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  1. It seems one of my moderators made a mistake and used a permission I gave all of them: Flag as spammer -- and this action surprised all of us by irretrievably deleting ALL of the member's posts, signature, etc. I figured "Flag as spammer" for a moderator meant set a flag on the account for the admin to investigate, not a drastic action that cannot be reversed. This is another irreversible action that should be controlled at the Moderator group permissions level. It's very difficult to set all moderator permissions consistently when so many of them are at the individual moderator level. (Now I'll have to edit all 20 moderators' profiles.) PS Related topics Flag asspammer " should be undoable or harder to trigger Flag asspammer " a dangerous tool! allow moderators to ban without usingflag asspammer Flag asSpammer Request
  2. I continue to be impressed by how unnecessarily complicated setting up moderator permissions is still, in v4.2.3 Many more mod permissions should be universal and set up on the moderator group level. Example: Delete posts and topics; as these actions cannot be reversed, they require more centralized, consistent administrator control. Permissions per moderator should be set up as overrides on the group permissions, to tailor permissions to the individual exceptional moderator. The way it's set up now, every moderator is exceptional, and an extraordinary number of permissions on several tabs need to be set for each individual moderator. This makes it very difficult for an admin to make moderator permissions consistent from mod to mod, if that's the way you run your site and you have a lot of moderators, which I do.
  3. Latest patch did not do anything for Reports.
  4. The quotes in 4.x are difficult to edit, or even delete. This has been discussed elsewhere.
  5. What are support hours on the weekend? I got an error message Friday evening from Cloudfront (IPS Hosting) on a bulk e-mail that must go out ASAP. So far, no response from IPS Support.
  6. It seems to me that any individual added as a moderator would inherit all the permissions set for the moderator group. From there, the admin can customize for the individual by turning on and off the various choices -- overriding the presets. I agree with ossipetz -- who has many good ideas above -- whether permissions are "OR-ed or AND-ed " does not compute. The way it's set up now, setting permissions on the moderator group level is a waste of time. Any time you add a moderator, you have to set all the permissions for that person anew. This makes no sense. Or am I missing something about the hierarchy?
  7. Just ran into this. Yes, Announcements should parse links, why not? Can't even make an <a href=" "> text link, even though source edit is permitted.
  8. There are a lot of bugs in the personal messaging system. The quality of the user experience has degraded from version 3.x for reasons I can't fathom. There are quite a few other topics in Feedback about this. Are there any plans to improve it? For example: 1. Switching the view to a folder within the Inbox (using the drop-down menu next to the Inbox label) simply does not work. It is buggy. When you choose a folder from the drop-down list, the label changes to the name of the folder, but the list of messages displayed is the Inbox. There's no other way to get to a folder that I could find. This considerably reduces the utility of personal message folders. 2. After you move a message from the Inbox to a folder, the view switches to the folder. Why would a user who is cleaning up the Inbox want to look at a folder next? Then, when you've switched back to the Inbox, you've lost your place in the message queue. The checkboxes come and go, as OP observed here Wrong switching folders in messages Also see Bulk move messages tofolders It’s Impossible to live with this! More about various ways the personal messaging system could be improved: Fix the "go to unread replies" link in the InBox Personalmessages - go to first unread post Mass delete personalmessages Make it easy to delete personalmessages No way to remove multiplemessages at once Reinstate download of personal message threads Better pagination onmessages (conversations) SearchingMessages ManagingMessages
  9. I just posted something about this here On one hand, people like to use chat and they're familiar with texting on their phones, where any one message isn't particularly important or long-lived (unless you're the FBI investigating a crime). However, for some of us, the personal messages we get in running our sites are very important, more like e-mail than chat. Forums have the advantage over a vehicle like Facebook in that they can be archives for actual knowledge that people might want to retrieve years later. It's very hard to find any piece of information on Facebook, notwithstanding its hyped but not very capable search tools. If IPS wants to go in the Facebook direction, it would be abandoning this important differentiation: Forums are better for longer and more long-lived discussions. If you want fast-food social media, long-form might seem slow and clunky to you. But if you need information about something that's important to you, you'd want to see detailed discussion. From the current design of IPB personal messages, it looks like IPS is at best ambivalent about the importance or longevity of pms. I guess it could go more in the direction of chat, but those of us who do business on IPB-based sites and therefore depend on our personal messages would be shortchanged.
  10. BTW, the Facebook message list, which apparently IPS is using as a model, while narrow contains more text than the IPB message list window. It's odd to me that Facebook is considered to be the standard. Facebook changes their designs all the time! (Facebook bought a UX company, Bolt Peters, that specialized in remote user testing. Even so, there's a lot of broken UX on Facebook.) Because of the way it's designed, I don't believe that Facebook believes any particular piece of content, including personal messages, has any enduring value. The bubble design indicates it thinks of personal messages as evanescent, like most texts. A further indication is that there are no real retrieval tools for Facebook personal messages. Does IPB as a product think of personal messages the same way, as of value only for a moment? Does that satisfy the needs of the range of IPB customers? On my site, perhaps like Chris Bell, communications with my members are important. I delete a lot of them, but I need to preserve some of them, for many purposes: To maintain history on a particular member, to carry on a long-term discussion, to keep a record of agreements, for legal reasons, etc. Therefore, functions like content preview, deleting, archiving in folders, and download of personal messages are important to me. The design of these functions in 4.x falls short of the fairly rudimentary design of 3.x. (The content of the forums is also important, we moderate so old topics are continually updated. It's important to our members to maintain group memory, as it were.) I have also found the difficulties Chris Bell and Atari Age describe in using IPB's personal messaging, and I agree with their reasoning about designing for ease of use. Forum members are the end users, but administrators are also users, and IPS customers as well. The field of user experience (UX) has ways of integrating requirements from end users, customers, and other stakeholders. This informs educated guesses. The problem with the message list window being too narrow could be solved by making it elastic horizontally, as most Apple software is designed, so individuals can set the width to their preference.
  11. You might be interested in the discussions about the Reports function, such as Reports need more streamlining
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