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  1. What a lovely addition. Will be purchasing asap!
  2. Hey! Micah?

    1. Izaya Orihara

      Izaya Orihara

      I am tentatively afraid to say yes :p But yes, who is this lol

      Oh wait, I know you :p Pokevolution guy! What's up?

    2. MasonK


      Just been very sick the past three months but decided to check out  IPB 4.x and it seems promising compared to when I last looked at it.

      How about you?

  3. isn't this kind of what this add-on does? https://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/7410-who-we-are/
  4. Also chat logs are useless now. We had an issue where we had to go back and find something someone said. While I could eventually find it, on 3.X you could filter by Private and Public chat msgs and the user's name. Now it just lists everything together. I also do not understand why when moderation is done (Such as Kicking a user) it doesn't show who kicked them and that they were kicked. It also half the time doesn't show when someone enters or leaves.
  5. Was your renewal recently? The only thing I can think of is, the license expired and thus you lost access..
  6. It's really no different than them individually mentioning your entire moderating team by each name. Personally this is something that should happen. While I understand yours and @Kevin Carwile stances, I also say that there is absolutely nothing wrong with making the system more powerful and giving admins the power to restrict which groups can be utilized. This is a 3rd party add-on from XF that I loved/miss(one of the few things useful about that software). For me, this is great because it allows me to better be able to notify my members. We have a lot of important threads that often sometimes get overlook and buried among the other less important stuff. I tag all of them in threads in regards to Maintenance, Rule changes, New features, updates, etc etc so they are able to see them without having to hunt or be responsible. Our community is small enough where I am able to simply tag each users name once and I later go back and simply copy and paste the names into future posts as needed which simulates tagging usergroups but is certainly not attractive when you have 30+ names in a post.
  7. I want to add that we cant keep using this as a potential defense. New releases come out all the time for various products/software but we are now heading towards I believe 8-9 months since IPB4 was released gold. I could sort of understand it back in April 2015...Everyone was upgrading, Eveyrone was a bit excited, bit too impulsive, a bit too confused at times.....and that would cause a rush. But now that we are well into the 4.1.X branch and heading towards a year since initial release, I do have to say support response time has increased. This isn't something new though. Not a dig at IPS but the support (While my issues normally do get resolved) has never really been speedy to me and it does seem to have increased with IPB4 as far as wait times. My main issue isn't so much the fact that it takes ages sometimes for a reply(and lord knows on a Weekend, if something catastrophic pops up, there's a good chance you wont here back till Monday) I can deal with longer response times. What often bugs me is when the longer response time is coupled with a similar experience like @Morisato explains. I'll find myself already answering a question I anticipate them asking in my initial response only to get asked it in the response Eventually, it would of course get dealt with but at times I feel like time is wasted and that tickets aren't thoroughly read. Not always but from time to time. As far as raising renewal prices(or the product prices themselves), I personally wouldn't mind if this meant that the company would then be able to expand to add more resources for the support team. I just want to say that I am a huge fan of the product and company overall(I think my history in several places, proves that lol) and I generally don't have many complaints or unhappy moments with the product itself...but I do find myself frustrated at times with the support because IPS is a bit more complex and not exactly newb friendly to admins who are not well-versed with tech. Unfortunately also Lindy, you have individuals on other platforms(I am sure you know who/what I am referring to) who use this as a means to attack the product, the company and potentially try to deter people away. It is an issue, yes but when you have angsty and often times melodramatic people with an obvious agenda labeling support as inadequate compared to another forum software's support or labeling the support community as inadequate compared to Forum software B's support community, in the long run it does hurt the product's image. If IPS does find it a bit much to try and support hosting requests that fall out of the grand scheme of things, I'd like to see a push for a more open and active support forum. Often times I find myself coupled with waiting a long while for a response, coupled with having to deal with a lack of notice to my support topic. While I know IPS does offer their own hosting, I'd love to know more about hosts where my fellow clients had amazing or poor experience. Who they recommend? who they recommend I steer clear from? Who they are using and why they are happy. We are not exactly allowed to discuss this and often are suggested to go to WHT or other places....While I get the sentiment behind it, I have to also say that this is where that openness and more liberal nature of the company could do wonders. I made a topic on this the other day about being more open. 1. Because it can benefit individuals more and it can certainly bring even more activity to the support forums and likely also get people's issues handled better. 2. It also removes that misconception that people aren't getting support or aren't getting adequate enough support. I Can appreciate the fact that IPS4 is making things more self-help. It forces me to learn and not be so reliant on support but at the same time, at the end of the day....We pay our renewal fees for support and it seems many people have noticed a stark difference with support Pre-IPB4 and Post-IPB4 and that is something that needs to be rectified sooner than later, in the best way possible.
  8. I feel like I may have seen this before...forgive me in advance but status updates sort of bug me. I am not sure if it is a setting I am just unaware of what but 1. I hate that we have the status update but we're unable to fully see the complete text unless we go to the person's profile 2. YouTube videos don't show a video in the status post or half the time the link is just plain text Is there a way to fix this? Possibly a mod?
  9. I may do an overall review post for IPS but one thing in 2016 and something that could literally be done now is I think IPS ( @Charles hope you see this xD) could really work on encouraging community interactions. What I love is the fact that the developers from Charles to Lindy to the others(idk everyone's name tbh, sorry) are involved. Compared to the God Like way some other forum software community treat their developers Our IPS crew seems to be quite easy to approach and are easy to reach out to and talk with. However. I've been here a few years and while I think our community is great...we could stand to be a bit more interactive with each other. It's a common criticism found on 'admin' forums that our community is a bit elitist and not exactly an engaging and helpful community. For whatever reason, we keep the technical support forums closed. I personally don't agree and I honestly don't agree with the fact that people who are not with valid licenses are automatically shut out from the forum support. While the former probably won't change.....the latter would probably help the image of the community/product. Because it is a huge criticism. What I would love to see more importantly is a SITE SHOWCASE. There are so many people saying they don't know or see any forums running IPB4....we have a lovely thread for it..But it is in the client lounge...where non-active license holders can't see. Why not have a forum that is visible to all and allow people to post their sites there....Not only get some traffic but it is also a good way to encourage interaction. Get some feedback from the community(and non-license holders) while showcasing your customers site, it also showcases the extensive ways the product has been utilized. I would love to see a Forum Showcase(Since some other software support sites have it) and I would love to see IPS take a more proactive route in not being so.....conservative and being a bit more liberal and open and making the community(And the product) something that can have a broader appeal to those who think negatively. Because the product and the community is great....but we do ourselves no favors when we are so secretive and at times closed minded to others who are curious!
  10. Sigh Joel, 6 notifications...and I was thinking "OOH, i'm loved!"

