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  1. Ok so it is the expected behaviour in 4.x Thanks for your answers
  2. Hi, I have an interrogation, but maybe I'm missing something: Disabling permission to download attachments does not block their display in a topic (or elsewhere), so... it can be downloaded I did not find how to set permissions for this and it doesnt seem logic for me If a group doesn't have the dowload attachments permission, images attachments should not display in the topic, only display "xxx uploaded an image ..." with the link for example (like others attachements) From my point of view, this is not a logical behavior, but maybe it is the desired one Any ideas ? Regards
  3. Ok thanks @bfarber Will test test on ... test community
  4. So the fix is (and will) not (be) included in 4.4.5 beta releases ? Edit: Bug just happened after submitting this post...
  5. Hi @Black Tiger Thanks for your return But I do not have these lines in my .htacess file I'm dealing with the support team on this but if you have any ideas, I take
  6. Hi, one more here Members ara confused with the "new system", which seems to be perfect for them prior 4.4.4 Maybe notification behaviour could be a parameter in the PCAdmin ?
  7. Yes IPS Default theme I'll create a support ticket, thanks
  8. Hi, since the update in version 4.4.4 the editor is no longer properly cleared after posting a message Message correctly posted but the editor's box remains filled ... The problem is general and occurs about 75% of the time IPS cache cleared via support tool Browser cache cleared too I did not see any subject about it ... any ideas ? Edit: All seems working fine when the post is made of plain text With emojis... the console is showing the error bellow plugin.js?t=J569:13 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'remove' of null at CKEDITOR.plugins.ipsemoji.cancelEmoji (plugin.js?t=J569:13) at CKEDITOR.plugins.ipsemoji.listenForDestructEvent (plugin.js?t=J569:7) at b.d (ckeditor.js?v=fbb1185670:10) at b.<anonymous> (ckeditor.js?v=fbb1185670:11) at b.window.CKEDITOR.window.CKEDITOR.dom.CKEDITOR.editor.CKEDITOR.editor.fire (ckeditor.js?v=fbb1185670:13) at Object.reset (root_framework.js.bb4dfa27a3afc3aec8733a791c6f756e.js?v=fbb1185670:577) at baseController.addToCommentFeed (root_front.js.7cfdacdcc92210889a61d9b812029a22.js?v=fbb1185670:111) at HTMLDocument.dispatch (root_library.js.0fd9d129ff43074136400aa1d8123268.js?v=fbb1185670:2) at HTMLDocument.r.handle (root_library.js.0fd9d129ff43074136400aa1d8123268.js?v=fbb1185670:2) at Object.trigger (root_library.js.0fd9d129ff43074136400aa1d8123268.js?v=fbb1185670:2) Regards
  9. Hi 🙂 I'm trying to change the behavior of the tab key... I would like this one to insert spaces instead of navigating between the differents focus on the page I found this on the CKEditor website but I failed to make it work: https://ckeditor.com/docs/ckeditor4/latest/api/CKEDITOR_config.html#cfg-tabSpaces I modified the file: applications/core/interface/ckeditor/ckeditor/config.js like this: (add at start of the line, tried at end too) CKEDITOR.editorConfig=function(a){a.tabSpaces=4;a.toolbarGroups=[{name:"document",groups:["mode","document","doctools"]},{name:"clipboard",groups:["clipboard","undo"]},{name:"editing",groups:["find","selection","spellchecker"]},{name:"forms"},{name:"basicstyles",groups:["basicstyles","cleanup"]},{name:"paragraph",groups:["list","indent","blocks","align","bidi"]},{name:"links"},{name:"insert"},{name:"styles"},{name:"colors"},{name:"tools"},{name:"others"},{name:"about"}];a.removeButtons="Cut,Copy,Paste,Undo,Redo,Anchor,Underline,Strike,Subscript,Superscript"; a.removeDialogTabs="link:advanced";}; Could someone help me ? Thank you in advance ! 😎
  10. Hi, I have 2 questions about this (very intresting ?) plugin: Is it compatible with 4.3 ? Is there a demo site or a way to test it ? Oh by the way, is it possible to set global pinned posts ? I mean to pin a post in a topic from another topic ? Yes, 3 questions
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