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  1. Oh, my bad, @Adriano Faria. I honestly didn't see that one Thanks for posting. ☺️👍
    Pretty kewl plugin. Works perfectly. Thanks.
  2. @Joel R @AndyF I found that old plugin, that was created a while back by @Adriano Faria, it was "Posts Required to Send PM" but I doubt he has plans on updating it for IPS 4.4.x. But, I'm familiar with creating other usergroups to do what you suggest but I'd rather not have to create a anew usergroup just to use as a workaround for that. Faria's plugin would limit a user's ability to send PMs to anyone until that member reached the appropriate number of posts required to send the PM. For instance, if you set the "Members" usergroup to where they needed to have a 100 post count before they cou
  3. Going off what Jim M said, once you remove a license for an addon, but you only retain the license for Forums, then you wouldn't be able to use those addons that you removed from your license once you upgrade Forums simply because the previous installed versions would not be compatible with the new version of the forum software. Uninstalling it from your community would be the only option you could have available to you. This is because you wouldn't be able to use Forums 4.4.1 while still having Gallery 4.2.x installed, it would be akin to pouring sugar into your gas tank ... you wouldn't like
  4. Regardless. I do think that, if requested (from a user who no longer wants the addons installed in their community) that they should be able to just renew their forum license. For me, I've active licenses on Board, Pages and Gallery so it's not an issue for me but I do think that IPS should make it an available request if a client wants to remove addons from their license renewal. I don't think I saw an indication in Support on whether that was possible. Unless I overlooked it. But I did notice the thing about not being able to create a support ticket until I renewed my license (everything was
  5. I hear what you're saying. But, if someone makes the decision that they are disabling/removing Gallery/Content/Blogs from their community, then they should be able to just renew their license for the Forums. IPS just doesn't give that option or state anywhere that they could request just a renewal for Forums, etc. I think that IPS bunched them altogether to make it less work for them to worry about. I know that it was never lumped altogether like that until 4.x was released. Back when 3.x was around, you were able to renew your licenses separately for each app/addon. Clients were already aware
  6. I hear you. But, the way I understand it now, once you have initially purchase a license for, say, Forums, Gallery, and Content ... that IPS' renewal system no longer allows you to renew your license for only those apps or addons that you want. That ever since IPS 4.x was released, that the "suite" is simply lumped into a single download. Far as I'm aware, there's no way to separate the individual IPS apps. I know you used to be able to select and choose which IPS apps you wanted to renew but it's no longer that way. I wasn't aware that you could simply contact Support and tell them you j
  7. There used to be a third party addon for this feature I'm about to ask for but I think that IPS should add the option for administrators to restrict PM messages for usergroups until they reach a certain number of posted messages or responses on the forums. Sometimes you run into the problem where someone new to your community will register for an account and instead of posting on the forums, they send a barrage of personal messages to forum staff or the general members in some weird advertising campaign. I actually had this happen before where someone signed up for an account and sent unsolici
  8. Technically, it's not a subscription thing but rather an addon thing. But, I do think that if someone doesn;t want to use an IPS addon anymore, they should be able to "remove" that item from their bi-annual license renewal thing. As it stands now, IPS has it set up where you're force to renew your license for gallery even if you want to discontinue using Gallery and just stick with the license for the forum.
  9. Personally, I like the idea of a "dark mode" and it's something that IPS should consider. Why? Because, like a lot of people out there, I suffer from eye strain. My eyes are sensitive to bright light so having a dark mode is much easier and more relaxing on my eyes. Many people suffer from this. But, I also think that this is something that should be offered on the front end where the end user can select the option through their user account. Keep in mind that I don't think it should be added just because "everyone else is using it". But, only from the perspective that it would make for a
  10. @Mr 13, be thankful that you even have ANY selections or choices for notification when there's a validating member. It's kind of pointless to add a specific setting that can be treated to each validating member. You're making this more complicated than it is. There is no way to differentiate individual members who are validating. Just set your validation to where new members must validate within 3 days or their validating account is "null and void". I don't want a setting where each validating member has to be set differently for notifying the admin, not unless you want to make validating memb
  11. Why? Just use IP.Content/Pages to create your own Terms of Service for Clubs or add the terms into your Terms of Service and Registration information and Forum Rules. Force all members to read the update forum rules, etc., and that's how you deal with that. Members of my community are aware of the site policies I have posted on my site and they never violate the rules, long as they are aware of those rules and policies and you direct them to read through the updated rules.
  12. This topic interested me. The original post asked why the software isn't backwards compatible. It's not mean't to be and the original poster obviously doesn't have a clue as to how this forum software works. I've been a client of IPS since 2005 and every time there has been a release, the previous versions of premium templates, plugins, blocks, widgets and applications will not work with future versions of the IPS software for which it was designed because these various addons need to have their code updated for each future version release. For instance, you have a forum tremplate that wa
  13. Seriously, dude? What are you? 3 years old?
  14. Honestly, I had never thought of this before until one of my registered members flagged this for my attention. But, he noticed that he wasn't able to edit personal messages he has sent. This flagged my interest so I logged into my ACP and discovered, to my horror, that there are virtually no settings for the personal messaging system. I seem to recall that while there weren't detailed settings in previous versions there was at least some semblance of control over managing the system. Let me guess? This was one of those things that IPS decided to remove because they received feedback that
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