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  1. In one of the block row while opening I receive server error https://www.dropbox.com/s/xic4qwbj18yhep5/Screenshot 2018-12-18 06.52.00.png?dl=0
  2. I have made it available to certain user to create tutorials from the front end. The security auditor has pointed out this flaw
  3. Is that not a security flaw? Can I disable the description box completely
  4. When I enter the following command in the description <h1>test_a</h1> <script>alert(1)</script> The browser retuns a pop up with '1' command. Is that normal?
  5. Add new article is not visible in the mobile optimise site. How to add that
  6. Upgrade- thank you ON 4.3.1 the guests now don't have permission to view the slider. I have checked up the permission and it is enabled for all. As a member, I am able to see the slider.
  7. So there is no way of upgrading without uninstalling everything
  8. Upgrade procedure, please? If an earlier version is uninstalled, would all the slides get deleted
  9. SDT

    Forms Support

    Yes that is correct
  10. And your application does not have an option for disabling it on clubs And also Links does have discernible text and I don't know how to set it up for accessibility
  11. Using Swiper Slider 1.0.1. As an admin, I am able to go through the account login without issue. Its other user groups who get the screen
  12. I had put the feeds from Pages.
  13. Yes, the error appears when feed is added
  14. SDT

    Forms Support

    Is there an option to create Master- child database linkage in the form For example, If I select a District, can we show respective District?
  15. Yes, I did exactly what you said. Removed all the three and still the centre block shown up the same way
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