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  1. @aXen | 1s2k Hi. I was wondering how could I make the user avatars 170 x 170 in Topic View
    Works great on my community. Thank you!
  2. I myself have gotten this error and my users as well when uploading images to IP.Gallery happens at random though.
  3. I was just updating some permissions in my usergroups but one particular usergroup, everything I try to save changes, I get this no matter what https://prnt.sc/qgl3pk
  4. Where I encountered the error was on Firefox. Everything worked out fine in Google Chrome though.
  5. @TAMAN the issue has been solved. I went on another laptop of mine and used another browser, just to make sure it wasn't me. When I went do paste in the code in Custom.css it saved successfully. The issue was me or the browser. It's solved!
  6. Custom.css I reverted it and it keeps happening
  7. I did so. But it still happens: Error This file could not be saved
  8. @TAMAN I wanted to add my custom CSS code but when I try to save it it tells me, this cannot be saved. Meanwhile it saves fine on any other theme The code is a class for Rainbow Username Group and a group called OG which is a Gradient Purple to pink The code has no errors and works fine on other themes .ultimate{ background-image: -webkit-gradient( linear, left top, right top, color-stop(0, #FF3D3D), color-stop(0.15, #FF5C5C), color-stop(0.3, #FFB05C), color-stop(0.45, #FFD105), color-stop(0.6, #71FF05),color-stop(0.75, #5CC9FF), color-stop(0.9, #8A5CFF), color-stop(1, #FF5CE9) ); color: transparent; -webkit-background-clip: text; background-clip: text; font-weight: bold; } .OG{ background-image: -webkit-gradient( linear, left top, right top, color-stop(0, #673AB7), color-stop(1, #ad00ff) ); color: transparent; -webkit-background-clip: text; background-clip: text; font-weight: bold; font-style: italic; }
  9. When you visit any profile you see this next to the content count and join date: https://prnt.sc/q926ny I wanted to remove the Last Seen from being displayed. I remember it was just to delete a line in the theme templates but I dont remember where
  10. Hello, in my IPS Community we have cloudflare and I just noticed a lot of users have the same IP and the IP is from cloudflare. I did everything this topic said: But when I went to check the Trust IP's provided by proxies. it was already on. I created a new account on my community and it's IP was the cloudflare one.
  11. @doc how can I change the size of the avatar's in a topic? I'd like to be 170x170
  12. I like this. looks to be better than the old one that used to be for sale on here. Idea: I see the player glows in blue. Would it be possible to allow users to choose their own colors for the player?
  13. Hi @Adriano Faria I'm interested in buying this and I wanted to know if this app is working with the latest version of IPS.
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