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  1. Oh, OK, thanks. That makes sense. We still haven't upgraded to 4.6.4, so I can't confirm it's fixed, but I'll return to update once we do.
  2. Looks like a bug or something. I'm on 4.6.3 and it still renews every 6 months. Maybe you're part of some kind of "A/B test" 😄
  3. sounds reasonable. are threads/content (I guess you mean blog posts, articles etc.?) counted differently? I have both rules set up to give one point for every instance.
  4. Unfortunately we didn't, but I've recreated them using the current existing ranks (renamed and changed the points threshold). I've also activated the two rules you mentioned - but they're giving way more points than they should. For example, I have 4141 posts, but received 6831 points. It looks like it doesn't mesh with reputation, since I have 1845 point, which if added, give a total of 5986 points, so...🤷‍♂️ also, you mean "content item posted", right?
  5. Can anyone from the team (@Jordan Invision @Matt or anybody else) help me out here? I've rebuilt the ranks a few more times since posting this thread and I can't, for the life of me, get the system to reproduce the way the pips worked - one point per content item (opening a thread or posting in one, publishing a blog post or article in pages etc. Without taking into account reputation and reactions).
  6. We're trying to get the new ranks system to "simulate" the old pips, and I've set it up to basically have one rule - 1 point per thread/post/comment (basically any content item). But I can't seem to get it to work straight. The "Comment/reply posted" rule gave to much points so I changed it to "Content item posted" but it give to few points... Before I change it again and am forced to wait 2-3 days to see the results, can I ask for an simple explanation of the system's rule triggers (not the default ones but the ones selectable in the dropdown menu) and perhaps even add an example when a rule is triggered and an example when it isn't. e.g (only for demonstration purposes) "Member buys a subscription" is only triggered when a paid subscription is purchased. isn't triggered on free subscriptions, up/down grades. thanks.
  7. Hi @Matt I've followed along with the guide and it seems to only show the titles (on "content submissions) to staff, regardless of the option chosen. Also, as you can see in the screenshots, I've moved the title upwards in the block, can you tell me where I need to put the css text in order for it to show directly under the username? Thanks. Below are screenshots of the issue. The Option + Formatting setting: Admin view (With title outlined): Regular member view:
  8. Yeah, I know, great title, right...? I just don't know how to better explain it. Our community has the "Users must acknowledge issued warnings before posting again?" option ticked, because we're very strict in regards to following our community guidelines and rules. However, we've also set up one of the warnings as an no-points anonymous management message to a member for times when we want to tell a member something like "we've edited your thread's title" (ahem ahem... 😛) and don't want them to be intimidated by the "YOU'VE BEEN WARNED, BOY!" popup and the "you must acknowledge..." banner (which some new member just miss altogether and send support requests saying they can't post). Is there a way to have one (or some) of the warnings not require acknowledgment, or have it a per-warning toggle? If there isn't, can you make it so?
  9. Oh snap, I forgot about the singular/plural and was looking for the string "X posters in" in the translator... 🤦‍♂️ After seeing it isn't selectable via the quick translate I just thought it's hard coded... Sorry about that, and as always thanks for the help!
  10. EDIT: It actually IS translatable, I was being dumb. Hey, The "X posters in [Topic name]" isn't translatable (The "Who posted in this topic" headline is fine). could you have a look at it? Thanks.
    Very useful. Super easy to use. Exactly all the options/customizations you'd need. And incredibly fast and to-the-point responses and support from the creator. What else can you want?
  11. Awesome, I remembered I once saw something along those lines but couldn't remember where. Purchased. Also, while we're on the subject, here something totally unrelated 😄 IPS really needs to un-bad-word-that-got-deleted the search algorithm lol. Searched the marketplace section in the ACP for a string ("Who Posted in This Topic"). The result that's named EXACTLY THAT was... drum roll... SIXTEENTH! I mean, it's more funny than anything else because there aren't that many results, but seriously, what the actual F...
