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  1. Serious User Interface update

    I can't imagine how anyone could prefer http ://xenforo.com/community/. Ugly! Incidentally it would be nice to have a button to disable clickable links.
  2. Post Edit History - REALLY NEED THIS

    Modify the notification function to optionally send a notification of each edit result. This would be a much simpler implementation and the space consumed would be on the user PC. Currently if you are subscribed to a topic the text of a new post is sent in the email notification, and you have a record of the original post in your email client. This has often been useful to us. Optionally have another notification with text when a post is edited. The only thing that would need to be added to IPB is the option to notify when post is edited. This would be in My Settings > Notification Options for mods and admins.
  3. Can't Renew My License

    In my case the renewal email was misleading when it said RENEW NOW, as the invoice had not yet been prepared. When I eventually had an invoice it was easy to renew.
  4. Can't Renew My License

    Hi bfarber. I've submitted a ticket for Sales.
  5. Can't Renew My License

    I don't see any button to renew. I guess I should wait for invoice?
  6. Post Edit History - REALLY NEED THIS

    If you configure your notification emails to include the posted text, then you could have a record of the original on your own email archive. But aside from indicating that the post has changed it wouldn't be hugely useful. When IPB prepares the notification email it could store the text in a server folder "edits" similar to "uploads" - i.e. the text would not be in the database. The database would just have references to the material in "edits". This would be only a small increase in database size. (No free lunch - the disk usage on the server would increase).
  7. Editor Feedback

    A thought. There should be a HTML editor mode in addition to WYSIWYG and BB Code, to show the actual HTML.. Then people could see and adjust the HTML tags without the buggy translation to BB Code and back.
  8. Editor Feedback

    Scary for us, too. We've had IPB since 2004. At that time BBCode (Bulletin Board Code) was the natural thing to use.since our users and staff were mostly accustomed to using bulletin boards. Very few people had any problem with the tags and there was good built-in help with it when needed, We still need it when using our Canned Speeches. To go over entirely to HTML would be a massive rewrite for us. Surely "massive rewrite" is more appropriate for the vendor to do than for us to have to do. As it is, staff has to do a good deal of editing via BBCode to get our posts to look right. What is maddening is that even after editing, if we copy the contents of the post and replace our stored text with that, it tends (seems random) to have the extra line problem when used again.. . I find the 3.4.2 editor quite usable and as noted, a big improvement over 3.4.1. But I wish IPS had just stuck with BBCode and never attempted HTML. It seems to me that storing and retrieving BBCode text is more compact and simpler and bug free. Why store HTML. anyway? Apparently IPS was aiming for the WordPress market rather than limiting the product to forums. No doubt some IPS customers like being able to easily design fancy web pages but although the WYSIWYG is very nice sometimes it isn't anything we ever felt the need of.
  9. Editor Feedback

    The one in 3.4.2 is a big improvement over the one in 3.4.1. If this trend continues...
  10. Editor Feedback

    Agree annoying and I'm sure they will eventually fix. You could write a PHP script to load each of the pages and delete all [*][*/*]
  11. Editor Feedback

    Yes, that happens when you paste. It puts in extra [*][/*] pairs. Easy to fix. Go to a line and backspace so two lines are merged. Then ENTER to separate the 2nd line and it will be right.
  12. Editor Feedback

    I'm happy with the editor in 3.4.2 I posted simple directions for it on our forum.
  13. Editor Feedback

  14. Editor Feedback

    This is really good news. Can you give us any idea of exactly which issues will be fixed/changed?
  15. Editor Feedback

    It would be nice to have editor config options in ACP.