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  1. Is there a way to combine the features of the ipb suite to allow members to purchase tickets for an event at a given date/time? Seating is not required but we would like to be able to offer different ticket types say adult/kids and offer date change or no cost full refund in the event of a weather cancellation. Also the ability to limit numbers.
  2. I think we need to be a lot cuter with images across IPB. Correct sizing, lazy loading, conversion to webp or similar would help tremendously.
  3. No, when a user buys an offer, the message will be received by both the seller and the buyer with the content to determine the exact details. In version 3, I plan to change this process a bit here Hello, Has this been resolved in version 3? I'm still getting sellers complaining there are no details from the purchases of where to send the goods. Not all members have access to messaging. Cheers
  4. It was set at $1 and the auction completed above that amount.
  5. Any suggestions? The auction was allowed to run its normal course to completion and I assumed the winning bidder would be chosen as the buyer, but everything just seems to have expired. How do I handle the transaction with the buyer /seller?
  6. I've not got anything, even the ACP shows nothing.
  7. I've just run an auction. I have a winning bidder at the end of the auction, but nothing has been emailed to either of us about completing the transaction.
  8. little bug in the notifications
  9. That gives the date - is there a time that the action finishes? Normal behaviour is for people to bid at the last minute.
  10. Is there an expiry time for an offer that has an auction? If so how do people bidding or watching, know what time the auction expires?
  11. I've have been looking again at this application, following issues with how we currently deal with members adverts. I'm struggling with trying to find information on some points Does your application: Allow the seller to add in different costs for freight options? Does the seller get a notification of who has purchased what item? Does the seller get delivery address details for each item (like and admin would do in the back office for commerce)? How does the seller get paid? Does the seller use their own payment gateway details or that of the main saite - if the sites, how are payment fees recovered by the admin? Can the seller sell multiple items to different members, without the advert disappearing Does the advert hide automatically when the product sells out or the advert expires How can the admin charge for members using this system and how does the admin get paid?
  12. OK, we use stripe. He gets the email to say someone has purchased something, but it doesn't tell him who. He just gets an email to say, a customer has bought xxx and you've earned $xxx. So how does he know who has purchased what? Even if they use discuss with member feature, he could have 3 people say I'll send you the money, 2 pay up and he'd not know which two. But without the contact member, if someone uses buy now on its own, he'd have no idea. Also he'd need to see delivery details. The IPS email notification would work for an admin because the back end tells me who's completed the transaction and I get to see the invoice details. The IPS email works here in marketplace because you're not selling physical items. Classifieds needs the extra info due to the physical aspects of the items being sold. So how can we improve the information to the seller?
  13. I have a member who is using classifieds. Another member has purchased the item (physical) using buy now, but the seller only gets an email to say congratulations, someone has purchased a ...... How is he supposed to know who has purchased it and where to send it?
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