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  1. I understand this is configurable, but it makes no sense that the default behaviour of the software is to have a different page width for posts within topics based on whether it has less than or greater than 3 pages. Obviously, having a topic summary when there are just a few posts makes little sense, so I get the reasoning but it makes for a very inconsistent ui, which displays a lack of planning or consideration around what is actually best for the user, readability of topics and so on. Has anyone looked into whether having the sidebar or not makes any difference in terms of the readability, the time spent within topics or anything along those lines?
  2. Now now @SeNioR-. Cursing at ips products. Not cool man.
  3. There are some problems with content flowing outside of margins / the screen on this site at the moment.
  4. I like the irony in the fact that @Jordan Invision seems to definitely be in the more is more camp when it comes to the use of emoji's in his own posts but is firmly in the less is more camp when it comes to controlling the emoji reactions people can give to posts 🙃 Maybe those wanting to express a negative emotion can just make a one emoji post instead, that ought to be conducive to a constructive, easy to follow discussion!
  5. I feel like I'm missing something obvious here, but where are the settings for the application? I can see some in group settings, but how do I switch on simple mode, for instance?
  6. I doubt it, since sending 1000's of extra emails a day is probably a lot more expensive than a few extra columns in the database.
  7. That's flawed though, as someone is very likely to want to be notified when someone mentions them or replies directly to them, they're highly unlikely to want to be notified every time someone likes or reacts to their content. Particularly on a busier forum where there are 100's of reactions to some posts.
  8. No, but it does send a notification of a reaction to a post, which is linked in to selecting you want to be notified of new replies to a topic and there's no method to separate them.
  9. Something has to give with these notifications. Members who want to receive reply notifications are getting literally hundreds of emails a day because a post they make gets a lot of reactions. Ultimately that's making them decide to switch off their email notifications entirely....
  10. There's a chance it was rejected.
  11. Mostly by not getting hung up on page speed score tests and worrying more about user experience, I expect.
  12. I'd be very wary of using any third party addon where the developer keeps 'promising' an update over a couple of months but doesn't deliver. Even if it does get made compatible for 4.5 at some point, where will you be if the same occurs if there's a major bug or issue later on down the line.
  13. It needs to be better integrated into the community. I'd like to see an option where a user can choose to post an image to the gallery at the same time as they upload it into a post.
  14. The net result of this is that people switch off their email notifications so as not to get the notifications they don't want. Bundling together replies, mentions and reactions is a real backward step, and is going to actually end up reducing people's engagement over time. I assume that's not what you had planned @Matt - please look into changing it and allowing people more control, other than stopping their notifications entirely.
  15. We're getting complaints from users that although they want notifications for things like replies and mentions, they don't want or need them for reactions to posts. It would be useful to be able to give them that option.
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