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    Im using safari on Mac OS Sierra. Matt
  2. Member Map

    Just one last thing, when I try to update my location , I get this error?
  3. Member Map

    Magic! Thanks
  4. Member Map

    Hi, Just uninstalled and reinstalled and same..
  5. Member Map

    Hi, Just ran the system check and all was green ticked. The template disk caching is off on mine? (see attached pic) Matt
  6. Member Map

    Hi, Just installed this and it flashed up an error saying "cannot write to theme id". When I enable it in Applications, it shows this.. Any help really apreciated Matt
  7. A few Q's

    If i view my site on my ipad mini the sidebar is all messed up. Any way to turn off the sidebar when viewed by a mobile device? Matt
  8. Members cant login to board?

    Also, it wont let me sign out of the board??
  9. Hi, My members are complaining that they cant log in and the only way to is to change their password. Worked fine before i changed to ipb 4.0. Any ideas? Matt
  10. Location bug or me?

    Thanks that did it.
  11. Location bug or me?

    Hi, Am i missing something or is there a bug in how it displays the location? It doesnt have a space between the word "Location" and the members location they have put in. See pic. Also , how do i add custom profile fields as cant see how to do it? Matt
  12. A few Q's

    Ive done it. It seems if there is nothing else in the sidebar it wont work but if you put up latest topics or something it works. Matt
  13. A few Q's

    Hi, I've tried to do this with just a static YouTube video and it loads and then the sidebar disappears. See video..
  14. A few Q's

    Pages? Is that ip.content? If so i dont have that
  15. A few Q's

    Thanks for that. How would i put youtube videos in the sidebar? Also, i had a script that rotated 3 different youtube videos and when i have tried to put that script in this advertisement it says javascript is disabled for security". Any way to do that too? Matt