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How do you set up Fluid View?


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Some forum skin developers include such a setting in their forum skin. The previous version of IPS, 4.1.x, had a plugin for such a setting. The plugin may still work with IPS 4.2.x. The plugin has yet to be updated for 4.2.x, though. It's called EZ Full Width, and you can find it here:

On 8/23/2017 at 9:59 PM, crabpaws said:

There are no settings for it in ACP > Community, search for Fluid View gets zip in ACP or in  Help Guides, couldn't find any topics discussing this.


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15 minutes ago, Morisato said:

@Simon Woods, Fluid View only increases or decreases the overall width of your IPS installation. It can be modified up to 100%. It doesn't affect the sidebar. Only the overall width of your forums.

That was the second part of my question, the bit after "OR". The first part is referencing this: 

... since it's not clear what the OP was talking about and Adriano had already referenced the other option (fluid forum view). As such I am asking for the OP to clarify what exact thing they are asking for help with.

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