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  1. thats nice idea. I hope IPB won't skip this important feature this time.
  2. I strongly feel all possible moderator actions (DELETE, EDIT, MOVE, MERGE, STICK, CLOSE etc) should be possible on topics/posts displayed in IPB Search Result. Not sure why its not there already in latest version. We generally use Search feature to find topics/posts with particular keywords and then moderate them accordingly. But now, we have to go to individual topic/post and do the moderation there manually, and it consumes lot of time. Its very inconvenient when we need to moderate hundreds of topics/posts. What do you guys think ?
  3. Thank You Sir ! I have decent knowledge on queries. So I understand what you mentioned above. In fact, its a nice idea to UPDATE the posts instead of DELETING. But my requirement is to DELETE all the posts that have the particular keyword. I can write the query for that also. But I have no idea what consequences might be there if I DELETE the posts. (For eg, the Deleted posts may have references in other tables, and it may affect the post counts etc)... Cannot understand why IPB did not provide any MODERATION options in Search Results page.
  4. Thank You. I doubt if they will help with custom query like this. But let me try. if any others are aware of what to do for this type of requirement, please reply.
  5. Thank You for the reply sir. Any there any other way you can think of ? I am open to executing a DELETE query also on database.
  6. Hi All, Any idea how can I delete all posts with exact match to a particular content ? I used IPB 'Search' feature to view there are 2000 posts with exact match to the particular phrase. But I can't find the moderation option to SELECT ALL those posts & DELETE.
  7. Hi All, Can you please let me know any good references or official guides/videos for new Page creation in IPB ? For eg, How to create simple pages with blocks, and how to make pages responsive etc
  8. @opentype Thank you ! 1 doubt. For example, my users till now got my forum topic links as HTTP (in their email through Feedburner). Also we shared HTTP links in Facebook till now. And, now lets say I converted the website to HTTPS. If some users click on HTTP links in their email and try to visit my website, then what happens ? Will they be automatically redirected to corresponding HTTPS links ? (or) Do I need to add a mod_rewrite rule in my HTACCESS file to redirect any HTTP links to HTTPS ?
  9. this code was given by someone in this forum only. search to find out. <!-- START: CUSTOM CODE: ADVERTISEMENT --> {{$forumId = 0;}} {{if \IPS\Request::i()->app == 'forums' and \IPS\Request::i()->module == 'forums' and \IPS\Request::i()->controller == 'forums'}} {{$forumId = \IPS\Request::i()->id;}} {{endif}} {{if \IPS\Request::i()->app == 'forums' and \IPS\Request::i()->module == 'forums' and \IPS\Request::i()->controller == 'topic'}} {{try { $topic = \IPS\forums\Topic::loadAndCheckPerms( \IPS\Request::i()->id ); $forumId = $topic->forum_id; } catch( \Exception $e ) {};}} {{endif}} {{if ( \IPS\Request::i()->module == 'forums' AND ! in_array( $forumId, array( 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16 ) ) ) OR !( in_array( \IPS\Request::i()->controller, array( 'login', 'register', 'lostpass', 'store', 'modcp', 'settings', 'ignore', 'notifications', 'profile', 'messenger', 'forums', 'topic' ) ) OR in_array( \IPS\Request::i()->app, array( 'app_1', 'app_2') ) )}} {advertisement="ADS-IN-HEADER"} {{endif}} <!-- END: CUSTOM CODE: ADVERTISEMENT --> In above example, Please note that array(8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16) should be replaced by your forum section Ids in which you don't want to display the ADs.
  10. not sure about that. I did not get any such error in my upgrade and completed successfully.
  11. Thank You All ! I completed the upgrade quite easily without any problems. Did not see any problems so far ! Let me test for few days !
  12. Hi All, I am currently on IPB 4.3.3 Should I upgrade to IPB 4.3.5 ? Anyone done the upgrade and faced any problems during upgrade ? or is it straight-forward ? My only doubt is that IPB 4.3.5 was released just 3 days back (8th August) and so should I wait till any upgrade problems reported ?
  13. Responsive Ad for Desktop works decent. But in my case, I found that Responsive Unit in Mobile always loads 320x100 banner ad. And its CTR is much lower than a fixed 300x250 size for Mobile. I guess it depends on website, niche and type of users.
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