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  1. Do you have any recommendations?
  2. @Miss_BCheers. Will look into that later 🙂
  3. @CoffeeCake Yeah lots to learn then. Think I’m going to learn html then css then JavaScript. Get fluent in front end and then tackle the back end. If only so that I understand plugins and how to do things. Hardest thing that I have found with code isn’t so much the code, it’s the little things that go with it such as ; < > { } etc Matt
  4. Hi, I’m thinking of learning to code and have a few questions if anybody would be so good to reply. I presume that Invision is centred around html/css and possibly JavaScript? Not asking how long it would take to learn them as I’m sure that depends on how much time somebody can dedicate to it, how quickly they learn etc BUT if I did learn them and got pretty fluid with it, how hard is it to go from that to learning the way that Invisions sdk works. Is Invision written in the same code that I would learn with html/css etc? I think I could pick them up within a few months but I feel that the logic behind it all “I know the code but how do I do this” would be the hardest part for me.
  5. Yeah i just wish that it could be a specific homepage that you can create articles and not have to pull from anything if you know what I mean. Not knocking your plugin, I think it’s brilliant, I’m saying more from Invision side that I wish it could be done.
  6. Something that is built into the forum software. Something that you can rename for your home page. Something that you can decide where to pull articles from and also who can post them. I use super topics but I have to have a forum called “x” for “x” to be shown on the blocks. Just looks untidy. To clarify, a page that you can call home and it shows articles in a gorgeous template that doesn’t require a forum to be created to be the feeder to the homepage. Like burning boards has. So I could just have permissions set to admins or people who wrote articles for me, everybody else wouldn’t see then”create article” on that homepage.
  7. Yeah that's what I meant. SO I will have the content pulling from a forum called "news & rumours" for example. Say I have 6 entries in and have the settings for 6 entries in your plugin. When I put a 7th post in the news & rumours forum , it will purge the least latest post.
  8. So I can configure this to only show latest? Thats what I'm a after then. So basically its pulling from a forum "Articles" and showing own the homepage and I want 6 boxes , but to show the latest 6 all the time. So once I have more than 6 articles in that forum , it will always purge the ones older than the latest 6.
  9. alphamale


    Hi Just wondered if @Matt is going to reply to my numerous messages on the support chat? What happened to “I’ll get right on it”??!
  10. Does the articles one do the same?
  11. Hi, Just installed this and its working lovely. In the block I have it set to display 6 items. When there is more in the forum that I'm pulling from , can it be set to purge the older ones and always display the newest BUT have a button to show the older ones on a slide , basically click the arrow and it shows older ones etc? Or a button that changes the block from Show 6 to show all? Matt
  12. Aaaah SuperTopics looks much more what I'm after.
  13. Had a video done from Matt so getting to grips with Pages and the Database etc. In the video he suggests having 2 pages , 1 for news articles (A) and 1 for a landing page (B) that pulls content from A. Could I not just pull from a forum on the main forum called "News & Articles" and have the content coming to the front landing page (B) and make it look pretty with your templates or will this only work by pulling content from a database? If so , I would need to hide Page A from the public as it will look daft.
  14. Hi, Thanks for the reply. Will try and learn about databases first then. Matt
  15. Hi, Before I consider buying this, would this allow me to have the SuperGrid as the landing page , called HOME , and this pull content from a forum called "News & Rumours"? I know nothing abut html and css so confusing. From what I can see in the admin panel on my site , "articles" have to be written in the admin panel. That would create issues as I would want to offload some of the article creation to a moderator or other person , of which I don't want access to the admin panel. Matt
  16. Don’t worry about it. I’ve sorted something else.
  17. Hi, I guess I am a bit impatient but stuck without finding out. When I first bought IPB many years ago , it seemed a lot easier to get answers than nowadays. Perhaps its not as busy nowadays? As for XenForo , I've already got answers , very quickly. I don't particularly want to go XenForo but I know 100% that I can get something remotely close to what I want. On here , I'm clueless.
  18. Think I'm going have to go XenForo I think. Looks easy to do on that and can't seem to get any answers here.
  19. I already have done and no reply. Doesn’t seem to get many people on there?
  20. Hi, Just installed IPB and just getting it all set up. My forum is going to be about cameras and cinematography in general. I have installed the PORTAL app from the marketplace and kind of getting my head around it. My question is this... I plan to search the internet for news and then put that on my site, crediting the original site, and want it to look like it does on other websites such as macrumors.com and planetf1.com etc (please seen attachments). So that on the landing page it shows this and then people can click that to go the article (I've set the portal to pull from a particular part of the forum called "News & Rumours" How can I do this? Surely I don't have to write html for every post? Matt
  21. alphamale


    Hi, Before I install this , can I reproduce something like the portal on macrumors.com? So it pulls stories from certain forums and displays them on the front page and automatically refreshes them?
  22. Anybody know what the issue is? Tried this on both wifi and cellular. Ive just completed the design of the forum and nobody can register due to this?
  23. alphamale

    Member Map

    Im using safari on Mac OS Sierra. Matt
  24. alphamale

    Member Map

    Just one last thing, when I try to update my location , I get this error?
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