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  1. Okay this would be awesome Kevin. Will this be included in the next update for the Collaboration app then? And how soon do you think it will be ready. Thanks again for your help on this and your app is definitely the best third party app on my website.
  2. Hey guys, out of curiosity, are any of you experiencing slowness on your websites with the group collaboration app installed? My community has created over 500 groups which means over 500 forum categories as a result and my site is very slow. I had my hosting provider provide me with a slow query log and it appears that group collaboration might be the cause since a lot of the queries are from the group collaboration app. Anyone else experiencing slow queries?
  3. Works great @Fnuxale but I have a quick question: when I go to reply to an existing status reply in 4.1.7 on the activity stream page it redirects to the person's profile. This is on the activity streams page...it did not used to do this? Maybe there is a setting that I'm missing?
  4. Hi @Fnuxale, first of all great plugin and I just uploaded it on my site. One thing I noticed is that when I try to post a brand new status update, I do not see an option to add an image as an attachment to my new status update. Is this perhaps a bug that will be fixed in next version? Thanks for the help.
  5. awesome, this is better news then I originally though! Thanks for the info.
  6. Okay, thanks for the suggestion @Rikki Is this widget new in 4.1? Because I don't remember there being a way to do this in 4.0...
  7. Any update on this? Currently, my homepage is the status stream from 4.0 and every user on my site uses it and loves it. I have to have it continue on my site. Anyone? @ Mark @Matt @Charles ?
  8. This is a test status...let's see if it works

  9. Hey guys, Currently my site uses the Status Updates page on 4.0 as the homepage. My users can post brand new status updates right from the status updates page. In IP 4.1, I noticed that there is no way to post NEW status updates to the status updates page here: https://community.invisionpower.com/discover/4/ It appears you can only reply to status updates. I really hope this is not the case because this is an extremely important feature for my community: to be able to post brand new status updates straight to the status updates page. Maybe I am just missing something but did you guys remove this feature in 4.1? Please say it ain't so because without it, my community will be verrrrry unhappy people!
    What a great plugin, very easy to use and install! Love the added widgets too and can't wait to see more.
  10. Hey guys, I am a noob at the Commerce app within IP 4.0. I don't believe there is any documentation for it, so I guess I will ask here as I'm sure there are many experienced IP users out there. 1) How would I create a monthly or yearly subscription? And is there anyway that this subscription will automatically charge the client's credit card or PayPal account? 2) Also is there a way to have donations as a subscription, like auomtically monthly or yearly donations? 3) And finally, how do I test payment methods before going live to make sure everything is really working? Thanks guys for your help! Ryan
    Why is this not an official app for IP Suite 4.0? This is an incredible addition to my website and the moment I installed it, my community was jumping up and down for joy! I have yet to find one bug on this new app and Kevin (the programmer behind this masterpiece) is very easy to get in touch with. 5/5 hands down! Great work!
  11. Esther does incredible work and her mods are some of the most popular within the IP community! She is very easy to work with and very easy to get in contact with as well. Highly recommended!
  12. ​I will be waiting until Oct and if IP Board doesn't have something, I will be forced to use this because my community will have to have group functionality (they're already demanding it lol) @Charles @Matt do you guys have any plans for a Groups application?
    What an awesome mod and I love the options on this application! If you set it to pull the image from the body text of your IP Pages, it will actually grab the YouTube thumbnail if no image is present! Plus, you can configure it to take the actual article record image too. You can also have multiple slides with multiple positions (like horizontal or vertical) and pretty much place it anywhere as a block. Really great work on this plugin! 5/5
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