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  1. So more 6 months in addition to the other 6 months without news. A whole year paying for... nothing. Half an year ago i criticized the lack of development of this app. You didn't like my criticism, Let's see what happened since then: Nobody has seen the roadmap app yet... ... yeah right... So it has came the time to renew the app, guess what? Nope. I'm fed up of continuously broken promises and absent app development. This is not the way customers should be treated. My participation in this topic ends here.
  2. This is a Developer who isnt afraid of a great challenge. I've ordered him a custom plugin (a small but difficult project) and he managed to do it. Great skills! I am 100% satisfied and recommend him.
  3. Mass mail send interval (throtling) would be welcome.
  4. Great, i like the way this app is being developed. Congrats Adriano.
  5. It's now solved. It was a kind of adware which i've managed to remove. Thank you all.
  6. Thank you a lot! I am glad i closed it. I need to check what's happening and try to remove this pest. I hope i don't need to format my computer.
  7. Hi everyone, i was just browsing the internet and i see this popup appearing suddently: This wasn't a popup from the browser, it was "outside the browser" so i suspect something very wrong is going here. Can anyone translate this russian thing to me? I would translate but i couldn't copy the message. I've just clicked on the "X" to close,... I suspect my computer is infected...
  8. 4.2 was released some time ago, we are expecting those news.
  9. Hi, just bought this. The custom CSS is not working. For example, i've inserted this: .gsc-tabHeader{ font-weight: 300; font-size: 14px; text-transform: uppercase; padding: 10px 15px; } And it is briefly shown as text prior the the loading of the results, but the results aren't formatted according to this CSS. Am i doing something wrong?
  10. I Love this mod. I have tuned the Grid View to include the thumbnails for a "tapatalk-alike" experience:
  11. Sure, why not? 1) Changed Template postClubIcons to this: {{$cont = 0;}} {{if settings.clubsenhancementsShowPostBadge}} {{$order = \IPS\Settings::i()->clubsenhancementsShowPostBadgeDisplay;}} {{$theClubs = \IPS\Member\Club::clubs( $comment->author(), NULL, $order, TRUE ); $clubCount= count($theClubs);}} {{if $clubCount > 0}} <div class="jmClubBadges"> <div class="jmClubBadgeTitle"> <i class="fa fa-users" aria-hidden="true"></i> Os meus grupos: </div> {{foreach $theClubs as $club}} {{if $club->canView()}} <span data-ipsTooltip title='{$club->name}'>{template="clubIcon" group="clubs" app="core" params="$club, 'tiny'"}</span> {{$cont++;}} {{if settings.clubsenhancementsShowPostBadgeNr > 0 AND settings.clubsenhancementsShowPostBadgeNr == $cont}} {{break;}} {{endif}} {{endif}} {{endforeach}} </div> {{endif}} {{endif}} I've added a counter to previously count the number of Clubs. If the member has no clubs, it won't show the list of clubs, and added a couple of Divs. The "Os meus grupos" string should be changed to an editable language string, but as i have a single language community i didn't care about it. 2) Added the following CSS: /*Profile ClubBadges*/ .jmClubBadges { margin: 10px 0px; padding: 5px; background: #e6e6e6; border: 1px solid #e0e0e0; } .jmClubBadgeTitle { font-size: 12px; padding:2px 5px; margin-bottom: 5px; }
  12. Thank you a lot! Much better now:
  13. I guess i didn't explain myself in the best way. What i meant is: "where is the template of the club miniature list below avatar, in forums"? For example i am a member of three clubs, but i wanted to format the area where their miniature photos are shown below "7047" posts:
  14. Thank you. It would be really nice. Adriano Faria "Club Enhancements" app exposes that string to club owners and it's very weird to have them looking at it. Wouldn't be a big problem if only admins can see it, but as normal users can see it it would be very nice if it could be fixed as quick as possible.
  15. Hi @onlyME i am having some trouble with a language string. In the club definitions for user group permissions, musicbox is listed as a possible app to add to a club. That's good. The problem is that it is listed as "musicbox_categories"... shouldn't it be named "Musicbox"? I couldn't find the language string to change, seems it doesn't exist. Please help.
  16. Hi @Adriano Faria just bought this plugin. So far so good! I would like to know where is the club listing template for posts? I would like to customize its appearance. Thanks
  17. I am here to leave a compliment to @stoo2000. First, because he was prompt to clarify one aspect that it wasn't clear to me. I've used the app some years ago and there were some changes i wasn't aware: the title now autocompletes (in the past was by pasting the link so i wasn't figuring out who to do it). Much better now! Second, because this version has automatic field filling capability, which is great. It is now very easier to assign feedback to members. I have been playing with the automatic filling of fields and after looking at the form.php code i've discovered we can also automatically set the receiver of the feedback. This allowed me to have my own custom Pages classifieds system with automatic integration with Trader Feedback System. You can set the receiver, item and type of business automatically. It's working great now. The only thing that remains to be worked is feedback showing in the club forums (even if i don't want to) below user's avatar. I've deleted the html template in the meanwhile as a workaround. Thank you!
  18. Fair enough. What about a custom error message where you can say "you need to register prior to entering the club" with link to the registration screen?
  19. I would prefer the current button to still exist but in that case to redirect to the registration screen. Why loose a potential member by boring him to find and click the registration button if the system can direct him automatically?
  20. I am trying to advertise some of my clubs in social networks, to get more members into my community. The problem is, when guests they click the "join button" they are shown the error screen "this page is not available, yada yada". They should be directed to the registration/login screen informing them they shoud register the community prior to joining the club.
  21. I am trying to advertise some of my clubs in social networks, to get more members into my community. The problem is, when guests they click the "join button" they are shown the error screen "this page is not available, yada yada". They should be directed to the registration/login screen informing them they shoud register the community prior to joining the club.
  22. I've been checking this App and it needs some maintenance/upgrade work... i hope @stoo2000 can upgrade it pretty soon. I've bought it again (i had not been using it for long time so i wasn't able just to renew it...) and from what i see it is lacking two things: For example i don't want to show the feedback ratings area under the member photo at the forums. The APP has two problems: you have to disable it manually for every forum and it doesn't respect the foruns in Clubs, where it is always shown Integration with the notification system And at least in my board i can't even use it as it throws a Page "Not Found" error when adding feedback.
  23. @stoo2000 just uploaded this new version, when i click the button to give feedback i get a "Page Not Found" error dialog. Plus, the error logs shown an error on the recountfeedback task: RecountFeedback returned a NULL offset - tasks should throw \IPS\Task\Queue\OutOfRangeException when they are finished
  24. Nice app. Probably i will use it for a new project of mine.
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