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  1. Trying to search for a member by either email or member ID in the ACP doesn't return results. Is this a known bug that's being fixed?
  2. I've got some database things going on after my upgrade to 4.3.3....I've got a support request in so after Invision answers my service request I'll test it again to make sure that's not the problem. I do have errors showing after my attempt to upgrade the database failed. I'll get back to you either way...
  3. Its not working for me in 4.3.3. When you click to create a new notice it just shows a blank page....
  4. Can this be made to work with 4.3?
  5. Does this work with 4.3.3?
  6. Volstate


    This is working fine with 4.3?
  7. Volstate


    I am using a custom skin and can't get the awards to show in the pane display. Can you help me with that?
  8. I just purchased this but I don't see how to convert over from Iawards...can u guide me please? Also, I created an award to test and I noticed the " Trophies and Medals" is outside my box...how can I move it over?
  9. Did the Iawards conversion tool make it into this yet? I didn't see it on the change log.
  10. 1 more small issue...check your PM
  11. After I upgraded to 1.05 my ticker went away and it just shows as a block. None of the styles I choose does anything. I have a custom skin...is there a fix? **I'm going to PM you my login info so u can check since that's what u asked of the last person.
  12. Has the I-awards converter made it into this app yet?
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