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  1. It's not about accepting your reason or not, it's about your attitude towards both me and your other paying customers that I have an issue with at this point. So, this isn't disrespectful to both me and your other customers? Or this? Remembering, all I asked for was an update on a 3 month old bug. Had you just come on and said, 'sorry I forgot, I'll look into this as soon as I have time', then fine. But instead you were instantly defensive and dismissive of the bug. Anyway, I can't be bothered with this any longer and I assume you have literally 1000 other posts and pm's to reply to, so maybe it's time to move on as this ship has sailed.
  2. I'm not interested in your personal life, all I've ever been interested in is getting some support in this support thread and getting the bug fixed. I wasn't looking for you to act like a petulant kid, and and I certainly wasn't looking for an argument. I've also not requested a refund, and am not interested in getting one since I bought it some time ago, have made use of it and to be honest life is too short to be worrying about that. But, what I will do is uninstall the application, as I'm really not prepared to be disrespected and spoken to as if I'm being unreasonable in asking for info on a bug which was reported 3 months ago. I'll also not consider purchasing or recommending any of your other applications. The good news is that I won't be posting in here or any of your other support threads again either. So that's one less annoying/demanding paying customer you have to worry about. As a final thing, perhaps try this if you're struggling to keep up, it's quite useful. https://www.any.do/to-do-list/
  3. Nice one. Great to hear you have so much respect for your paying customers. We're all busy, we're all forgetful at times, but most of us manage to show some humility when we mess up too.
  4. Why are you so defensive? I've not asked for a refund (although I could quickly change my mind if you carry on acting like a 10 year old who's had his toys taken away). I don't see anyone demanding personal replies, or asking for anything over the top. I've read the thread, and all I see is a bug that was reported 3 months ago, which you said would be sorted within days, but it wasn't. Then I see a few posts across 3 months where people are asking to be updated on it. Not so much to ask is it? Especially since you're active virtually every day on here.
  5. Replies not working is a fairly significant issue when it comes to a messaging system, I'm sure you'd agree. Turning off messages or replies is still stopping the messaging functionality from working, no matter how you dress it up - one way conversations tend to be a bit pointless, just look at this thread for the last 3 months as an example! It's not about how much it costs, or how it was developed or whatever else. It's something you sell which you set the price for btw, so even if you didn't get round to sorting the issue in the 3 months you've known about it, the least you can do is reply in the thread when people are asking questions about it. It's not like you haven't been online and posting in other threads, and I assume you saw the notifications when you were tagged or quoted after the initial report in July - there have been messages from people in August, September and this month. So yeah, a mistake is fine and most people, me included, accept that bugs happen, but there was no need for you to compound it by not responding in your support thread across that 3 months too.
  6. It's a major bug, as it stops the personal messaging aspect of the sticky messages from being useful since no-one receives the replies they're sent. Yes, that part of it can be switched off in the ACP, but since that's simply removing the functionality entirely, it's not exactly a reasonable workaround. It was also the lack of response in here about it, since you said it would be looked at within a couple of days when it was first reported at the start of July (over 3 months ago by the way) which made me think you weren't going to be updating any longer. Not great for a paid for addon to be honest.
  7. So, is this project now abandoned @TheJackal84?
  8. When the image type is set to auto, it still loads what would be the larger images on desktop in full size on mobile. Is it possible to always display just the thumbnails on mobile screens?
  9. Hi @TheJackal84 - any luck with a fix for the sending to guest bug above please?
  10. You really need to think more about real users rather than just online test results.
  11. Many of those tools were built pre-http/2. Read the links I posted (and there are numerous more on the net), most people think that http/2 negates the need for a cookieless domain. It doesn't hurt much to use one though, if you already are. On top of this, the manifest file is best on the root domain of the site as it can cause CORS issues if not. For a developer, it's easy to work around and put a policy in place for, but I can see why Invision would keep it on the root domain since it ensures it'll work out of the box.
  12. Http/2 actually means that using a cookieless domain isn't worth the pay off any more. Previously, the concern was the additional bandwidth and therefore loss of speed by including a few kb of cookies in each request. But now with http/2 the additional overhead of making a new connection, the lookup, the ssl handshake etc is actually slower than having everything requested off of the same domain, even if that means each request includes cookies - particularly since http/2 compresses them. https://blog.theodo.com/2019/09/cookieless-domain-http2-world/ https://www.hostnexus.com/blog/http2-site-optimization/ So, the optimal way to do it would appear to be to drop the cookieless domain entirely.
  13. Ok lol, to the point! Thanks for the quick reply anyway.
  14. Hi @Adriano Faria, is there any chance of adding the option to stop the banned member from being able to post into the thread but to allow them to view it still? Thanks.
  15. Sorry you've managed to interpret me bringing up an entirely separate point regarding the usage of PWA and in particular the push api in browsers as simply saying 'but why', but that's up to you I suppose. Don't worry though, if me having a different point of view is difficult for you to handle, I'll sit out from here on in.
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