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  1. Dll

    IP Address anonymisation

    Most IP anonymisation that I've seen simply removes the final 4 numbers from them. That can't be reverse engineered, or linked to personal info.
  2. Hi, there's a theme problem on here (and I assume maybe on the default theme?) on mobile. Avatars overlap the post info when the forum doesn't have a description or subforum:
  3. Have you considered moving your hosting over to the likes of google, as then you can use their mysql proxy to connect via ssl https://cloud.google.com/sql/docs/mysql/sql-proxy Or use an open source proxy such as this one: http://www.proxysql.com/
  4. Dll

    Pending renewal?

    And now nearly 48 hours.
  5. Hi, is the (now nearly 20 hour) delay in authorising our renewal really necessary? I get that these sort of checks are useful for new customers, but since we've been customers nearly 14 years, it seems a tad excessive.
  6. The way that the view latest comment links work at the moment seems very inefficient to me (and also messes with google analytics page view stats etc), as it redirects twice before reaching the page. There must be a better way to do this? Request [snipped]?do=getLastComment Request Method:GET Status Code:301 Request [snipped]?do=findComment&comment=3663850 Request Method:GET Status Code:301 Request [snipped]?page=130&tab=comments Request Method:GET Status Code:200
  7. Dll

    IPS Rules Application

    This returns an error unfortunately: Result: "Incorrect entity class (IPS\\forums\\Topic). Expecting IPS\\forums\\Topic\\Post<br>Line: 209 of CustomData.php"
  8. Dll

    IPS Rules Application

    Thanks, I'll give that a go!
  9. Dll

    IPS Rules Application

    Perhaps this is a bug then - as I see the same as @jair101 - the stock functions work great for member based data fields, but none show for topic or topic comment based fields.
  10. Dll

    IPS Rules Application

    It seems to need php to do anything with a topic based custom data field, unless I'm doing something wrong there?
  11. Dll

    IPS Rules Application

    Hoping somebody maybe able to help with the php code for this, as we have no-one who does php here. In short, I'd like to create a custom data field which counts the number of reports a post has received. I have the rules set up to do other things when a post is reported, but so far have been unable to make the counter which we can use to trigger other actions. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks
  12. Hi, the notification for 4.2.6 mentions it's has a security update, the release notes don't. Which one is right?
  13. Is this definitely working in 4.2.5 though, seems like it may not be?
  14. From what I can tell, inviting someone to be a member of a club doesn't actually send them an invite, it just allows them to become a member should they visit the club. Is this correct, or am I missing something? If it is as it's meant to work, can I suggest that it would be good for an invitation to be sent, perhaps as a notification? Update - just found that this is possible, it just needs activating in the notifications settings.