one is going to embed something like this into a community (let alone a business) I wouldn't want to trust it to anyone but the core developers for updates and stability. I obviously can't speak for others, but I for one would be happy to pay for this as an additional (optional) IPS module, similar to the way IP.Downloads is offered.
  2. Please is there anyone can suggest me a way to implement search in Commerce? Can we use the tags to do this and fix this issue? It's very funny don't have this feauture in a store
  3. Hello, xenForo has a really cool feature: https://xenforo.com/community/threads/automated-bounce-email-handling.78137/ It automatically checks for Mail delivery failed messages of users. If a mailbox becomes invalid it will stop sending future mails to this users and change the user group. Does IPS also have a bounce email handling?
  4. Hi There is a great feature on some large boards, often boards belonging to large companies They allow visitors to post and only at the end require username & email to perform the registration Many visitors would never register first and then post, they directly post with a form, and discover at the end they have to provide username & email to have their post submitted, so they accept to give those informations This is very powerful, and i was hoping to see this on IPS 4, maybe it is available and i didnt see it ? You must have seen this many times on the web, an example here on a french website : http://voyage.linternaute.com/forum/canada-24002/new
  5. Couldn't find where to set this. Is this removed ?
  6. I'm still on Nexus, I use it for all my contact departments like Sales, Advertising, Review Requests (ticket is assigned to reviewer), etc. I have 5 departments. One is account support. Apparently the new change in Commerce is, this page is only accessible to members. Guests get an error page. Really? This totally changes how I have been fielding our company emails. In 3.4 if anyone asked if there was a contact page for IPB were were instructed to buy Nexus. Which I did. My tab is labeled Contact. But now, it is only for logged in support tickets and there is a Contact Us (part of Core) link at the bottom of the site that sends a general email, is not manageable in acp, and has no departments. Is this the case or am I missing something? Thanks!
  7. Hello! Required functionality: https://wordpress.org/plugins/image-lazy-load/ (Loads images within the main WordPress Page, Post or Custom Post Type content when each image is visible to the site visitor. This helps reduce load times, increase site performance and reduce server bandwidth by only loading images when they're truly needed.) The problem, page loading more than a minute, for example: http://lednews.lighting/topic/1141-профиль-для-светодиодной-ленты-виды-сравнение-led-профилей/ Thanks!
  8. Hi all, I am posting this as a feature request. I would like to see the ability to EXCLUDE a forum or content type in my streams. Let's say I have 100 forums, and I want to only show a stream of 99 forums (removing 1 of them), I currently have to choose all 99 forums to be INCLUDED in my stream. Can you add a feature in the software that will allow me to choose the 1 single forum I wish to EXCLUDE? This would be nice because if I add another forum in the future I don't have to go update all of my streams. Thanks!
  9. It would be very useful if topic logs have information where a topic was moved from. Now it has only by whom and when.
  10. It would be nice, if the IPB Team could integrate the commerce application to the search feature , What does other customer think about it? Best Regards ,
  11. Any chance this is going to get done. I am a broken record, but this was discussed over a year ago as something that would return in a later update. Two things desired here. 1. A block that calls a single random image from a designated gallery or album, then leaves the image displayed for a period of time, say 20 seconds, then changes the picture to another random from the designated area. 2. A block that calls a set number of RANDOM pictures from a designated gallery or albums and displays them on page. Just a RANDOM filter vice our current selection of sorted filters.
  12. When we have new posts under moderation, is missing the option to hide the posts. Currently we only have only the opportunity to approve or permanently delete that post. It would be very useful to have the option to hide post under moderation. Thank you.
  13. Feedback on IP.Gallery regarding the upload process 1. You don't notify the uploader, until AFTER he's uploaded, that he can only upload 100 images. 2. While the upload queue is still open, deleting images to bring me less than 100 images doesn't allow me to continue. Nothing does. I'm stuck on the uploading screen, unless I cancel, refresh, and queue a new upload. Some suggestions that I think are reasonable: 1. Tell me the warning message before I upload. 2. I ought to be able to delete and / or add photos in the upload queue, and still Continue. 3. I ought to be able to "Continue" in mid-upload and break the uploading process. This allows me to at least partially upload most of my queue, instead of restarting the entire upload queue.
  14. Would IPS please list all the error codes? In IPB 3 series there was a listing in the resource area. That listing back then helped me found out an issue that was very easy to address and not have me open a ticket and significantly fix the problem right and than and there because I didn't fix a permission right are such. But now in IPB 4 series, I have to open a ticket and wait 2 days for a reply to something that can be fixed if I understood what the heck the error codes mean. Now, two-day wait is a common wait time but regardless I can fix something that if I understood what the website is giving me to make it my own call to address it if I can are open a ticket. But now I have to open a ticket for very every error code that I don't get. The tools are taken away from the owner to help and address the issue. Why won't you publish the codes to website owners so they can fix issues that can be minor in scope and not waste IPB's time with tickets and time to fix something that could be so easy. The lack of this listing is very frustration when trying to run a website without trying to run to IPB all the time. Can you please like just post something to get it out there and fix it up later and not allow the public to wait for months for this to be done? I mean even a doc/excel file will work for the time being to get it out there.
