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  1. All these complaints but a simple server snapshot would have allowed an instant rollback. You’re warned to back up first.
  2. I've cleared down my test phone and am using chrome. If I come to this site, I get the prompt to add to home screen, at the bottom of the page, but I don't get the same option on my own site
  3. I’m not getting the prompt to install on android I’ve had to go in and do it myself in the account settings
  4. Thanks Marc. I seem to be struggling to get android to popup. I dont get any links to install an app and I cant find one in my site menu. If I go to account settings notification, push is enabled, the web browser is enabled but I only get notifications when I actually open chrome. I have added a shortcut to the home page, what am I missing? The parts are filled in under icons and logos etc in the ACP Desktop notifications work ok
  5. Thanks for the quick reply. Can I confirm I should get push notifications on andriod though?
  6. @Jim M some examples below https://csg-airsoft.org.nz/clubs/ https://csg-airsoft.org.nz/calendar/ https://csg-airsoft.org.nz/subscriptions/ https://csg-airsoft.org.nz/articles.html/ https://csg-airsoft.org.nz/forums/
  7. Thanks Marc, that is turned on. What I seem to be getting is parts of the site embedding links and other parts not. I seem to recall from a previous install it was something in the server config that one of the team suggested, however I'm no longer able to look back on old support tickets to check my theory.
  8. Some of my own sites internal posts and pages are not rich embedding into other posts. Is this permissions based? Does the internal page being embedded have to be visible to guests? I vaguely seem to recall changing something from localhost to or the domain name would change this behaviour but I cant recall what or where?
  9. Is this possible? If not what do other people do to prevent gallery becoming a photo dumping ground?
  10. My image feed block is showing images from an open club gallery. You would expect that under the following criteria However the clubs module is not available to guests or registered members, yet the images still display in the block. If you click on the image to see it in the club gallery, a no permission error is given
  11. I'm looking at announcements in classified categories. If all are selected the announcement displays but if I only want the notice in select categories it does not display
  12. I have an attachment quota of 500mb per user, but I currently have a member with zero attachments and 1.5Gb of images uploaded to the sites gallery (we don't use member albums). How do I set a quota in the gallery per member or per group? Cheers
  13. ok I think that's good now for you to take a look
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