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  1. Were using chatwee. It's an off-site chat service. Desperately need one back in version 4xxx Cost is $10 per month
  2. It was there on the first install. I grabbed a photo cause I was explaining how to use it. I like it fine how it is. I don't wanna mess with it. (Big grin)
  3. No, I can not reproduce the error. sorry, I Uninstalled the program and reinstalled it this morning and so far it appears to be working. Although the 'Ban Individuals' option had disappeared. ? I'm happy though, Thanks.
  4. We bought this for 4.3.4 and so far only getting error messages, Is this supported in our version? Thanks.
    I like it, thanks, works well with 4.2.xxx
  5. The default is white, Is there a way to change the colors of these secondary backgrounds? Even globally would be better. I'm going to be changing the text colors.
  6. Also be sure you have the option "Table View" on.
  7. Mine all work fine, Be sure you have your secret key setup, your API key, groups set up to share and forums allowed. go to facebook developers and set up your social network website APP. There was an update a month or so back. ADDED: It will also ask you what facebook page you want everything shared too.
  8. I've looked everywhere for those lines. Would it help if I asked to have them placed here? like most other sites, Right under the topic title? Thanks, Dan,
  9. I've installed this on Invision Community v4.2.6, It works fine on the default theme but when I change themes to the one I want it on it does not appear. any suggestions? Add
  10. Thanks @steve00 I tried your way and It did not work for me, Honestly, I had no idea where I should add something. I would like the color scheme like this. Edit, I dont need no fancy edges, just the colors.
  11. Hi , I'm attempting to alter the default navigation bars to a green color. No matter which color I try there appears tp be an "Opaque" setting defaulted. A mask or veil of plastic covering appears to be inserted over the nav bars as shown below. Question: Can someone tell me where I change that setting in the form of a custom CSS or in the template? Thanks.
  12. Hi. Moving (Default) placement of share buttons, Can someone describe how we can move the default position of the share buttons from the bottom of the page to the top? Say somewhere in this region?
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