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  1. Perfectly correct, we are on 4.2.9. Thanks, will try that, Tom
  2. We see the following PHP Error in our log file during the upgrade to 4.4.2, that's why I'm asking: [25-Mar-2019 19:14:36 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Interface 'IPS\Content\ReportCenter' not found in /mypath_abc/applications/membermap/sources/Markers/Markers.php on line 24 The Upgrade process stops and shows a blank page. I am testing the upgrade process in our testbed using a copy of our live site, thanks for mentioning. 🙂 I guess deactivating the application should help to bring us through the upgrade, afterwards I'd install the 4.4 version ( assuming our Markers stay safe in place. 🙂 Is this feasible? Thanks, Tom
  3. Hi, can I disable the application before upgrading to 4.4.2 without losing member marker information, i.e. positions? After the migration I'd install the latest version and use the stored markers from before... Thanks, Thomas
  4. Coming from another prevalent widespread community software IPB has helped us to leverage stability, performance and community management in general. All areas and features from forum management, permissions, module integration are top of the class. To us Invision Community clearly offers the most feature-rich all-in-one suite on the market, I would recommend any community owner, especially of big communities, to evaluate the Invision Community software suite. Thomas Praider - https://www.MCSEboard.de
  5. Hi, can anyone confirm please? Any ideas? @Martin A: Is there a reason why IE isn't working, i.e. is this on purpose or just IE being ignored? Thanks, Thomas
  6. See AlexWebsites post - same with our site: Mainly at work (IT work related), mainly Desktop users.
  7. 91.6% Desktop 7.08% Mobile 1.32% Tablet ...astonishing
  8. Any idea why it renders errors in IE 11? The Map is not functional in IE... Thanks, Thomas
  9. Stemming works, but not using wildcards - that's not the same ? Could someone confirm?
  10. Hi, as it seems searching with wildcards isn't possible... When searching for the term 'password' I get results, using 'passwor*' or 'passwor?' doesn't render any results. Is there a reason why? Thanks, Thomas
  11. When browsing using the "Browse markers"-Link the map is shown correctly, it just doesn't work when using the entry link. These are the errors I see in developer mode on different machines using Internet Explorer: SCRIPT5007: Unable to get property 'initMap' of undefined or null reference membermap (1602,4) SCRIPT1002: Syntax error front_front_main.js.19a93e2f9cd649df858af4f39f529814.js (193,167)
  12. Is this working on Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11)? I get an error when browsing the Member Map with IE, it shows nothing except the template skeleton... ?
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