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New: Leaderboard

We are excited to announce the Leaderboard as the latest all new feature of IPS Community Suite. The new Leaderboard is designed to better highlight your most active members and content based on reputation and other metrics. The Leaderboard will greatly enhance both member and content discovery on your community.


Leaderboard Home

First you will notice the new feature of member leaders based on a specific time frame. In the example above it is set to All Time showing those members with the most reputation overall on your community. It also shows the content with the most reputation for the same timeframe so you get a snapshot of both popular members and popular content in one view.


Past Leaders

The Past Leaders tab shows the "winners" of each day in a history. The system counts all reputation made each day and logs the members who had the top reputation counts that day. Using reputation rather than post count encourages your members to post quality of quantity which is really important to any site.


Winner Profile Badge

Those who win the day also get a badge on their profile page to highlight that they were the member with the most reputation for a particular day.


Top Members

Top Members shows you a list of all members sorted by various metrics. By default you will see members sorted by reputation but you can also easily sort by total post content Suite-wide or per-app. All of these views can be linked directly to so if you wanted a menu item to show members who post the most files in Downloads you can just directly link to that sort view.

Reputation 2016-11-17 4ui0u.png

Leaderboard Settings

There are various settings to control the default behavior of the Leaderboard. You can define the default view and how many members to show which is helpful to tailor it to your needs.

We hope you enjoy this initial launch of the new Leaderboard feature. We are excited about the new content and member discovery abilities this offers and look forward to adding new options to the Leaderboard as we continue to develop!


This change will be in version 4.1.17 which is scheduled to be released in early December 2016.

Edited by Charles



Recommended Comments

For the past leaders it may be better keeping a record and then counting the total trophies for each member and ordering them by trophies (with most gold first), it looks like it will be a long list if it's going to list the top 3 each day. What about

Pos  |  Name  |  Trophies  |  Total likes

1  |  Matt  |  (gold trophy image) 3 (silver trophy image) 1 (bronze trophy image) 4  |  534

2  |  Jimmy |  (gold trophy image) 2 (silver trophy image) 0 (bronze trophy image) 1  |  6


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«You can define the default view and how many members to show which is helpful to tailor it to your needs. Also notice the »

Notice what, @Charles?

I also find it a bit unclear why they are leaders from the leaders presentation. If it's based on the amount of likes during a given time period, then the amount of likes during that time period should be presented more clearly and given more space in my opinion.

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3 hours ago, Upgradeovec said:

Now we have special users group - forum leaders. We give this group for top user with high-rated content. Rotation of members - one time by month. Could this leaderboard table show leaders by month, not by day?


It's currently showing as month, this is good. It's also good to keep track of the best posts in the month. When it's set as all time, the same posts will almost always show unless the user changes from all time themself.

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That's Great. well done IPS :)

Just a very necessary feature. Just one suggestion about Top members. it's very great if it have period limitation. just like reputation, members with most content also must be displayed in period of weekly/monthly/yearly or ... rather than just all time.

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4 hours ago, Netherlord said:

Can i make a suggestion? A setting to disable usage of usergroups in leaderboard... Why?? Admins/Mods post the most on my site and many others... I feel as though we might steal thunder from normal members. so thus i'd like to remove myself from any such leaderboard!

I was just thinking about this last night as well.  

I think there should be a way to exempt membergroups or certain members from counting on the Leaderboard.  IPS' own community is a good example of how the same admins dominate the leaderboard, which is neither helpful nor motivational to other members.  

Edited by Joel R
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