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Achievements rule for anniversary

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Good afternoon, dear Invision Community,


Some members of my own community have been around for years, if not decades. I would like to display this with automatic achievements.


A custom rule would allow me to do so. Unfortunately, the highest level you can set for this rule is “weeks”.

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Now, I considered using custom “days” to do this (1 year = 365 days; 2 years = 730 days; etc.). However, leap years throw a wrench, making the anniversary inaccurate.


Is there another way to solve this, and achieve the result I'm looking for?

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This is how I do it @Orioni @Marc Stridgen as this equates to what you are trying to do:



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Basically, the best way is to just calculate the days in the years you want. Its not 100% technically correct with leap years, etc, but I can't see anyone disagreeing with this approach and its worked perfectly for us.

Here's a few in the list I have set up:

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Hope this helps! 😄

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@Marc Stridgen – Thank you for your clarity. I can live with the fact that a solution does not yet exist. Perhaps in the future this small feature might be considered.

@GazzaGarratt & @Nathan Explosion – True. I'd also considered setting 365.25 days as a year. Then again, since not all members join in the same year, you're still guessing when the leap year will be. So the actual date will still be off.

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