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    Mind Theme

    Hi, Could you say any more, where can I edit distance logo to social media icon? Regarding invision version 4.3 was yestarday, now I have 4.4. In both cases status doesn't work in header.
  2. kkucharsky

    Mind Theme

    Hello there, I would like to change distance with logo to social media icon. Can you help me to do this? And I add a lot of status in my profiles, but I cant see status in header, why?
    The greatest IPS community suite theme I ever used and the most excellent developer support I have ever experienced at this moment. Good job @TAMAN ! Maybe Pages Supergrid is slightly better? @TAMAN you can check this and develop in Magnum Theme
  3. How can I add news ticker? I update this theme http://traderzy.pl/ but I have a problem with some of feautures..
  4. Hmm, I think the combination of new comments (in article and blog), new posts in chatbox extender will be great option for a lot of users. Every notification could be in one place - in chatbox. I think it will be better or just good. What do you think?
  5. Oh right. So is it possible to show notification from every post in chatbox?
  6. Yes, I did it. I enable all the option.
  7. It doesn't work on my forum. When I post as administrator or any user I can't see automaticly record on chatbox with information about new topic / record, post or registration. I set up all the option, so what is problem? Where can I look for a problem?
  8. Hello, After upgrade, when I set up enable all pages, blog and forum, I can't see notifications. Tell me, is there possible display comments from blog or articles on chatbox?
  9. I think this function should be in slider:
  10. Hi, @TAMAN I have theme settings. I can control swiper slider, but I need the same option in "simple" Slider. I need button "read more" because I add there link to other site.. I have affiliate program. Maybe you can add this to the next update? It would be fantastic!
  11. @TAMAN But I'm talking about the slider without articles. Only three sliders which don't possess a group permission. I would appreciate it if you could provide me with a detailed instruction.
  12. I would like to have an option that I could control showing my slider to specific user groups. This slider, each new section should have option to control who can show slider:
  13. Hello, This is great theme. Fantastic work. I would like to showing slider to specific user groups. Only slider without swiper slider. Different groups should show only dedicated text. What do you think about this?
    It could be better if it included content from all service: IP. Content, IP. Download etc. Can you add this?
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