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  1. There are various options to keep the DB small, in the context of server optimization using Redis for caching instead of MySQL and Elasticsearch instead of a MySQL search index helps. So if you don't use the caching method MySQL and for example not the MySQL search index, both keeps your database smaller.
  2. Hi Gauravk, we use Redis since quite a while. For bigger forums with lots of concurrent sessions I'd say it's the way to go. Try those settings for one week and measure your pageload with GTMetrix, Pingdom or Webpagetest.org. If Redis has an impact on server load or on pageload, you will notice it. Another server service you could have a look into is elasticsearch, this will offload your search index from MySQL to a dedicated search service. In our setup every task I can take away from MySQL, such as caching or searching, helps to have a faster, smaller database. Regards, Thomas
  3. After several tests it seems that this application is not ready for forums which use "Guest Caching" and Caching mechanisms like Redis for example. It works well with all Caches turned off, but shows a weird behavior with Caches set On.
  4. I really like the idea, great tool for user engagement. Surely we need to play with it to configure it as needed - every community is different. But overall: Well done, great idea 💡👍
  5. Hey, so should I ignore the message until the next upgrade? My mission, thus this request, is to make sure there is no flaw lying dormant in our DB which leads to an error now or in the near future. Atm we don't use OAuth and postponed the setup. If this is non-issue due to the upgrader adds the column multiple times, that's fine for me, as well. 😌 Thanks, Thomas
  6. Hi IPS Team and community admins, I have to raise the issue again, as it happened twice to me: During an upgrade from 4.4.3 -> 4.4.6 in 2019 and just recently when upgrading from 4.4.10 -> Same error, same duplicate column. See a.m. [1] [2] It is fine if a table or column has to be modified, of course. If it is within the nature of the upgrade process to add the column several times, with an expected error in case it is already there -several times after version changes- I tend to be fine with it, as well. But I need to know, if this is the case, as we got the almost same error twice within 2 years. @bfarber: I understood from your last answer back then that this happened due to a build system artifact which should have been sorted for a future maintenance in 2019; still I got an error about the same column just recently. I have to make sure that there isn't an underlying issue lying dormant in our pretty huge database. Thank you, Thomas
  7. Hi Miss B, thanks, that happened to us from 4.4.3 to 4.4.6, as well. So we still have that artifact present in 4.4 and 4.5, i.e. when migrating?
  8. Hi folks, our upgrade to 4.5 went smooth after several tests, unfortunately our production install shows a single error message in our system log: Error (1060) Duplicate column name 'prompt': addColumn ["core_oauth_authorize_prompts",{"name":"prompt","type":"ENUM","length":null,"decimals":null,"values":["login","reauthorize"],"allow_null":true,"default":null,"comment":"The requested prompt type","unsigned":false,"zerofill":false,"auto_increment":false,"binary":false}] It was triggered by admin/upgrade/?controller=upgrade&key=ABC&mr=5&_=1616529281484 Anyone else had this error regarding the sql db column core_oauth_authorize_prompts? Thanks, Thomas
  9. I see, that didn't work as described. Well, I did it in our testing environment. I can handle it manually, this is no problem as this app doesn't have historical data or a complex configuration. This is just a report for you that an Upgrade from 4.4 to 4.5 didn't work as expected in our case / so not in all cases...
  10. Something went apparently wrong, after upgrading our test install from 4.4 to 4.5 I noticed that the old plugin wasn't automatically uninstalled, so it was still shown as Plugin. I understood that it should be converted to an Application, right?
  11. Hi @Adriano Faria just converted to 4.5 and matched the marketplace App in our test environment I noticed that matching went fine and the Icon shows that it's from the marketplace, but it is still a plugin in ACP. Then I uninstalled the plugin and re-installed from marketplace. Now it shows correctly as Application. What went wrong during Upgrade or Match? I refere to this description... Thank you, Thomas
  12. @Fosters Great news. Any ETA when it is going to be released? 🙂
  13. Hi, is there no sign or marker to identify those who used the post before registering function? I anticipated that in the ACP at Statistics or the member's information at "All Recent Account Activity"... Regards, Thomas
  14. Hi mates, when "Post Before Registering" is enabled, is it possble to see Users who registered that way? We enabled the feature quite a while ago, but I can't see how many registered through it. I checked the user activity log on specific users and the statistics in general... Thanks, Thomas
  15. After searching in the wrong direction (ckeditor config docs, ckeditor file locations) for a while, I found it simply using the IPS Translation options: ACP > Customization > Localization > Languages > "your language" > Translate (button). Then look for entries (Keys) like editor_code_clike or editor_code_perl etc.
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