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  1. https://giphy.com/stories/happy-hour-hump-day-b2742e24-1977
  2. Wow! We can choice between big and small Smiles This is how smile smokers look: and so are the smileys of a healthy person:
  3. Same problem on latest version of browsers as Safari, Chrome, Firefox. This is just a classic situation for IPS - one bug is eliminated – instead two new ones appear.
  4. Ha ha :) :flowers: Smiles & People on macOS
  5. Perhaps the problem is in my mobile Internet.
  6. Please, improve normally option for correct work Google Tag Manager etc.
  7. Hello, how to remove all files of this plugin?
  8. kysil

    New: Reactions

    it's ok but need steel need to update standard almost all the series emoticons for Retina/HiDPI
  9. Facebook.com also should be integration.
  10. p.s.: Main page of Forums.
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