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  1. 3 months I'm waiting for support with @Makoto... I purchased the plugin and could not use it... Maybe the plugin could be open source so we can debug and fix the bugs...
  2. Yes... Looks like IPS team doesn't want us to develop plugins...
  3. Thanks for the idea, but what a disaster for a developer... We should just have to do a git clone from our IPS plugin repository and let's go, why it is so complicated with IPS... Seriously... This is not how things should be done.
  4. How do you deal IPS plugins with git? Even if I had the XML file, I should import plugin in ACP with XML file, copy/paste files from source to override files imported from XML and change all class names like this: class hook50 extends _HOOK_CLASS_ { Because when we import a plugin from XML file, hook numbers change and we need to change class name. How is it possible that it is done like this?
  5. I no longer have the XML file unfortunately but I have all folders and files in my Git repository. Is it possible? It's amazing that IPS can't read PHP files from folder. Any PHP app can do this. Developing with IPS is really a horror.
  6. Hello everybody, I have created a plugin that I sent to a Git repository. I have installed a fresh new IPS install. How can I import my plugin from source? I put the plugin folder in plugins/ directory but it's not automatically detected. Thanks!
  7. Thanks, I send you a PM.
  8. In french, we need to use two words for negative sentence: Unfortunalety, I cannot define "ne", only "pas" because of only these language strings are defined: Can you set language string for previous word for others languages?
  9. I can't translate these strings:
  10. @Makoto I just purchased your Account Deactivation application, but it doen't work as expected: The mail "Your account has been reactivated" is empty The mail "Your account deactivation request has been completed" is empty When a member click on "Deactivate my account" button in email, he is redirected to the homepage without any message like deletion, the notification disappears very quickly. Then, he receives a empty confirmation email. When a member click on "Delete my account" button in email, he is redirected to the homepage with a notification message which leaves much too quickly. The member does not have time to see it. Then, he doesn't receive an email which confirm account deletion. Can you fix it? Thanks! Invision Community v4.5.4.2 No errors in System Logs/Error lgos Use french translation
  11. Thanks, I don't see this Filter by option because we use fluid view! It's OK, but it would be great if fluid view can have this option too, I don't know if they plan it!
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