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  1. +1 Is a free "basic / lite" version considered ?
  2. Excited about what I'm reading here Thanks for news @WOFman
  3. Hi, one more here Members ara confused with the "new system", which seems to be perfect for them prior 4.4.4 Maybe notification behaviour could be a parameter in the PCAdmin ?
  4. Me too 🙂 Can help for dev too if needed
  5. Hi, I have 2 questions about this (very intresting ?) plugin: Is it compatible with 4.3 ? Is there a demo site or a way to test it ? Oh by the way, is it possible to set global pinned posts ? I mean to pin a post in a topic from another topic ? Yes, 3 questions
  6. I think it's related with this: Waiting for a solution from imgur or IPS... I've been able to (re) integrate imgur embeding with this nice plugin and the following media tag: imgur.xml This should auto embed correctly links like http(s)://imgur.com/xxxxxxxxxxxx I also made this media tag to auto-embed links like imgur_gifv.xml http(s)://i.imgur.com/xxxxxxxxx.gifv Working on my community
  7. @RevengeFNF I'm using the endpoint you provided, which worked until... 4.1.16 (coincidence ?) http://api.imgur.com/oembed And now, when I post a imgur link I have the following message: I opened an client issue but it's a third party app so they can't do anything
  8. Hi, could it be possible to add this endpoint so imgur links can be automaticly embeded ? I think it would be appreciated api.imgur.com/oembed Regards
  9. Hi, imgur seems not working anymore with the provided configuration Could we have an update please ? (Can't find the good endpoint)
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