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  1. Well, the solution you offered didn't really answer my inquiry. But, thanks for the follow up answer, it deals with part of the problem, at any rate. I've been looking for a way to disappear the topics in certain forums from displaying in the search results. I'm sure someone will create a solution for it. Thanks for the reply.
  2. @opentype, thanks for your help but I think I mis-communicated my problem. I know how to disable viewing the forum from usergroups. What I'm trying to do is hide these certain forums from appearing in the search results and when people click on "view new content" or "new content". Posting in these forums appears and I want to display new postings or new content in these forums from appearing. Most of my members just go straight to the "view new content" link instead of actually viewing the forum.
  3. During a previous version of IPB, I think it was during the 3.x series versions, I was able to exclude certain forums from visitors and guests. It was a way to draw more interest in visitors to register having member's only forums. I've tried looking under "Search" and "Search Engine Optimization" and I've even tried looking under the forums themselves but I've been able to find anything to exclude certain forums from the search results. I'm hoping that someone here has a solution to this or maybe I'm looking in the wrong places in ACP.
  4. Oh, my bad, @Adriano Faria. I honestly didn't see that one Thanks for posting. β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘
  5. @Joel R @AndyF I found that old plugin, that was created a while back by @Adriano Faria, it was "Posts Required to Send PM" but I doubt he has plans on updating it for IPS 4.4.x. But, I'm familiar with creating other usergroups to do what you suggest but I'd rather not have to create a anew usergroup just to use as a workaround for that. Faria's plugin would limit a user's ability to send PMs to anyone until that member reached the appropriate number of posts required to send the PM. For instance, if you set the "Members" usergroup to where they needed to have a 100 post count before they could access the PM system. I just prefer not to create long run-arounds like that for a usergroup that would serve no purpose.
  6. @opentype I was able to kind of fix the difficulty that user of mine was having. I suggested he try other browsers, even the "privacy window" feature that most web browsers have. He's able to log into the forums now. Although, I don't suspect that is what was intended in order to log in. But, at least there's a sort of workaround for it.
  7. Well, I never said it was widespread. Right now, I only have one member informing me of this problem, and the reason I posted here, was to look or a solution. Then, someone else posted they had a similar problem with Firefox (with a previous IPS release, maybe)? I didn't know I would set someone else when I posted this, looking for a legitimate solution. I'm still looking for a solution and the user who reported it to me on my site is still experiencing the problem. I'm waiting to see if the user has the same problem with other web browsers. I just think someone read too much into what I posted ... πŸ€— Honestly? I've kind of mellowed out in the past year from creating conflict so I honestly think that I posted my issue quite well. But, I'm also wondering if this problem with my user is with the Chrome browser and not with IPS. Because I'm not really hearing from anyone else among my community over this. If it was more widespread, like a dozen users in my community reporting the same thing then it would be something for me to ask IPS about in a support ticket. But, these issues regarding problems that happen after an upgrade has only ever affected a single user. This wouldn't be the first time where one of my users reported a hiccup with the forum software on my site after I went through an upgrade or patch that was released by IPS.
  8. Going off what Jim M said, once you remove a license for an addon, but you only retain the license for Forums, then you wouldn't be able to use those addons that you removed from your license once you upgrade Forums simply because the previous installed versions would not be compatible with the new version of the forum software. Uninstalling it from your community would be the only option you could have available to you. This is because you wouldn't be able to use Forums 4.4.1 while still having Gallery 4.2.x installed, it would be akin to pouring sugar into your gas tank ... you wouldn't like the end result. πŸ˜‚
  9. Well, sometimes what affects one user doesn't affect another user. That it seems to be totally random where the browser issue rears its ugly head. If it is a Chrome-related issue, hopefully we can get a response if this is actually a reported issue.
  10. This is a new issue that was just brought to my attention. Before I upgraded to IPS 4.4.1, I was running with IPS 4.2.3 with nobody experiencing problems. However, one of my members informed me that while they can access my website (I have IP.Content/Pages running the content portion of my site) he can't access the forums. Pages loads outside the forums as the homepage to my site "https://www.domain.com" whereas my forums run from domain.com/board. I generally go through the list of suspects (clearing browser cache, deleting temporary internet files) and so on but other than that, I don't have a clue. I have run into issues where some members experience problems with huge white spaces while other users experience no problems at all. Since I don't use Chrome (Firefox by default), I couldn't begin to tell where the problem is. I've also ran into issues where one user will experience a problem with posting on the site, but when I log into their account, the problem isn't there.
