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  1. Topic Reply/Comment Ban

    How is this different to
  2. Please test search

    I'm also seeing read posts in the results of the AS when another new post is made
  3. Hot and popular

    Yes thats right.
  4. Hot and popular

    My users are trained to check new content or activity searches, which makes this sort of thing redundant, unless its carried through to the search results. Forum view activity feed or unread content view Same thing with popular replies. How can we change this?
  5. Limited Email Content

    Confirmed fixed on the 2 templates reported. Thank you so much
  6. Blocks with no permisisons

    pages - custom blocks
  7. Notices - Supporttopic

    How did you get on with the fixed position bug?
  8. Limited Email Content

    I'll install and reactive and let you know.
  9. Blocks with no permission to see the content show as blank boxes. One to fix on the next iteration please
  10. Limited Email Content

    It also removes the content in the support request email replies, so the module needs some work as its now completely useless with those 2 factors.
  11. Limited Email Content

    Am I right in saying that this is truncating warning emails? Unfortunately I am not in a position to test further but as my content is set to 0, they are not getting the moderators note on the acknowledgement email. Can you confirm please?
  12. Classifieds System

  13. Classifieds System

    I have my classifieds set to prune expired adverts by deleting them after 5 days (the minimum allowed) But 7 days after the advert has expired, both the advert and the topic associated with it are still being displayed. Can you advise how to fix this please?
  14. Highlighting staff posts

    Yep definitely
  15. Application Forms - Supporttopic

    Hi @Fosters Is application form able to do this please?