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  1. I have disabled the product "Advanced Tags & Prefixes" and the multiquote button reappeared. Then, I have reactivated the product and the button is still there... so the problem is solved...
  2. Posts are missing the multiquote button:
  3. The 'Recent Profile Visitors' box in User's Profile, is messed up in mobile view:
  4. If I go in Database -> Edit -> Display Template Group and change your template with the IPS Default, the reactions in the comments appears. So, I think, it's not an user group settings problem. Now, I've made a fresh install of Magnum Theme 4.1.4. In Pages -> Templates I've removed all templates that starts with S1 and I've reinstalled the templates. The problem is still there.
  5. You see the reactions in the Article (the record). All comments to the record are without reactions.
  6. Link to check: https://www.dragonslair.it/index.html/reviews/recensione-di-stranger-things-stagione-2-r698/ Yes, I updated all the Pages templates.
  7. Hi TAMAN, I use Magnum Theme and in my Pages I use one of your templates as Pages Display template. As you can see in the attachment, when I use one of your templates as Display Template, (example "S1 One Column"), in the records comments, the reactions are missing.
  8. Sorry Adriano, the problem occurred after installing your plugin and disabling it everything works, but it was just a coincidence. After several tests it seems that the problem is still there. Sorry.
  9. I have a problem with Pages, if this plugin is active. In my database -> category, I have active the following options: - Post Topic: Post a topic to the specific forum each time a new record is added - Use forum for comments: comments will be posted as replies. If I create a new record and, rather than publishing it immediately, I set up a future publication date, the record won’t be published in the expected schedule. Even if it apparently seems published. See image attached. If I disable the plugin, I have no problems.
  10. This plugin does not work properly with version 4.2.4. In Database -> Categories, I’ve active the options “Post topic” and “Use forum for comments”. Previously, when I create an Article, and choose another author, the system creates the topic inside the forum with the same author I chose. Now, with version 4.2.4, when I create an article choosing a different user as the author, the article is created as if posted by that user, but the connected topic automatically generated by the system inside the forum has me as the author instead of the chosen user.
  11. User profile -> recent profile visitors. The users photo are stretched.
  12. This behavior only occurs with Microsoft Edge if the forum contains new elements.
  13. Ok. I hope they will add a class in the futures versions. No. I did not add any custom CSS.
  14. The above problem is still present in version 4.1. If you Use a Feature Color for a specific forum, the icon is not faded out to indicate there are no unread topics within the forum.
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