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  1. Hi @AlexWebsites Don't shoot me, but the properties for the Title Field were set to make them all caps! *facepalm* I removed the formatting option to the title field input box and now the titles are displaying the way I wanted them to without the need for any code in custom.css... Thanks for your help though. I really appreciate it!
  2. Hi @crmarks Thanks for that find! It fixed the alignment issue but still not working correctly. Let me explain. The following code in the Supergrid Frontpage | index template will display 1 large entry per row since ipsGrid_span is set to 12: <section class='ipsType_normal ipsSpacer_both ipsBox'> {{if count($articles)}} <div class="ipsAreaBackground_light SG_wrapper"> <div class="ipsList_reset ipsGrid ipsGrid_collapsePhone" data-ipsGrid data-ipsGrid-equalHeights='row'> {{foreach $articles as $id => $record}} <div class="SG_card ipsPad ipsGrid_span12 ipsAreaBackground_reset ipsType_left {{if settings.SuperGrid_use_ipsbox}}ipsBox{{endif}}"> {template="entry" app="cms" location="database" group="supergrid_frontpage" params="$record, $database"} </div> {{endforeach}} </div> </div> {{endif}} </section> This results in the following display as displayed with the stock theme AND IPS Focus themes PRIOR to the IPS 4.3.4 upgrade: Now, when I switch over to the IPS Focus theme, even though the template is set to ipsGrid_span12, it will show the records in 3 columns, 3 entries per row. Usually this is accomplished by setting ipsGrid_span4. This is how it is being displayed even though ipsGrid_span12 is set. Do you have a link to that fix in IPSFocus? I can go over there and post this. Maybe this will help them with the issue.
  3. Hi @AlexWebsites, thank you so much for your response! I tried and even though it adjusts the font size, the capitalize part of it does not work. The titles remain in all caps. But thanks for the response, I really appreciate it.
  4. Just to follow up on my prior post, I tried it with the default, stock theme and now everything displays properly. I guess something changed in IPS 4.3.4 that renders my IPFocus Dimensions theme not play nice with SuperGrid. I did install a fresh, new version of that theme that is compatible with IPS 4.3.4... This is a real bummer.
  5. Hello, I just upgraded to IPS 4.3.4 and my SuperGrid and SuperShow plugins do not display correctly anymore. For instance, in SuperShow, I have a block setup for just 1 record to be show and 1 column display selected. Prior to upgrading, SuperShow would show the 1 record the width of the entire column. Now it shows the record in a smaller box as if the block was setup to display 3 columns. The same goes for SuperPages. Both plugins will only display content in a 3 column setup, regardless of how many records are to be shown. Prior to the update to IPS 4.3.4, the same exact settings as listed above, would show the thumbnail the full width of the block.
  6. @opentype What Goes Here? { font-size: 8px; text-transform: capitalize; } This is all I am asking for. If I knew, I wouldn't be inconveniencing you. I searched via Inspect Element but I have no idea which one to use.
  7. Hello @opentype, How can I edit the titles for the SuperGrid articles when shown on the frontpage? I need to make the font a bit smaller and also not have them in all uppercase. I know it can easily be done via the custom.css file but I just don't know which css selector to reference. I am guessing ipsType_blank but of course, that's just me speculating. Thanks in advance!
  8. You are still referencing a template from another plugin. The s1_two_column_first_featured template is I believe from the A Different Styles Template plugin. Just go to your database and make sure nothing is referencing the s1_two_column_first_featured template.
  9. I think I figured this plugin out. It will remove the category name only for subcategories. Root categories will still show up on the URL. I guess I can't use it because I need for ALL categories to be removed from the URL and just display the URL in a format like this: www.mydomain.com/record-title =(
  10. Hello @Mike John, How exactly does this plugin works? I installed it, made sure it was active, went to all my categories and enabled the "Limit URL category?" option, checked "Remove parent categories in url", but my website still points to full URL that include category names. Am I missing something?
  11. Anyone knows why this could be happening? If you notice, the avatar, author and posted date appear twice in the records view. This is with a fresh install of SuperGrid and I also have a fresh install of SuperShow installed.
  12. +1 This would be outstanding! In my case, I need it to crop non-square images into square images, specifically when uploading a record image for an article. This way I can ensure that all record images are square and my database display looks uniform. I have authors who sometimes upload images in non-square form and it throws my layout out of whack. I’m willing to pay for such a plugin.
  13. Oh wow!! I guess I will be busy this weekend! hahaha Thanks again, brother!
  14. Seriously? That is terrific news!!! When is IPS 4.3 scheduled to be released? I guess I'll just wait and not have to buy this when it won't be needed for IPS 4.3 I will search your other addons and see what I can buy. Guys like you need to be supported! ?
  15. Dumb question... So I can upload an avi/mpg/mp4 video to an article on Pages and it will appear as a video player when the article is viewed? I have been looking for something like this forever! I hope this is the case...
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