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  1. @Makoto Just a quick question to make sure we are on path: Does your app support PHP 8. Is it safe to upgrade to v8?
  2. @Michael.J Is this App compatible with PHP 8? Just to makes sure we can upgrade without breaking anything. Thanks, Thomas
  3. Just to check back: Is this App "Dead Topic Protection" compatible with PHP 8? IPB 4.6 is and we are about to switch, but want to be sure, that alle apps are as well. Thanks, Thomas
  4. Hi, do you need the Amazon fork of Elasticsearch? Same thing, Amazon created it due to license issues, right? We used Sphinx Search with IPB for many years, ES runs as fine for us.
  5. @jwdenzel I don't have a distributed setup atm, we once had webserver and mysql separately where memcached lived on the webserver. Currently we use Webserver, MySQL (i.e. MariaDB) and Redis on the same (powerful) machine, which works really great. If your MySQL has a lot to handle offloading the queries to the webserver using Redis on the Apache host would be effective. But it depends on your setup and your load during peak times. So my recommendation is: Try both variants and do some measurement on the box to monitor CPU, RAM, Swap and response times etc. when Redis is installed and active on your Apache host for a while (e.g. one week) and on a second try when it is active on your MySQL host in the following week. Btw. it is common as well to use Redis on the MySQL host as a front-end database between an application and the MySQL DB. If you want to offload even more and you don't use it yet: Think about using elasticsearch, it removes a lot of data (i.e. search index) from the MySQL DB and search queries run a lot faster and more accurate.
  6. You like to argue on the unfair side, right? Please read my post again: You could register for free at GTMetrix. When you are registered you could use other locations as those North American. GTMetrix uses Lighthouse as well. Google Pagespeed use their location in the US to measure other sites. We are based in central europe and we don't use a CDN, so our site is optimized for European locations. When looking from Australia your Topics are D-E and from Hongkong it is E-F and that has absolutely nothing to do with IPS and the forum software and frankly: It doesn't matter and if so - use a CDN with servers in that location. For our requirement in the Europaen regions we are damn fast and as already said: It is also a matter of Server resources, configuration, using external content like ads etc. etc. and not only the forum software. But since you argue inequitable this is my last post to you, I am out now. Bug someone else 😉
  7. I take it as a compliment 😉 To be fair: As I said we measure without Ads, this is content we could not influence. Plus topics consistent of User Generated Content (UGC) and in the sample you picked we have several banners and a screenshot. Most of the posts have >50-60% Secondly Pagespeed does not work worldwide, they are measuring from across the pond from their HQ. What about your GTMetrix numbers? Log in there, use a server next to you and please tell me what you see. This is what I see: To achieve good numbers PHP Workers, GZIP/Brotli, Redis and several other components and configs have to be well tweaked. Just saying that code is not all. I see that IPS is heavily improving their code performance and seo-wise from release to release, undoubtedly they do a good job compared to other comparable platforms. There is always room for improvement, but are you sure that 4.5 and 4.6 -which is still beta- is "terrible". How does a Wordpress perform on pagespeed and GTMetrix on your server?
  8. About ETAs I want to throw in one aspect I am very content with IPS: It's done when it is done which has kept up quality builds. I am a client and am in the same boat as you. I want everything asap in high quality, done quickly and cost effective. There is a lot of beta software out there and a lot of banana products and I don't want to use that. If I need to chose I would chose quality over time:
  9. One difference from 4.4 to 4.5 was that pagespeed was improved a lot. Did you try to use the default theme? Try your test installation forum with default theme and let pagespeed visit it. In March this was our result with the default theme and no ads:
  10. I am not so sure about amp pages since they are mostly (not all) just black and white text and they don't tend to engage new members, it's more for news related articles/one pagers imo.
  11. Do you have FTP enabled or SFTP only? Maybe a good idea to use 2FA, new passwords for Admin & root accounts and SFTP access. You can check server logs for suspicious access and check your PC, as well.