  11. Regardless. I do think that, if requested (from a user who no longer wants the addons installed in their community) that they should be able to just renew their forum license. For me, I've active licenses on Board, Pages and Gallery so it's not an issue for me but I do think that IPS should make it an available request if a client wants to remove addons from their license renewal. I don't think I saw an indication in Support on whether that was possible. Unless I overlooked it. But I did notice the thing about not being able to create a support ticket until I renewed my license (everything was greyed out, which I found particularly amusing).
  12. I hear what you're saying. But, if someone makes the decision that they are disabling/removing Gallery/Content/Blogs from their community, then they should be able to just renew their license for the Forums. IPS just doesn't give that option or state anywhere that they could request just a renewal for Forums, etc. I think that IPS bunched them altogether to make it less work for them to worry about. I know that it was never lumped altogether like that until 4.x was released. Back when 3.x was around, you were able to renew your licenses separately for each app/addon. Clients were already aware that they couldn't run their older version of Gallery on a newer version of the forums.
  13. I have my community set up so that Guests have no posting privileges. It cuts down on any spam someone can post to my site. When someone registers on my site, they actually have to be validated before they are allowed to post. If they are in the Guest usergroup, they simply cannot post anything. What you might want to do is set something similar up on your site. This is done through the ACP. Thing is, way you describe it, you allow non-validated members to post on your site and speaking from experience, spammers can been clued in on IPS forums ever since 3.x launched. Just set your Guests permissions to "browse only", no posting privileges. I had problems with spammers posting all kinds of crap on my forums so I just eliminated Guest posting and I haven't had a problem since. I get the occasional spammer, but it happens so rarely that I'm not affected it anymore.
  14. I hear you. But, the way I understand it now, once you have initially purchase a license for, say, Forums, Gallery, and Content ... that IPS' renewal system no longer allows you to renew your license for only those apps or addons that you want. That ever since IPS 4.x was released, that the "suite" is simply lumped into a single download. Far as I'm aware, there's no way to separate the individual IPS apps. I know you used to be able to select and choose which IPS apps you wanted to renew but it's no longer that way. I wasn't aware that you could simply contact Support and tell them you just want to renew "Forums". Oh, and once you let your license lapse, then renew it at a later date, IPS' client portal doesn't allow you to send a support ticket for any inquiry, you actually have to renew first, before you can send a support ticket inquiry. It's one thing I discovered a few days ago when I renewed after my last renewal period in 2018 went by. I typically renew about once per year since my expenses are limited due to my disability.
  15. There used to be a third party addon for this feature I'm about to ask for but I think that IPS should add the option for administrators to restrict PM messages for usergroups until they reach a certain number of posted messages or responses on the forums. Sometimes you run into the problem where someone new to your community will register for an account and instead of posting on the forums, they send a barrage of personal messages to forum staff or the general members in some weird advertising campaign. I actually had this happen before where someone signed up for an account and sent unsolicited PMs to members on my site without posting a single message. It's a problem that I think I'm not the only one who has experienced this.
  16. Technically, it's not a subscription thing but rather an addon thing. But, I do think that if someone doesn;t want to use an IPS addon anymore, they should be able to "remove" that item from their bi-annual license renewal thing. As it stands now, IPS has it set up where you're force to renew your license for gallery even if you want to discontinue using Gallery and just stick with the license for the forum.
  17. Personally, I like the idea of a "dark mode" and it's something that IPS should consider. Why? Because, like a lot of people out there, I suffer from eye strain. My eyes are sensitive to bright light so having a dark mode is much easier and more relaxing on my eyes. Many people suffer from this. But, I also think that this is something that should be offered on the front end where the end user can select the option through their user account. Keep in mind that I don't think it should be added just because "everyone else is using it". But, only from the perspective that it would make for a more comfortable experience for the end users. Eye strain is a major problem in just about every country out there whose people surf the internet these days. I look at it more as an "accessibility" issue rather than "just because everyone else doing it".