    come to find out it was just you posting images. HEHE <3

    1. Joel R

      Joel R

      Haha.  Just imagine each photo as a little hug from California to you :) 

      Happy new year.  

      And by the way did you change yourdomain / website name again??

  11. Thank Goodness there is a Credits/points add-on for IPb4 2016 is definitely starting right. I haven't read every single post so I apologize if I repeat any suggestion that has been made. I will still be buying this add-on however it would be awesome to have many of the same features found in the older versions of Ibeconomy and Icredits from ipb3.4 Such as Lotteries Raffles Credit System(Allowing users to get credit cards) Checking/Savings Welfare As well as an overall store for customizable items and actions @Mike John
  12. See I disagree with that.....You can have all the features in the world, IMO, but at the same time if you refine/optimize the product, then performance and what not is just fine. I am not saying IPB isn't a refined or optimized product. But going from generation to generation, you don't expect performance to degrade or expect features to be removed to get performance similar to previous generation of software. IPB4.X for the most part loads and works just as fast as 3.4.X except in places such as page navigations and such.
  13. If only some other 'popular' companies would let admins have a choice instead of deciding for us Thank you lindy! I second that mod as well. We've used it on 3.X(it was called Board index face and made by another developer) and then we got it on 4.X(who we are) and it truly is a great add-on and well worth the cost. Plus it is visually appealing as well(and also gives you at a glance topics you've posted in specifically so you can easily keep up with them if you want to be up to date). I think of it as an enhanced VNC.
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