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  1. Mobile browsing

    I just found both the forums and Marketplace links easily via the "Support & More" menu. This is as a guest.
  2. Likes need two clicks now?

    Eh. It's not relevant to me but I can understand that ad-driven sites and the like care about it.
  3. Likes need two clicks now?

    I'm fine with two taps (which is probably obvious). I think changing something without a good reason is a waste of development time, energy, focus... it's a bad idea. If somebody presents a good reason, then sure, go for it.
  4. Likes need two clicks now?

    I can understand that people are frustrated when something takes twice as much effort as it used to, however I have yet to see anybody explain why tapping twice is considered egregious to the point where it is worth asking for the mechanism to be changed to rely on pressure. Did I miss something?
  5. Likes need two clicks now?

    Or you could just tap twice, rather than rely on pressure which is not guaranteed across devices. What is wrong with tapping twice?
  6. Likes need two clicks now?

    People are genuinely confused because they have to tap something twice and the solution is to make them learn to long press? OK...
  7. Hopefully the work on improving search has very much begun and the issues Adriano raised are included.
  8. Marketplace menu

    Which is the "main sites page"? Where is this menu now, other than in the Marketplace?
  9. Mass selecting for posts (very helpful)

    Assuming you have all of your permissions and settings in the right state, I would assumed this is a bug. I mean, if that works-as-intended then it's a regressive move.
  10. Marketplace menu

    Huh. I never got used to using it, that's for sure -- instead I'd just go into the Marketplace via the link in the primary menu.
  11. Marketplace menu

    There's a link to the Marketplace in the top menu, sure, then once you're in the Marketplace there is a new secondary menu for Marketplace-specific things. I thought it had been this way for a long time now?
  12. Marketplace menu

    There was a Marketplace menu there? I don't remember that.
  13. 4.2: Easy Mode Colorizer

    Oh, sorry! I'm an idiot -- I missed the "Easy Mode" part of the topic title. I've never used Easy Mode but it looks like it is possible to use hex in some way, per the guide:
  14. 4.2: Easy Mode Colorizer

    Underneath the "Automatic" set you should see "More Colors..." via which you can use hex codes.