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  1. That doesn't really make sense to me. You've implemented browser notifications before all browsers could make use of them, as an example. Web development and design has always been a game of trying to support features in the latest browsers whilst keeping some backward compatibility with things like IE. So, why is this situation any different?
  2. Seems like overkill, you can send push notifications from PWA's.
  3. Since this thread was started in 2015, you may be waiting a while....
  4. Hi, any chance that the workflow when dealing with reports can be cleaned up on the next release. The main bugbear is when hiding posts in that the system takes you out of the report and to the hidden post when you've done it which serves no real purpose other than to add 2 more steps to go back into the report and mark it as complete.
  5. Feedback is one thing, drama for the sake of it is another. You've had 13 years, 6 days where you apparently can't send an email is hardly the end of the world, perhaps inconvenient, but maybe some perspective is needed? How often do you send newsletters anyway, daily, weekly, monthly, less often? And as for sendgrid, you're being disingenuous (probably for the sake of drama again), as their pricing clearly shows a free tier which allows you to send up to 40,000 emails in your first month. Enough to get you over your initial problems I'll bet (particularly if you only send to those who are opted in and don't spam those who aren't). https://sendgrid.com/pricing/
  6. You said yourself that you could send email. And if connections are failing at the email providers, then it suggests a config problem your side (incorrect port, tls setting, auth etc). Anyway, believe it or not, I'm not the biggest IPS fan and have had my gripes with them over the years, but is there really any need for the melodrama?
  7. You can send newsletters, it'll just take 36 hours, which if they're that vital to you, should be a relatively small price to pay until you can sign up to sendgrid or sort yourself out another method of sending them - there are countless ways to do that, and you could have probably done it in the time you've spent in this thread over the last couple of days!
  8. I wouldn't worry too much about IPS removing your ability to send bulk mail through sparkpost too much, as the chances are they'd stop you sending as soon as they start receiving the spam complaints from those people who opted out of receiving email from you. I'd recommend reading their terms: https://www.sparkpost.com/policies/messaging/ And, I agree with others in terms of your responsibilities. If you're running a site which stores peoples data, you have to keep that up to date, had you done so you'd not be having the problems you are now. Time to step up and stop looking for scapegoats, and maybe count yourself lucky you're only struggling with a few fairly minor issues rather than dealing with some sort of breach and having to explain that to your userbase.
  9. Most IP anonymisation that I've seen simply removes the final 4 numbers from them. That can't be reverse engineered, or linked to personal info.
  10. Hi, there's a theme problem on here (and I assume maybe on the default theme?) on mobile. Avatars overlap the post info when the forum doesn't have a description or subforum:
  11. Have you considered moving your hosting over to the likes of google, as then you can use their mysql proxy to connect via ssl https://cloud.google.com/sql/docs/mysql/sql-proxy Or use an open source proxy such as this one: http://www.proxysql.com/
  12. And now nearly 48 hours.
  13. Hi, is the (now nearly 20 hour) delay in authorising our renewal really necessary? I get that these sort of checks are useful for new customers, but since we've been customers nearly 14 years, it seems a tad excessive.
  14. The way that the view latest comment links work at the moment seems very inefficient to me (and also messes with google analytics page view stats etc), as it redirects twice before reaching the page. There must be a better way to do this? Request [snipped]?do=getLastComment Request Method:GET Status Code:301 Request [snipped]?do=findComment&comment=3663850 Request Method:GET Status Code:301 Request [snipped]?page=130&tab=comments Request Method:GET Status Code:200
  15. This returns an error unfortunately: Result: "Incorrect entity class (IPS\\forums\\Topic). Expecting IPS\\forums\\Topic\\Post<br>Line: 209 of CustomData.php"
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