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  1. Please no App, we've been there, seen that. Own App, Tapatalk, Forumrunner was and is altogether a waste of time on the user and especially on the developer side.
  2. Sure, if I can help 👍 Not for the a.m. user named 'Talo": I find only one entry. Please have a look
  3. @Mike John Just realized that "Post before Registering" from v4.4 seems to trigger an entry in the duplicate Log, one for the Guest and one for the registered member. When looking at the IP in the ACP IP Address Tools there is no history for that IP, all data is from today. Could you please verify the issue? Thank you, Thomas
  4. I am using reCaptcha v3 API with stock IPS. People registering don't have to solve time-wasting street sign and stoplight rebus puzzles as mentioned above. Looking at the reCaptcha Backend you get an analysis of scores.
  5. I think a link to the ModCP IP tools in the post content would be sufficient, i.e. to /modcp/ip-tools/?ip=a.b.c.d When changing the post content in the Geofirewall settings using https://www.example.org/modcp/ip-tools/?ip={member_ip} unfortunately does not work, as the variable's brackets are converted into %7B and %7D...
  6. Please don't think about developing an App for Smartphones. We all have been there, seen that. Doesn't make sense anymore in a responsive, progressive and Web 2.0-World.
  7. Hi Makoto, glad to see a follow-up to ATP, I really like your approach. What I was missing is a straightforward way to add new tags to a closed set of tags and having them in order, like e.g. Tag1, Tag2, Tag3. Using the stock IPS product I have to delete them all and re-enter them again when adding let's say 4 new tags in that list with a custom order... So my question is: Will your Add-on help me to add new tags to a pre-populated list in a certain order? Thanks, Thomas
  8. Thomas P


    We use a custom theme and some ready-made themes from ipsfocus. Apart from being well designed all themes are technically tidy using minor changes from the stock theme still achieving a stunning appearance. Ehren is fun to work with and he fulfilled all requirements we had. He is still actively supporting and updating our custom theme, really appreciate his attitude and dedication. Support and quality is outstanding.
  9. Hi, already implemented, it is here and working. Regards,
  10. Hi, I'm interested in using the plugin: Basically I am looking for a well made and maintained plugin to hide images, i.e. embedded and attachment images, from guests leaving a note to sign-up. As far as I can judge this plugin would help me to implement that, right? Thanks, Thomas
  11. Perfectly correct, we are on 4.2.9. Thanks, will try that, Tom
  12. We see the following PHP Error in our log file during the upgrade to 4.4.2, that's why I'm asking: [25-Mar-2019 19:14:36 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Interface 'IPS\Content\ReportCenter' not found in /mypath_abc/applications/membermap/sources/Markers/Markers.php on line 24 The Upgrade process stops and shows a blank page. I am testing the upgrade process in our testbed using a copy of our live site, thanks for mentioning. 🙂 I guess deactivating the application should help to bring us through the upgrade, afterwards I'd install the 4.4 version ( assuming our Markers stay safe in place. 🙂 Is this feasible? Thanks, Tom
  13. Hi, can I disable the application before upgrading to 4.4.2 without losing member marker information, i.e. positions? After the migration I'd install the latest version and use the stored markers from before... Thanks, Thomas
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