  12. All I said that we and you should give it a chance. Just because it is new doesn't mean it is bad. The only constant in life is change - this is an objective fact 😉 There you go 👍
  13. You couldn't deny: It looks cleaner Yes, bring up constructive suggestions to improve it. After more than 20 years dealing with stars and ranks, it is time to look & move forward 😌
  14. I understand the reservations as we are all used to the ranks system, which goes back to the days of vB (>2000) and UBB (<2000). We are all familiar with the system of growing stars, ranks and thus titles and their static nature. To proceed further on and step the game up I think the new proposal of using Achievements is a good approach and a thriving implementation. I think it is ranks and member titles 2.0. More granular, unobtrusive and elegant. Give it a chance, let's play with it and help the devs and us to improve it. Every risk contains a chance 😉
  15. Give Redis a try, works fine and requires little maintenance. Installation is easy on all major Linux distros. Setup is easy, too. What do you mean by it won't work with MySQL. Redis is a separate caching/key storage instance, which is being used by your Invision Community software. Instead of saving caching information to MySQL or to a Memcache daemon it is being sent to your Redis server instance. This will take load off the MySQL Server...
  16. Those are samples, as mentioned before every site, every site setting and environment is specific. For the URL parameters containing "do" google recognized them -in our case- as possible attribute for the same content and decides by itself, if the parameter has no influence on the page content or if it changes the page content. Check Google Search Console and the appropriate section. There are different methods to declare a page or url parameter not being indexed be it the robots.txt file, meta tags in the ACP or the Google Search Console settings etc.
  17. You can easily create a robots.txt files with wildcards: Check the section: "How to Use wildcards in robots.txt" here: An SEO's Guide to Robots.txt, Wildcards, the X-Robots-Tag and Noindex (builtvisible.com) for example. To prevent the report URL or other sections being indexed we use this e.g.: Disallow: /*?do=reportComment* Disallow: /*?do=add As the robots.txt file is very site and version specific and there are other methods, see article mentioned above, I think every site owner has to create his own robots.txt file or "no index" mechanism.
  18. There are various options to keep the DB small, in the context of server optimization using Redis for caching instead of MySQL and Elasticsearch instead of a MySQL search index helps. So if you don't use the caching method MySQL and for example not the MySQL search index, both keeps your database smaller.
  19. Hi Gauravk, we use Redis since quite a while. For bigger forums with lots of concurrent sessions I'd say it's the way to go. Try those settings for one week and measure your pageload with GTMetrix, Pingdom or Webpagetest.org. If Redis has an impact on server load or on pageload, you will notice it. Another server service you could have a look into is elasticsearch, this will offload your search index from MySQL to a dedicated search service. In our setup every task I can take away from MySQL, such as caching or searching, helps to have a faster, smaller database. Regards, Thomas
  20. After several tests it seems that this application is not ready for forums which use "Guest Caching" and Caching mechanisms like Redis for example. It works well with all Caches turned off, but shows a weird behavior with Caches set On.
  21. I really like the idea, great tool for user engagement. Surely we need to play with it to configure it as needed - every community is different. But overall: Well done, great idea 💡👍
  22. Hey, so should I ignore the message until the next upgrade? My mission, thus this request, is to make sure there is no flaw lying dormant in our DB which leads to an error now or in the near future. Atm we don't use OAuth and postponed the setup. If this is non-issue due to the upgrader adds the column multiple times, that's fine for me, as well. 😌 Thanks, Thomas
  23. Hi IPS Team and community admins, I have to raise the issue again, as it happened twice to me: During an upgrade from 4.4.3 -> 4.4.6 in 2019 and just recently when upgrading from 4.4.10 -> Same error, same duplicate column. See a.m. [1] [2] It is fine if a table or column has to be modified, of course. If it is within the nature of the upgrade process to add the column several times, with an expected error in case it is already there -several times after version changes- I tend to be fine with it, as well. But I need to know, if this is the case, as we got the almost same error twice within 2 years. @bfarber: I understood from your last answer back then that this happened due to a build system artifact which should have been sorted for a future maintenance in 2019; still I got an error about the same column just recently. I have to make sure that there isn't an underlying issue lying dormant in our pretty huge database. Thank you, Thomas
  24. Hi Miss B, thanks, that happened to us from 4.4.3 to 4.4.6, as well. So we still have that artifact present in 4.4 and 4.5, i.e. when migrating?
  25. Hi folks, our upgrade to 4.5 went smooth after several tests, unfortunately our production install shows a single error message in our system log: Error (1060) Duplicate column name 'prompt': addColumn ["core_oauth_authorize_prompts",{"name":"prompt","type":"ENUM","length":null,"decimals":null,"values":["login","reauthorize"],"allow_null":true,"default":null,"comment":"The requested prompt type","unsigned":false,"zerofill":false,"auto_increment":false,"binary":false}] It was triggered by admin/upgrade/?controller=upgrade&key=ABC&mr=5&_=1616529281484 Anyone else had this error regarding the sql db column core_oauth_authorize_prompts? Thanks, Thomas
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