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  1. All our analytics data are validated with our comscore stats...
  2. Wow. talking about a useless comment. You can't just blame some who's flagging an important issue that, by the way was acknoledge not long ago.... Unless you are blindly ignoring the fact that the drop in TOTAL pageview is occuring at the same exact moment we moved to IPB 4, the fact that it changed the way it handles page view (static page to AJAX) and more importantly, the fact that the overall traffic and number of members of the site is actually on the rise (I understand that when you have more traffic your stats such has pageview/per visit will go down however, the base line number of total page view should be larger) ... On our side, the upgrade had no incidence on our traffic (good or bad) other than natural organic growth. You are absolutely right, however I am actually noticing and increase of traffic on our site... ON the engagement side of thing, we never had as much new member signing then since the new IPB 4... Everything is on the rise except overall page view that are SIGNIFICANTLY lower...
  3. Hi @ZeroHour, I've been with since day one and yes ajax pagination is off...
  4. I am bringing this post up again because I see no positive change in the ratio of pageviews vs visit since the major upgrade... Here's a screenshot You clearly see the shift from more page view for fewer visit to less page view for more visits... I've applied all the recommended modification and still... I think that this issue should be taken more seriously...
  5. I was under the same impression but when I look at my stats, the page view count is way below what it used to be for more visitors...
  6. My page view counts is still way below what is used to be for the same amount of traffic... Any updates or people with the same issue? Thanks
  7. Was it part of the latest update? I don't recall seing it in the list of element fixed or new features
  8. It would be great to have some sort of redirection management plugin or tool to handle the 301 other than the .htacces... Also, it should support Regex to allow bulk patern redirects. Being a forum solution, redirection management should be somewhat of a priority because of the volume of pages dealt with.
  9. Sure is a short sampling period but I don't any jump in page views on my side... Any one had any luck by killing the AJAX component?
  10. Do you think that the AJAX component is the sole responsible for this massive drop in page views?
  11. Just did, i'll monitor the changes that it makes on my page viewed. Thanks for your time @Colonel_mortis
  12. Hi there, I've been noticing a significant drop in page viewed on my forum (almost half). I understand that some feature now work without actually refreshing the page but as a publisher, loosing half my pageviews cuts half of my CPM revenues... How is it going to be adressed?
  13. Any idea on when we could expect that to happen? I did notice a significant drop in page viewed when I moved to 4.0
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