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  1. Hi, those are SVG images, which are text and compressed via HTTP Gzip. ๐Ÿ™‚ If you mean the uploaded images - good suggestion. Regards, Thomas
  2. One of the best IPS designers out there is from Australia ๐Ÿ˜‰
  3. The tachy user is M, which has posted the topic "Datenbankinhalte vergleichen" (hidden in second screenshot) and an answer to the topic "Editionswechsel...". He is the real last poster, it is his time stamp in the second screenshot and his profile picture shown though.
  4. I guess we have a misunderstanding for the first part, we can discuss that later on. You can see the second issue in action here: https://www.mcseboard.de/topic/218142-editionswechsel-von-standard-auf-express-mรถglich/ As you can see the last poster in this topic is NilsK (1), has posted on Sunday June 7 (2) and has a profile picture with his photo (3). This data should be shown everywhere. When looking on the subforum view you can see the wrong profile picture (letter M of the ignored member) and date (Thursday June 11): https://www.mcseboard.de/forum/81-ms-sql-server-forum/
  5. Nice, good one, It works, but not flawless. The topic of a global ignored member don't show up, unless someone else was or is involved: - Someone (A) answers to the post of a member (B), who is being globally ignored afterwards. The topics still show up in the unread topic list of the member A. - The global ignored member answers to a topic, which he didn't open. He posts answers to existing topics. His Avatar is shown in the forum view and his timestamp is shown mingled with the last poster, who is not ignored globally - see: As you can see the member's name starting with
  6. Thanks, sounds good to me. We have >70k users and that the issue is one of the past is great.
  7. Great Add-On. I'd like to see a page in the ACP application section to edit all current tags in the list ๐Ÿท I frequently have to edit our list of tags (>30) and often have to add one in the middle. At the moment this requires to delete all tags beginning from the nearest end and add the one I need to add. Then I have to re-add all I have deleted to maintain a proper list order, which is custom.
  8. Is this app still maintained? Is the issue appearing on large communities already addressed? Am interested in buying, but it should work well on forums with >1M posts... Thanks
  9. Thanks for the heads up, Adriano. What really would be helpful would be a migration step or tool from your Plugin to the feature. I'd lose a couple of years with marked answers...
  10. In this case you can educate/show them, I have posted many how-to articles on our community. Using some animated gifs, i.e. small videos like this help a lot. See e.g.: https://www.mcseboard.de/uploads/monthly_2019_06/standardverlauf.gif.0d3b4d94c76e45316b13b6bbb0a637c5.gif Please note that his example does not show quoting...
  11. How should the outcome look like? Do you have an example?
  12. How come there are entries in the log, which are not guest post related, with only one IP address hits? Is there a method apart from guest post registrations and duplicate IPs which are tracked? ๐Ÿ™‚
  13. Thanks. I think meanwhile that excluding the guest account from being reported as duplicate is enough. The other change is imo not worth the effort since clicking on the IP of the report post shows what we need.
  14. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/46492621/how-to-resolve-this-deprecated-function-each-php hth
  15. Please no App, we've been there, seen that. Own App, Tapatalk, Forumrunner was and is altogether a waste of time on the user and especially on the developer side.
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