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  1. I have just installed this plugin and the duplicate text is a show stopper for me... It seems like every time it auto refresh, it adds the same messages over and over... then at some point, it becomes OK. Moreover the option new message at bottom is not working... all messages are at top:
  2. Thank you for your answer... that sucks, some of my members aren't happy 😞
  3. Hello, Before upgrading to 4.5, I used to have a link to edit a post at the bottom of each post right there: its to simplify the user experience by avoiding to go to a menu on the top right corner... I don't remember if it was a plugin, or a customization to the theme to get that. Anyone can help?
    On paper this is a fantastic idea, but some functionalities are not working and there's no support after numerous attempts to get any. Too bad.
  4. This is the third time I am writing about this, but the daily bonus points are not working, they are given only every 10 days or some random length (the time before is 29 days) and not every day like I configured. It is setup as per the instructions and my version is up to date (2.0.1)... am I alone with this? My members are not happy because they were promised bonus points for visiting the site and its simply not working 😞
  5. Hello, This is quite weird. No matter which theme I select, the option to select a file and upload it is unavailable from a mobile. Same user, but on desktop the option is available. Did 4.4.9 broke this? or I am overlooking something? Thanks for any tips
  6. Not sure if anyone proposed this idea. It's a type of lottery common over here, we call it 50/50. So a member buys a ticket for say 2 points. One point goes in the pot, and one point goes to the organizer (usually a good cause). So let say at the end, 5000 points are collected, 2500 points go to one winner, and 2500 stay for the house. Is this something that could be done? Thanks.
  7. Anyone is able to display add in the /discover/ feed past the first 20 or so items displayed? It seems like ads don't show in the section of the page that dynamically shows when scrolling down the page.
  8. Thank you it works! My other question is regarding this page: https://mtlurb.com/discover/ It is a page that dynamically loads, and I am able to place an ad only in the section that loaded first, not subsequent sections. I tried: .ipsStreamItem_contentBlock:eq(50) And it doesnt show. Thanks for the help!
  9. Ok so the proper to do it is to insert . between each css style of an element? Thanks!!
  10. Hello I am having a hard time understanding the CSS system. For example I want an ad after this menu at the complete bottom of the thread page. If I go with CSS selector I get: ipsToolList ipsToolList_horizontal ipsClearfix ipsSpacer_top ipsResponsive_hidePhone If I use ipsToolList it appears the first place where its used in the page... not where i wanted it to be. How does this translate into a usable code for this plugin? Is there a proper tutorial please? Just saying use a CSS selector is not enough.
  11. Another idea. Would cost points to downvote something (to the person downvoting, not recieving like currently possible). (We give free points for people visiting once a day). That would slow down some people who downvote easily others.
  12. I keep getting this message on my admin account: Your current email address is no longer accepting email, please enter your new email address to continue. Which is untrue, its still the same gmail account I have had for ever and its not rejecting anything. Please help, this is annoying.
  13. Hello I need help implementing these on my site, willing to pay $ for the help as I am unable to do it (yes read this thread but still won't work). /Discover/ Ads every 15 lines within the stream Inside threads Ad after 5 and 10th post List of threads Ad after first, 5 and 10th thread Top header banner on the right of logo (small horiz). Page wide overlay bottom of page Thanks,
  14. Where's that widget?!?! I can't find it anywhere 😞 Edit: Found it, so it's not really a commerce item... a bit confusing 😄 Edit2: This bypasses all the taxes configurations on the site 😞 Am I missing something?
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