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  1. MasonK

    IPB 3.4 Renewal

    Also do you guys have a converter for Xenforo 1.5?
  2. MasonK

    IPB 3.4 Renewal

    Thank you for the info.
  3. Hey! Micah?

    1. Izaya Orihara

      Izaya Orihara

      I am tentatively afraid to say yes :p But yes, who is this lol

      Oh wait, I know you :p Pokevolution guy! What's up?

    2. MasonK


      Just been very sick the past three months but decided to check out  IPB 4.x and it seems promising compared to when I last looked at it.

      How about you?

  4. MasonK

    IPB 3.4 Renewal

    Thank you! Also how hard is it to recreate templates in IPB 4/what differences are there that don't allow for IPB 3.4x templates to be used in 4.x?
  5. MasonK

    IPB 3.4 Renewal

    If I renew my IPB 3.4 license plus my IP.Content and Gallery additions will I get access to IPB 4 for the $60 renewal for 6 months? Thanks in advance.
  6. By the way are you going to support XenThemes?

  7. Do you have a portfolio?

    1. Sinistra


      Nope sorry I am workiong on some new stuff for 4.0 though

  8. MasonK

    Haze by IPS Themes

    Sorry for the late response I was able to fix it, but Ill let you know if there is any others problems that may occur.
  9. MasonK

    Agile by IPS Themes

    I'm currently have skin issues since I installed IP.Gallery. I can provide you with a temp admin account.
  10. MasonK


    Whenever anyone buys a topic colour changer (I think that's whatbits called) there is no way to redeem/use it.
  11. Just wondering when VaultWiki may be released?

  12. Do you kmow when you may have the update ready for Agile to work with IPB 4?

    1. Tom Christian

      Tom Christian

      Hi, hopefully within the next week or two :)

  13. MasonK


    Thanks it seems to be working. I'll let you know if there are any more problems.
  14. MasonK


    I don't know how you want me to post it?
  15. MasonK


    iCredits caused my site Pokévolution to have database errors it only started to work when I turned off everything for it.