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[[Template core/front/profile/profile is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the s

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Hi team,
We've recently updated to 4.7.6 and after the update we get this error when trying to enter user profiles.

Checking the default theme php referring to that part and reverting it to default as in the attached screensho:
Could contain: Page, Text, File


gives the following error:

Could contain: Text


We can only save it if it's empty, but then obviously the profile pages don't work.

We need this fixed ASAP...

Thanks in advance.

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The issue turned out to be a defective nexus/data/theme.xml

You can see it within the first screenshot I included - an if statement without an endif.

Here is the relevant portion of nexus/data/theme.xml:

<template template_group="subscription" template_name="profileSubscription" template_data="$member" template_location="front" template_app="nexus"><![CDATA[{{if $subscription = \IPS\nexus\Subscription::loadActiveByMember( $member )}}
        <div class='cProfileSidebarBlock ipsSpacer_bottom'>
                <a href='{url="app=nexus&module=subscriptions&controller=subscriptions" seoTemplate="nexus_subscriptions"}'>
                        <div class='cProfileSubscription {{if $subscription->package->_image}}cProfileSubscription--with-image{{else}}cProfileSubscription--no-image{{endif}}'>
                                {{if $subscription->package->_image}}
                                        <div class="cProfileSubscription_bg" style='background-image: url( "{expression="str_replace( array( '(', ')' ), array( '\(', '\)' ), $subscriptionbscription_text'><i class="fa fa-certificate"></i> &nbsp;{lang="nexus_subs_subscriber" sprintf="$subscription->package->_title"}</span>


We have not manually edited this file.

@Marc Stridgen, is there a way of verifying the checksum of all Invision Community system files, to spot other such defective files?


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