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  1. never spam, it's tacky as all. Become active on other forums. I know it sounds strange but in my sites early days I marketed myself instead of the forum, thus befriended people which made it natural to invite them to my place. I also got lucky because I joined a few forums where the owner was a known stalker/creep to his members and invited them over to my place(though he and his friends started talking my members lmao) I held contests and most of all made the site appealing as I can to others.
  2. What a lovely addition. Will be purchasing asap!
  3. I hope your upgrade goes better. Windows 10 is amazing tbh.
  4. Still using IE 11 (works better than Chrome) and Edge
  5. How do you get your main page to be directly linked to a forum?
  6. I want to see something that isn't themed after a particular idea/topic. While they are cool, they also are sort of narrow in their target demographic. As a user of IPS, I would love to see more quality dark themes personally with more abstractness to them. Many dark themes I've seen that are paid leave more to be desired since they are essentially the default IPb theme with some minor tweaks and not a lot of uniqueness/personality to it.
  7. Hey! Micah?

    1. Izaya Orihara

      Izaya Orihara

      I am tentatively afraid to say yes :p But yes, who is this lol

      Oh wait, I know you :p Pokevolution guy! What's up?

    2. MasonK


      Just been very sick the past three months but decided to check out  IPB 4.x and it seems promising compared to when I last looked at it.

      How about you?

  8. I absolutely love how all 3 of you alls forums look So unique. I am an RPer myself though I find my way of RPing is a bit different from many. But yes, I love the diversity in the communities. Love when I can't easily guess the site's software right off the bad.
  9. isn't this kind of what this add-on does? https://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/7410-who-we-are/
  10. @Dylan Riggs was not expecting that but yess that is definitely what I am looking for and wanting! Please tell me it is coming sometime soon?!?! *Coughs* tomorrow*Cough* lol
  11. ooh please tell me it is a dark theme I still love Spacebound lol (Not completely a dark theme but it wasn't too hard to alter to one)
  12. Awesome look Is that Villain by IPSfocus for your Skin? thanks Empire! Love the site. Too bad I cant understand the language, i'd love to join a Windows based forum <3 Lovin' the color schemes. From what I see, this looks great Gonna be making some more skins for IPb4?
  13. Also chat logs are useless now. We had an issue where we had to go back and find something someone said. While I could eventually find it, on 3.X you could filter by Private and Public chat msgs and the user's name. Now it just lists everything together. I also do not understand why when moderation is done (Such as Kicking a user) it doesn't show who kicked them and that they were kicked. It also half the time doesn't show when someone enters or leaves.
  14. I absolutely love what you have done with theme Looks absolutely amazing and definitely inspiring me to step my own game up. I suck at critiquing other communities but what you've done so far has mad me want to join
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