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    Incredibly(!!) useful, Super easy to set-up, Does exactly what it says on the tin. Easy way to encourage people to buy a subscription. Absolute no brainer. Sucks though that after 4.5 ther files can't be downloaded and thus this became unsupported. Very good plugin that was "killed" by a very bad move.
  1. @Joel R Instead of writing "no update at this time" and making us die a little, they could post a gif like: And so on
  2. You know what, I think I should have. I kinda blanked on the existence of that forum before opening the thread (I've never fully understood what goes where in those forums...). And don't get me wrong - I appreciate the help, and I will (actually already have) implement it. I was however aiming for this to be a suggestion. I guess that's what you'd call a brain fart 😅
  3. Also, upon checking it more thoroughly, it doesn't seem to work since it inherits the view permissions from secondary groups as well. I might have to have another look at that and at the group policies we have in place.
  4. Well, it can be done, But it adds SO MUCH work. It forces you to make and have multiple versions of what is basically the same widget and forces you to go into the ACP in order to change anything - so you have to remove and re-add the widget every time you change something. All that is regardless of the fact I needed to be told about the possibility of doing this. I mean, it does work and thanks for the tip, but it's kind of like asking for a box of matches and being told "you can already smash two rocks together" 😄
  5. Since the addition of the "Page Builder" widgets in 4.5 I've been using the text one as sort of a headline replacement for widgets with lackluster headlines. But I've noticed that some of the widgets are visible to only some members, the text widget is visible to everyone (or at least there is no way to determine who can see it). That way, now for example - we have a subscriptions widget that only non-subs can see, and a "Get A Subscription" headline that everyone can see and for subscribers looks really out of place. So that got me thinking - why not add a universal "who can see this" s
  6. Tapatalk support was added before I "took office" as community lead. And the reasoning was along the lines of "meh I dunno, some guys asked so we added it". Now I'm trying to mop it all up.
  7. Great to hear that. Maybe something good will grow out of it.
  8. We have a very tight anti spam defense. Almost all the new registrations are legit. Out of 46 people who registered today, two were flagged in one way or another, and maybe one or two others have a slightly iffy email address.
  9. Thanks for the response. First let me I'm sorry if come of a bit harsh or cynical, I am a little salty, but this shouldn't "come out on you". As a "boutique" company ourselves - I know full well s**t takes time, sometimes for time than you thought, and always more than you wanted. What bugged me was the complete lack of updates for almost half a year after building up so much hype for it. It kinda stung. Actually your post about the browser push notifications (which, in my defense, was published three hours after I started this thread 😄) did ease my stress levels on the matter.
  10. Is it just me, or is this thread not having any replies super ironic...?
  11. I don't think there is a separate stat for that. But I can tell you that when we first enabled it our registrations more than doubled. From around 50-70 a week to around 150+ *the second jump was after we've enabled Facebook+Google login.
  12. So it turns out to quite the pain in my ass... Pretty much any conferencing application requires some sort of special license to be able to stream, and our VIPs seem to not want to stream a single device, but the actual conversation (sort of like a split-screen/multicam stream) AND they want it to be native or a close to it as possible and I'm pretty much at my wits end. Any ideas?
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