  18. I'm probably wrong but I think you have to change his username on your forums as well. I don't know if I'm right about this but does memberpress use its own database and just uses integration with IPS as an aside? What I mean is that if memberpress is installed on your site and uses its own database and you have IPS with its own database, the changes in one don't push changes in the other. But, I do admit that I've never heard of memberpress before so I don't know exactly how it works.
  19. I'll try that and see if it still throws these two members into moderation. I hope that this fixes it. Is this a new feature that was added after IPS 4.2? Only question I have is that will enabling bypass content moderation over-rule anyone who is on individual 'moderation approval'?
  20. I've been waiting for a member of my community to log back in but maybe someone here can help me out with this problem. I was running 4.2.3 (before I upgraded yesterday to 4.4.1). Anyways, a new registered member had validated his account, tried posting, and every time he posted a message or created a new topic, everything he posted would be marked as "moderator approval needed". Despite some heavy investigating, I couldn't figure out why that was happening. This member had no penalties on his account, he had never been warned and had no account restrictions. I even created an alternate account for him and the same issue kept presenting its ugly head. No matter what account I created, even pre-validated accounts whose members had been inactive for years and never posted a thing, every time he posted something, his messages always required "moderator approval" when there were no restrictions that would have warranted that. The thing is, none of the forums he posted in were marked with restrictions and when I logged into his account as admin, I didn't experience the same "moderator approval" that he was experiencing. I started thinking that maybe it was his IP address but that would have blocked him from accessing the site and no investigation I found turned up anything and I'm more confused about this ... I don't what you would call it ... but, I'm calling it a gremlin because I think it's affecting another registered member on my community. I checked and double checked the permissions on his account/accounts, the warnings on his accounts (which there were none) and even the forum privileges for each forum and even his usergroup. I'm sort of at a loss and my last resort is to open a support ticket and see if they can hunt down this problem. But, I could use some advice if anyone has seen this happen before and if so, is there a solution or fix to it.
  21. Been awhile since I realized it but wasn't there a tool in the AC that allowed you to check for any updates relating to IPS updates/upgrades? Sort of like with plugins and the like?
  22. It took me some time before I could renew my license but I ended up renewing and upgrading from 4.2.3 to 4.4.1 and one of the changes I noticed was that somewhere between those two versions, there was a new option that (perhaps unintentionally) allowed Guests to post new topics and messages even though they had no content posting privileges on my forums. While some here on the forums pointed in the right direction to fix it, the fact that the new option basically made all previous privileges null and void kind of struck me as odd. I do think that the next time a new feature is added in the ACP, that it doesn't over-right other permissions that you have set up previously. In my case, a new feature that allowed "Guests to post messages and create topics before they registered" over-wrote disabled privileges I had put in place previously for the "Guests" usergroup. Honestly, I spent some time trying to figure out how that happened before I got frustrated with trying to find the problem and ended up posting here in the support forums.
  23. Thanks, guys. That explains things. It was curious as to why they were able to post. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. πŸ‘
  24. This has got to be a new one I have encountered, ever since I started using Invision Power Services back in 2004. Keep in mind that I have permissions on my site set up very specifically so that only registered members can create content on my site/forums (my site is fully integrated with the IPS platform. With this in mind, Guests can only view or browse my forums as my community is set up to where they cannot post messages, comments, personal messages, topics or replies. This was never a problem until I logged into my site just a few minutes ago and discovered that two guests had posted new topics on my forums. What's odd about this is that I've checked the usergroup permissions as well as the permissions for my forums, and they still have disabled permissions for guest posting. Has anyone ever encountered this and if so, is there a solution to fix it? The guests had posted spam and even though it was hidden until approved (which I have the usergroup permissions set as), the only thing that prevented the posts from being visible is that I had it set up like that. I can say for certain that it's also not related to the login handlers because I don't have any of the social media login handlers enabled. This glitch, or bug, didn't happen until after my upgrade from 4.2.3 to 4.4.1 was completed yesterday.
  25. I used to get a lot of guests like that, from time to time. It didn't happen all the time but it can really wear down your system resources. When it got to be too much, I would just disable my site temporarily until it was past. But, yeah. Most likely, web crawlers, bots and whatnot.
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