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New feature: disable your inbox

Take control of your community messenger inbox.

Topics, replies and reviews are an incredible way to engage with members in a community, but sometimes a conversation needs to be had in private. 

Invision Community's built-in messenger is a powerful system that allows members to privately message another member, or a group of members, directly within your community. 

However, allowing your members unrestricted access to reach out could clog up your community inbox (and mind!). There are times when you may want a little space from receiving new messages. For example, when you are… 

  • Going on vacation
  • Working on a project that requires your complete attention
  • Needing a moment to catch up

Currently, your only option is to disable the entire messaging system. That is effective, but it means you cannot engage with existing messages, send replies or message other members.

We’ve developed a solution! 

Invision Community 4.7.0 allows for more refined control over your messenger by allowing you to disable the inbox. 

The benefit of this is that you can continue existing conversations and start conversations with others while preventing anyone from messaging you (except staff members) either directly or via the Alerts System.

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The "Disable my messenger" link has been replaced with "Disable my inbox". The warning pop-up makes it clear what this action will do.

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Of course, administrators can still completely disable the messenger for themselves and other members of the community, which prevents them from accessing the messenger entirely.

The new disable your inbox feature, included in Invision Community 4.7.0, will be available to all in the near future.

Thoughts on the disabling the inbox feature? Let us know what you think in the comments!


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