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  1. As far as I can tell, this displays a single badge only. I'm looking to have several badges show for every member that has them. Something like this wonderfully fantastic masterpiece: Also, personal opinion, not a fan of the badge design in this app.
  2. Following this post, I bring it here to have your guys' opinion on the matter. If you're too lazy to click the link (which I totally get), I'll summarise here. In 4.5 we got the badges system, that shows a "management", "author" etc. badges on the upper-right corner of the post. However, this system only shows one badge, and only shows when the user is in a group that has the "highlighted replies" setting turned on. It got me thinking, why not have this system always up and show ALL the badges a member has. Plus, have "special" badges that you can give individually to members and have
  3. @Andy Millne When you say: Does that mean completely de-anonymizing the author for everyone who reads the post? or just a momentary thing for the Mod/Admin clicking the option? Also ALL of that 👆👌
  4. Yeah, Something broke for us too lately, more than once. Latest stupid bug is that a "Like" in Tapatalk for some reason translates into a custom reaction I've created and not the default "Like". I sometimes feel like Tapatalk are kind of like apple - just dragging their users through more and more crap to see when they break. CAN'T. WAIT. FOR. THE NATIVE. IPS. APP. JUST CAN'T.
  5. You don't know me, I know me, and if I were you I wouldn't be so determined 😄 We don't, we have no intention of going international, but I see your point, it's definitely a good one against using cookies if it's for that purpose only. But doesn't IPS or Captcha or some of the other third party add-ons already use cookies? sounds weird that they wouldn't, but then again, I wouldn't know.. Guess they'll have to think of a cleavererer way to implement such a tool.
  6. As I said, we have experience with such a tool from when we were using VB, and of course it doesn't work on all cases, but most people, even the technical ones, slip up at least once and forget to delete the cache or cookies, and then they pop up on the radar. Regarding IP vs cookies, ip is a complete no go. since here in Israel smartphone acceptance is extremely high (like 96% or something) and mobile data is very cheap and basically unlimited, pretty much 100% of our users log in from a mobile phone as well as a pc (if not exclusively). So IPs are all over the place. So the only viable
  7. I'm sorry, but that's just a ridiculous statement... firstly because I'm running an automotive community, secondly because I myself dabble in gaming a bit and know for a fact there are no more "gamer" trolls than any other random kind, and lastly because the tendency to troll has nothing to do with one's hobbies, and everything to do with their nature, mentality and upbringing. Also, you don't have to agree with the need for anything, but dumbing it down to basically "It shouldn't be a core part because some admins are dumb and will ban family members using the same computer, and gamer t
  8. @Morrigan I'll say it again - you DO NOT take any action based only one the fact that two people use the same computer. We've had dozens of members from the same families that were constantly popping off as duplicates and it was ok. BUT, when you ban a user, and 20 minutes later a NEW user is registered from the same device and starts acting abnormally, it SHOULD raise a flag, and you - as a community manager - need be aware of that so you can keep an eye open for that. It is NOT an automatic ban hammer, it IS a tool to help draw admins' attention, the community manager NEEDS TO use their
  9. That's exactly true. What I said was - and I'm sorry if I'm not articulating myself properly, English isn't my first language - that 3rd party devs are a valuable "resource" so to speak for making different versions of things that already exist (think of it kind of like modding for games), or products that serve a fairly niche use case, while things with diverse use scenarios or things that are the essentially the basis for other systems or should be an integral part of said systems (explanation in the next paragraph), should be a core part of the software. I can't stress enough the fact that
  10. I agree, but I think that there are integral things and features that a software company should include in its product. 3rd party developers are a very important part of such a large scale product, but I don't think it's a good idea to solely rely on them for what needs to be a core part of the product. 3rd party devs can do different variants of existing things (themes, and various ways to show announcements are a prime example for that) or niche products that provide a solution for a very narrow and specific use case. Because, like we saw here, a 3rd party dev can decide to take their app
  11. Thanks. It was unavailable when I started the topic. Still, any plans on having such a functionality built in to the core suite?
  12. Most of the things I came across are solvable, some things require more tinkering or creativity (or just knowing coding, I don't, so maybe some of those things are actually really simple) but after understanding the "how" of the translation system can be solved or worked around rather easily. An example for a thing I'm having the a lot of unsolvable trouble is the fact that english is a very "efficient" language in regards to pronouns. in relation to hebrew, the ratio is 8:1 - meaning there are 8 pronouns in Hebrew for every one in English. Two examples of this are: 1. "You" in eng
  13. Firstly, apologies for any typos or for using the wrong names for things (you'll see what I mean in sec). English isn't my first language. OK, let's get to it. there is an issue I came across that affects translations and I would like to hear from you guys, if any of you came across something similar. We use Hebrew for our community site and we're doing the translating by ourselves using only the built in translator (not modifying the HTML/CSS/whatever else affects that kind of thing, I'm no programmer so I have no idea what it's called). There are some phrases that ar
  14. Yes, THAT! Also, when clicking one notification and going to that content, other notifications should remain as unread. otherwise you have to open all of them at once in different tabs, and can't leave one or more notifications to handle later (i.e a user reported a post and you can't deal with it right now, or someone posted in a thread you're following and you want to read later). Right now, morons with bad memory like yours truly, are in danger of leaving something for later and then forgetting about it.
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