  15. In IPS3 , there was an option to track and recover deleted posts, In IPS4 items that are deleted are deleted instantly, recovery is no longer a feature Why is that ? we need that option back
  16. My apologies for repeating this issue, but I'm an academic search nerd so I will rant about this as much as I can. Say I want to search for content tagged with "apples" AND "bananas". I call up the Advanced Search screen and enter those tags, separated by commas. Now, the two Find results... radio button fields are irrelevant to tag searching, so I ignore them. However, the search results always return content tagged with "apples" OR "bananas", which is not the specific search I want. The search results screen says as much, i.e. that it's returning an OR search and not an AND. Put simply, there needs to be an AND function for tag searching. Thinking out loud, it would probably help if the Find results... fields were ghosted out for tag searching since they don't apply.
  17. With v4, when editing a user group there is a setting "Can delete own content?" which allows them to globally delete anything and everything of their's on the forum. It's no longer possible to configure what they can specifically delete, ie: posts vs topics, gallery albums/images, etc. In the particular case with our forum, we want users to simply be able to manage their own galleries. Regularly images are uploaded by accident, duplicate uploads, etc. users need to contact a moderator in order to have their images deleted. Because we don't want to allow them to delete their forum topics/posts. Is there any way you allow us to define what users can delete again? It would be nice to delete posts vs topics, but at the very minimum users should be able to delete their own gallery content without being allowed to delete topics/posts. Content deletion/management options per application would be really nice. This seems like an oversight. Too many problems can arise if members can delete topics/posts, especially if they are angry/planning to leave the forum. They could end up deleting big productive topics from the forum. Thanks!
  18. I LOVE statistics. It's one thing that keeps me motivated to keep trying to build up my sites. Currently: User facing stats are nonexistent mostly. ACP stats aren't very useful. IE: not readable, etc. Examples, This number isn't even formatted with commas, much less I am supposed to figure out what that means when it's listed in KB? That's thrity-five million, five hundred and seventy three thousand Kilo Bytes?? UGH!! That doesn't mean anything to me. And then there is this, Why are these lines so thin? It feels like not much thought or effort has really gone into quality stats. I would love to see some global site stats made available. Here is an example.
  19. When a user uploads 2 dozen pictures into a single album in the gallery, instead of showing each picture in VNC, it should show that the user uploaded a new Album and show the Album name. My VNC is going to get very very messy come auto show time. I could see showing the picture if it was one or two pictures being added to an existing album, but if the album is all new, don't show all the picture in VNC.
  20. Just as calendar entries are featured with this date box, I propose that pages records show the record image (if one was uploaded) in that spot.
  21. As far as I can tell, in the "renew" , "manage purchases" & "download" screens there are no links leading back to the original file in the market place. Why have one? Because I want to go read the original description, find the support thread, see dates of updates etc. Without a link I have to back out and search for it. (hard) The original marketplace location is somewhat like the "profile" page for the item. no link to it Please add????
  22. Are your members like mine? Always confused? Constantly complaining that your site doesn't work they way they expect it to? One of the biggest challenges I have on my site is its user friendliness (or unfriendliness) when it comes to inserting images in posts. We have Gallery and I allow my members unlimited space. Yet, I am constantly explaining the difference between attachments and gallery images. I've created step-by-step tutorials, videos, and I even spend time on the phone with my members helping them to upload an image to their album and then insert it into a post. As a marketing guy, this tells me two things: (1) posting pictures is a big deal to members (thank you social media) and (2), the user interface is not intuitive. Like it or not, a big part of Facebook's appeal is how simple it is to upload and post pictures. It seems that's what most folks care about these days and the major reason membership participation is down from past years -- at least on my site anyway. Don't get me wrong; IPS 4 is a huge improvement in this area, but it's still confusing for the majority of my members. What is most clear to me, is that members expect uploading images to a post to work like Google+, Facebook, or for that matter, even email. They expect to be able to just drag and drop or use the attachment feature to insert images. The current method is just too confusing. I posted in another thread how my members are using attachments in the description field to upload the image they think they are inserting into an album They don't get it. I would like to see profile pictures, cover photos, and attachments work like Facebook. Push these items to some sort of album. I realize not everyone purchases Gallery, but can't there be some sort of "mini album" feature for members without Gallery? In marketing we call this an up-sell opportunity. If the customer does have Gallery, you could have a "profiles" and "forum posts" album as default starter albums. Give the user the ability to move pictures to other (or newly created) albums. Thanks for listening.
  23. Hi, Would you guys consider adding the multiple quotes function when you select part of each reply in a topic like below? It will be helpful so that when you want to select part of each reply in a topic and add them all at once in the reply box, instead of scrolling up and down. I know there's already the multiquote function now, but that multiquote function will quote each full reply instead of part of a reply.
  24. I want to start to sell more stuff than just my one forum subscription product, but I’m am surprised to see that store is treated rather differently than the other apps when it comes to “content discovery”. I don’t seem to be able to have newly added products to appear in the activity feeds, so my users won’t see that I added a new product. Why is that? Why can I have a new file or gallery image in the feed but not a new product with it’s image? I can’t even put a widget in the sidebar, since there are no Commerce item widgets available AT ALL. No recent or random items. No sliders I can put somewhere. Nothing. So Commerce seems to be treated as an “island”. People need to click the store link manually to discover products. That seems to be the only way. The usual ways like activity feeds and widgets are not supported. I would suggest to rectify that in the future. Or did I miss a setting somewhere?
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