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  1. This seems to be the only relevant topic I could find. There used to be a dark theme, IPS4 Dark. But unfortunately, that's gone from the marketplace now. Not sure why. I've noticed it throws some errors with rich embedding of topic.
  2. Personally, I'm still very happy with my daily dose of RSS. Loads of sites still work with RSS. It's especially useful if you're following a WordPress or Drupal sites. I just follow certain categories or tags on specific topics and that's just fine. I've use Bloglines, Google Reader, Reeder and now Feedly. In my world, RSS is still going strong.
  3. @Matt Is this also how the https://invisioncommunity.com/ homepage was created, or did you use some other tools to extend the possibilities? I've looked into a couple of examples I could find. Those were using a landingpage application. I'd like to improve the first impression people have of my community. And that homepage should be top notch. Even better when people see it's "Powered by Invision Community".
  4. Playing Commander Keen, but not knowing how the controls worked. Suddenly he made a jump. It took months before we figured out how to shoot his lazer blaster. And then there was the pogo stick!
  5. is not feeling very well today.

  6. I came to bring the stars for you..:)
    happy birthday

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