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  1. Dean Spencer

    Interview with Michael Rielly of ClausNet.com

    I've seen this community a few times but never joined or knew what it was really about apart from it being Holiday themed. Great place to keep the Christmas Spirit always alive. Merry Christmas!
  2. Dean Spencer

    Chat System Needed

    I had IPS with most of the apps minus commerce and Pages and Recently I had to migrate to XenForo. The main reason is that my users come from Discord (thats the only place I'm able to get people from to join) I've also been waiting on the Discord Integration but the Dev for that app is AWOL. And in Xenforo there's a better integration. 2 of them actually and either works great. But what made me leave the most was the lack of a Chat app. All we have in IPS is the Free Chatbox everyone downloads/uses. But my members didn't like it because they couldn't create rooms or Personal Message one another. I feel IPS or a 3rd party should create an app like this one: https://xenforo.com/community/resources/chat-2-by-siropu.5762/ a lot of people actually left Discord and began to use my site when I installed Chat By Siropu and my site's activity has gone up by a lot. But I, personally prefer IPS. This is my home pretty much. I feel awkward in XenForo and I would like to see someone create a chat application as good as that one I linked or if IPS could make something like this native in 4.4.x The Gallery over there sucks, The Resource Manager sucks, and there's no Blogs (for 2.x) I would love to return and renew if we had a chat option like that on IPS.
  3. Dean Spencer

    Tournaments ( Support Topic )

    @TheJackal84 check the email we used to talk in. It's about this app.
  4. Dean Spencer

    Register Group for Login Handlers

    will this work with 4.3?
  5. Dean Spencer


    Amazing theme to work with. Needed support and the creator helped me out. Worth the $30!
  6. Dean Spencer

    Discord Integration

    Will we need the Fosters Login Handler to use this once it's ready?
  7. Dean Spencer

    Team Talk: What would you do with $1,000,000?

    Well I would pay off my student loan which is really my only debt. Then I'd get into some investing to multiply the money and live off that. I would probably travel but not all the time. I would also buy a good new car (Nothing fancy so I don't attract attention) and of course buy all of the IPS apps (even the ones I have no need for lol)
  8. Dean Spencer

    The Dev Toolbox

    I like this one a lot more than I did the Storm Dev Tools you had on here before.
  9. Dean Spencer

    Linked Accounts - Post As

    Great App, Works perfect. It's exactly what I needed for my staff to use their member rank alt accounts easier.
  10. Dean Spencer

    IP.Gallery Question

    Hello, I'm thinking of purchasing IP.Gallery for my License. I just had a question regarding the uploads. I see in the ACP you can configure things to be stored in AmazonS3 rather than the uploads folder? Would this work for IP.Gallery? Will every upload be saved on S3 if I choose? I want to know the same things for Downloads but I'm not really looking to purchase that one
  11. Dean Spencer

    Age Bracket Requirement

    Thank you it works great now!
  12. Dean Spencer

    Age Bracket Requirement

    No prob. Thanks in advance.
  13. Dean Spencer

    Age Bracket Requirement

    Hello @Adriano Faria I'm I bought this plugin but I have an issue with Profile completion. Both the Age Requirement and Profile Completion come up at the same time http://prntscr.com/jrnkaj When I click fill Bday info, it just stays there, nothing happens. it stays stuck there no matter what. I set up a demo so you can see it: http://c117259.try.invisionpower.com/ User: Test Pass: 123456
  14. Dean Spencer

    Discord Login Handler

    Please....don't....ever.....abandon this app....THANK YOU
  15. Dean Spencer

    Discord Integration

    Can't wait to see a 4.3 Update. I haven't upgraded yet because of how much I use this.