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  1. Hey there! Your demo is showing a 404 error - https://demo.veilon.net/ips/


    1. MNOfficial


      As well as the demo login does not work, either.

    2. 6ichem


      images on the theme pages not working either

  2. Yes, I was talking to @HeadStand for assistance, I tagged her in that comment.
  3. @HeadStand can you help us figure this out?
  4. It would also be great to filter links by location - do you have any suggestions on how to accomplish that?
  5. It's working! Thank you very much for helping to fix that so quickly! Really appreciate it. I have a separate question - We have an extra field called "ownership" that everyone has to fill out while they are setting up a link. We would love a way to display "ownership" as a block on the side so folks can filter based on ownership. Do you have any suggestions on how to accomplish this?
  6. I just updated the code and so far - it looks like the save is saving! Going to try it now on the live site.
  7. ok, let me give that a try - downloading now!
  8. Yes, I am able to download and upload via FTP - let me know what you need from me for the fix! Thanks so much.
  9. Checking in to see if you have seen this and if there is a resolution you might be able to offer everyone?
  10. Saving Payment Methods is not working. See video - https://recordit.co/PNFcW8PDua You may want to consider commerce integration with groups in the next update!
  11. Is there a way to set certain membership levels pay different prices, like in commerce products? Example: Basic members who are on a free subscription might pay $30/mo, Business Members (on a subscription) it might be included with their subscription, so they might pay $0/mo or maybe it's discounted like $10/mo?
  12. re: PACKAGES Where is the option to select which payment options you want? We have about 7 different options for different things, and only want to select 3 - points, credit card or paypal. How do we make only those show up when someone selects one of the packages vs all of them showing up? We do not want the others showing up as options.
  13. Question about WEIGHT - I thought it was 100 is very high, 0 is low. I made 2 links 100 and 1 link 0. The link 0 is coming up first.
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