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  1. @newbie LAC Hi, is there any other way to buy Recent Posts With Youtube Videos ? Invision marketplace offers only one payment method (Paypal) and PP forces me to create account, what it's not acceptable.
  2. Even if i want to leave space between text, images, videos, i can't. IPS completely ignores <p>&nbsp;</p> When i am editing post everything is fine, but after posting all spaces are gone.
    This should be built in IPS. Thanks Pete.
    Why this widget doesn't show up in Block Manager? Bug?
  3. There everything is correct. Validation method for new accounts is set to "Email validation", like i want. For most of new members registration works fine, but some members get this error 2S129/2 after validation and in Members list i see that member must be approved manually.
  4. Hello, can someone explain what this error code means: 2S129/2 ? One member contacted me and wrote that he can't register account. After validation he receives this error: Sorry, there is a problem This member is not awaiting validation Error code: 2S129/2 And in ACP/Members i see: This member must be approved manually. It's not just one case. Every day i see new registrations, with: This member must be approved manually. Where is problem?
  5. Ideally would be to have simple checkbox in "Edit Custom Profile Field", just to choose if its a "link" or not.
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