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  1. Tags are essential for searching our community (and many others) so it would be great if ADMIN had the option to set the default Searches to include Tags. I know we can access tag searches, but that's not an intuitive or easily accessible search for function. Thanks!
  2. I don't see any other reports for this, but my members are getting multiple copies of the newsletter every day. Like up to 20 or 30 copies. Is this something I can fix? Thanks! -troy
  3. It seems to be only the profile banners. I'm not sure if other images disappear. They don't really disappear entirely. The banner flickers and then disappears. I'll DM you! I bet it has nothing to do with your theme, but I'm going by Invision's assessment at the moment.
  4. I have a completely fresh update from the most-recent files. And yeah, the default theme does not have this issue. By the way, I wasn't meaning that your template is the issue. I only meant that Invision keeps pointing to 3rd Party for the problems, but they never used to do that. They seem to really dislike all of the 3rd Party plugins/themes/applications and seem to scold me for using them. Here is their latest reply regarding my theme:
  5. @TAMAN I hear you. Invision insists that the theme is not updated for the latest 4.4.3. and is causing the images to disappear. My theme version looks updated to me 1.2.4. Is there an update I missed?
  6. Hi Taman!! I've come across a problem where the banners and images on my site keep disappearing. I can't figure out what the problem is and Invision says it is a 3rd Party problem. I have to troubleshoot every plugin and application, including my theme maker. Would you take a look and let me know if this is theme-related? If you need login information, I can DM you. Thanks!
  7. Nearly every time I report an issue to Invision, a 3rd Party app or plugin is blamed and that's the end of the support. It's up to me to sort through each and every plugin and application to determine what is causing the issue. This is not practical. Invision has been flawless in their support over the years, so I trust them, but the over the past year or so the response is almost always that it is a 3rd Party problem and not something they can help with. They are usually right, so I'm not complaining about Invision, but is there a way to bulk check for issues with plugins and applications? If everything is up to date, what else can we do? Thanks!
  8. Wait, it sounds like you are describing a chat room that can sort entries?
  9. Are you looking for something like how DISCOURSE flows? https://try.discourse.org/
  10. HELP! Thank you for your support... I think I have everything working properly and I added the Widget, but where is the actual chat room? Is there an embedded chat room or only the Invite to link accounts?
  11. LOL, oh nooo, I guess I missed that detail. I can't use this then. You did such a beautiful job, so I hope that feature gets added so we can log in. Is there a third-party application that you recommend that might add login capabilities? I saw "brilliant discord" mentioned in the documentation, but I see a few third-party options for integration in the marketplace. Thank you!
  12. Okay, I have this now on my site, but it only allows GUESTS. It won't recognize me or my discord login. I only have the option to "Join" and then this creates a guest account. Is this how it is supposed to work? I was hoping people who already had logins to be able to use those. Thanks!
  13. I figured it out! LOL Sorry. Thanks!
  14. How do you embed the chat on a Page? Thanks!
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