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  1. Ok so someone makes a review on a classified advert. That advert review appears on the new content search. You read the review/advert, but despite being read, it still appears on the new content search as unread
  2. Is anyone else seeing this problem?
  3. I'm seeing a bug where a classified advert, when reviewed doesn't disappear off the new content search when read.
  4. Maybe it depends on what php version you are using? v7.4.11 Doing a dream here. I commented out the 2 lines it replaced and just pasted in the new entries. I have my topic set to post 1 hour after joining. In my welcome topic, I say Hello Dawpi, welcome to the site. I want it to say Hello @DawPi, welcome to the site
  5. Superstar as usual @DawPi I can confirm the edit works and new members are now welcomes again on 4.5.4 Now does anyone know how I can get an active @ tag in a post please as that would make me extremely happy?
  6. I seem to be ok on 4.5.4 after updating midweek.
  7. Also on that basis, when it comes to vote time, there is no new content to bring the topic of the current competition back into the feeds, so could we have member xxx voted in the yyyyy competition in the new content (I know its probably more suited to the activity feed, but I need something in new content)
  8. I should perhaps also say that subsequent from my post, I had a further 5 batches of 1250 to clear down. 😳
  9. I just installed it and had to remove 1250 welcome messages, but that aside, is it possible to tag someone in the welcome message (post) ?
    The problem with this plugin isn't the plugin itself, the idea is great and for the most part it works, the issue is the lack of a support topic, which means support is via PM. That sort of works for bug fixes, but it means other customers don't know what's going on with the project. For instance I have an issue with permissions so I can't let my staff see it, as it doesn't work with secondary user groups. This apparently is a known issue and is being worked on for the next release (no timeline info available), but it would have been nice to know that in a support topic, before I made the purchase.
  10. I managed to get it working on latest version using the post above
  11. optrexnz

    Radical Tags

    I'm sure you wont regret it. I made the move recently and was unsure at shelling out more money, having done so before, but @Makoto was really quick to respond and proactive with helping to resolve DB issues caused by a prior ATP bug. 1st rate support.
  12. ok that worked, thank you. How do I get this to work so that uploads are only available for 1 week and voting is only available for 1 week the week after that? So in week 1 no-one can vote and in week 2 no-one can upload?
  13. I think if you read the topic its a dont do it at the moment. Support seems to have gone out of the window for some time.
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