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Hide profile information or entire member profile for marked spammers

Thomas P

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Hi all,

we had and have spammers who try to abuse the homepage link ("Website URL") or the "About me" section, i.e. profile fields, for link stuffing and unsolicited advertisement - which is spam.

Marking the spammer using the built-in function hides the posts and threads but not the profile fields or the member profile itself.

Suggestion is to hide the entire content of a spammer after being marked so.

Regarding the profile fields specifically: Either the profile field content should be removed (A) or the entire profile should be set to hidden except for the Mods & Admins (B). This is just to give you an idea how it can be done, but in those details I trust your judgement as you are more into the details.

This is the follow-up to this q&a topic: 



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