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  1. LDDG

    (NE) HTML5 Audio/Video Player

    Oh wow!! I guess I will be busy this weekend! hahaha Thanks again, brother!
  2. LDDG

    (NE) HTML5 Audio/Video Player

    Seriously? That is terrific news!!! When is IPS 4.3 scheduled to be released? I guess I'll just wait and not have to buy this when it won't be needed for IPS 4.3 I will search your other addons and see what I can buy. Guys like you need to be supported! 😃
  3. LDDG

    (NE) HTML5 Audio/Video Player

    Dumb question... So I can upload an avi/mpg/mp4 video to an article on Pages and it will appear as a video player when the article is viewed? I have been looking for something like this forever! I hope this is the case...
  4. LDDG

    Behemoth Theme

    If you are on the fence whether to buy this theme or not, let me just say two words to you: BUY IT! This is by far one of the best themes for IPS and not just because of the theme, but also because of the extra goodies such as the "A Different Article Styles" templates included for free. As for customer support, hands down one of the best. Author is very friendly, knowledgeable and will respond usually within hours, if not within minutes, with a very friendly and helping attitude. Trust me, at times I feel like I can be a nuisance with so many questions and odd custom requests, and every single time, he has come through with flying colors. Once again, it is guys like Taman and addons such as this one, that really set IPS apart from other suites. Highly recommend this template and supporting Taman!
  5. LDDG

    Videos Support

    I basically have ONE need and only ONE need: To be able to upload videos such as mp4, mpg and avi while creating a new article post in IP.Content. Once uploaded and the post is published, allow the users to be able to see the video displayed inline such as when you paste a YT link into a post and the user can simply play it within the post. In other words, play the video inline and not by clicking a link and opening another page or app to play the video. Is this possible with this Videos application? 98% of my users are on mobile, so this needs to work in mobile and tablet browsers. Looking forward to a response!
  6. LDDG

    Featured Content for IPS4.x+

    Outstanding app! But I have a quick question... How can I have the block title have the same formatting as the rest of the blocks? Look at this image: The bottom block is the slider block and see how the block title is not formatted as the top block. Thanks for any help! UPDATE: Nevermind, I figured it out. I simply created a new block and used the custom call code to call the slider within the block. All is good now!
  7. If this is the case, then why is it included in IP.Gallery? Really blows my mind that it is a feature on IP.Gallery but not IP.Board/IP.Content, other than as a "feature" you need to pay extra in order to have it. It should at least be an option for us who prefer to have a carrousel of images in mobile view, instead of a string of pictures making a post longer than the iPhone 12...
  8. This makes total sense. I can live with this and I am glad someone finally shed some light on this. Thanks, Colonel.
  9. Can anyone from the IPS staff please comment on this? Is there a way to combine all into 1 minified file?
  10. Exactly! I rather have lightbox displaying one image at a time and allowing me to scroll through them by clicking the next arrow, instead of having all images displayed at the same time and having to scroll them through a mile-long thread.
  11. LDDG

    Image options in ACP

    You wouldn't mind sharing your modifications of Havascript to enable Lightbox on mobile?
  12. Sorry to resurrect this thread but I just ran into this same issue. I posted an article on IP.Content that has 50 images and all images are being shown in-line, one after another, in mobile view. Everytime one clicks on an image, it opens it up in a new blank page and one needs to click the back button to go back to the article, which in turns, starts loading the whole article all over again. Feels so amatuerish and cheap. Like SuperJ707 said, not what I and especially our fanbase would expect from a paid software. There has got to be something better to use when displaying multiple images in mobile view.
  13. I see. Surprised they charge for it, even if it's just $5.
  14. How can I have the bots listed along with the logged in members? It currently just shows who is logged in but does not list the names of the bots, even though it shows there are bits indeed online.
  15. I was told that I should post the above thread here. Basically, I need to have the Record Image field in an IP.Content database set as REQUIRED. Currently, this field is not editable and can't be toggled to be required or not. This is the field where one can upload an image and this image is displayed when showing a list of records. I would really appreciate it and also if possible, the ability to move that field up within the form. It's all the way in the bottom of the form and I would prefer to have it right after the title input box field. Thanks!!