  12. Is there a block that shows a list of members who posted in a topic (obviously on the topic where the block is placed)? Or can one be made using the custom blocks? I looked through all the available blocks and found many many blocks the show all kinds of member lists, couldn't see anything like that. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Hey, can you possibly add an option to only restrict a member from posting? So, no banning, no hiding the topics, and pretty much none of all the other very useful stuff this app can do. I only want to tell annoying members that "we don't want to hear what you have to say on the matters discussed here" 😅
  14. I'm not even sure this is possible or whether this should be posted here or in the suggestions forum, but I'm being optimistic that it is possible and I'm just missin g something. Is it possible to have an "external link" menu item that will either direct to different URLs on desktop vs mobile, or a way to display such a menu item only on one of those?
  15. It is a lot larger scale, I was thinking of something more subtle. I'll get literally torched with actual fire by our members if I do anything even remotely as colorful and full of shapes as this 😂
  16. I was actually wanting to implement something very similar a few years back when we were thinking about doing a re-design for the homepage. We wanted to have an infinite scrolling homepage that integrated threads and other noteworthy content from our community together with news articles and other stuff from our editorial website, and intermittent ads tossed in every few content "rows". Unfortunately, we've since shelved this idea due to various unrelated issues. But I did have a very rough illustration of this setup. Sorry in advance for the Hebrew text. I'm too damn lazy to remove it just to post it here 😅
  17. That's exactly what I was trying to figure out. This wasn't a "BWaaaaaaa nobody likes me!!!" kind of reply 🤣
  18. I 100% support this. The editor behaves erratically when moving to another page. Sometimes it will save and reload the content, sometimes it won't. Sometimes it'll reload an older comment I've already posted, and I really haven't found any way to see when it'll do what - so the only real course of action is to always act as if it'll drop all the content. I, like Moriggan, just thought it was intentional or another one of ckEditor's wired behaviors that nothing can really be done about. Glad to hear I was wrong and looking forward to having this fixed so I can finally stop being so freakin' anxious that I'll do something dumb that'd make the entire message get wiped 🤣
  19. You don't even need to Ctrl+P. Just tell them to right click and choose "Print" and then "save as PDF". They can't that stupid (er... I mean, "not tech savvy") as to mess this up 🙂 If they can't figure this out, I'm sorry to say, but they'll probably miss the "save pdf" button as well 🤷‍♂️
  20. -Puts 2-3 hours into writing a post and creating mockups. -Doesn't even get a "you're stupid and your idea is stupid". Not exactly what I'd call "letting your community members feel valued".
  21. I think the "highlight posts" is an EXTREMELY useful feature on multiple levels. Firstly, it draws users' gaze to where you want it. It allows you to give different groups' posts more "gravitas" so to speak, making these posts more easily accepted as "legit". Lastly (from what I can think of), it can be used as a monetization tool to get people to "pay for cosmetics" and be more unique, just like in MMOs. BUTT (LOL), the fact we can only set one color per theme across all the groups who get this is kind of a downer, because it forces me to weigh very carefully to whom do I activate this feature so that the highlighted posts don't just become like banner ads and just disappear. Moreover, all these groups are important, but they aren't all important in the same way (notice how I didn't say "amount" 😄). I'd suggest adding a collapsible area in the groups settings (like we have with the "Can edit own content" customise button . as seen in screenshot 1 and 2) where when you enable the "highlight replies" toggle, it opens up a few new lines with the names of the themes you have installed, and you can edit that group's highlight color from right there ('mockup1'). at the same time, something parallel can be added to the theme "front-end colors" tab, where we'll have multiple lines of "Highlighted Post Border" and "Highlighted Post Background" with the groups names attached to each ('Mockup2'). Note that on both mockups I intentionally used unrealistically long theme/groups names in order to show this shouldn't be an issue. As a side note - I honestly think we can get rid of "Highlighted Post Border" altogether since it's being swallowed by the larger area of the "background" color and isn't really adding much. Yes, I know that if you have 5-6-7-15 groups who get their replies highlighted it can amount to quite a bit of extra lines to scroll through in the theme settings, but I think it's well worth it. What do you guys (and girls) think? Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Mockup 1 Mockup 2
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