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  1. Don’t worry about it. I’ve sorted something else.
  2. Hi, I guess I am a bit impatient but stuck without finding out. When I first bought IPB many years ago , it seemed a lot easier to get answers than nowadays. Perhaps its not as busy nowadays? As for XenForo , I've already got answers , very quickly. I don't particularly want to go XenForo but I know 100% that I can get something remotely close to what I want. On here , I'm clueless.
  3. Think I'm going have to go XenForo I think. Looks easy to do on that and can't seem to get any answers here.
  4. I already have done and no reply. Doesn’t seem to get many people on there?
  5. Hi, Just installed IPB and just getting it all set up. My forum is going to be about cameras and cinematography in general. I have installed the PORTAL app from the marketplace and kind of getting my head around it. My question is this... I plan to search the internet for news and then put that on my site, crediting the original site, and want it to look like it does on other websites such as macrumors.com and planetf1.com etc (please seen attachments). So that on the landing page it shows this and then people can click that to go the article (I've set the portal to pull from
  6. alphamale


    Hi, Before I install this , can I reproduce something like the portal on macrumors.com? So it pulls stories from certain forums and displays them on the front page and automatically refreshes them?
  7. Anybody know what the issue is? Tried this on both wifi and cellular. Ive just completed the design of the forum and nobody can register due to this?
  8. alphamale

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    Im using safari on Mac OS Sierra. Matt
  9. alphamale

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    Just one last thing, when I try to update my location , I get this error?
  10. alphamale

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    Hi, Just uninstalled and reinstalled and same..
  11. alphamale

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    Hi, Just ran the system check and all was green ticked. The template disk caching is off on mine? (see attached pic) Matt
  12. alphamale

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    Hi, Just installed this and it flashed up an error saying "cannot write to theme id". When I enable it in Applications, it shows this.. Any help really apreciated Matt
  13. If i view my site on my ipad mini the sidebar is all messed up. Any way to turn off the sidebar when viewed by a mobile device? Matt
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