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  1. I have the same issue, had yet to post it in the Fosters site bug tracker.
  2. Simon Woods

    Forum Sidebar

    If this could be achieved the app would be a must-buy for me. Yet again you would be solving for a major mistake by IPS.
  3. Simon Woods

    Bookmarks - Support Topic

    Untrue. I've used it and had a reply. There's also plenty of helpful info in some of the sections of the bug tracker, from what I've seen, with other people using it regularly. On top of that the dev also uses it to track things.
  4. Simon Woods

    Quick Topic - Supporttopic

    Can guests use this in a guest-friendly forum? Or is it restricted to member groups only?
  5. Simon Woods

    Mobile browsing

    I just found both the forums and Marketplace links easily via the "Support & More" menu. This is as a guest.
  6. Simon Woods

    Forum Sidebar

    Thanks for trying!
  7. Simon Woods

    Forms Support

    Is this the same aforementioned issue or something else?
  8. Simon Woods

    Forum Sidebar

    +1 I have a problem: when putting blocks in the Topics tab of Clubs they then also appear in my forums, and vice versa. Could this application help me work around the problem by applying blocks to individual Clubs?
  9. Simon Woods

    Group Collaboration

    There's a changelog with the item, as with all items, and it shows how the demo clearly wasn't updated for compatibility. Might be an idea to check every part of an item's details. It could save you some time.
  10. Simon Woods


    @GreatJackal You should have patience and wait for Raw. Adriano has always stated that he's mostly here to fix bugs and update for compatibility. We're lucky to even have that.
  11. Simon Woods

    Clear Notifications

    ACP -> SYSTEM (should be the tab the ACP opens on) -> SUPPORT (usually at the bottom) -> select "Something isn't working correctly" -> Continue At this point your site cache should be cleared, since the support tool does that as part of a general check on the suite. After that there's a chance the plugin will work.
  12. Simon Woods

    Clear Notifications

    Did you run the support tool to clear the site's cache?