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  1. Oh nevermind. I found the answer in help guides. Getting use to IPB4... .
  2. How to make a theme default? I see no setting. Seems like such a simple thing. Not even a way to make a theme show to whatever group.
  3. Have old-fashioned and semi-regular contests tied to it with real stuff to win.
  4. Anything I should know before upgrading the old IPB3 version to this?
  5. Really easy going and professional person way back when I used her service. Did good work and was inexpensive. Would by the person pizza.
  6. Sounds neat even for non-review sites. Less mindless ratings.
  7. So IP Content is really lackluster if you want it as a wiki?
  8. I think I had mine set to over 9000 and I don't think IPS has seen how badly people multi-post. Some of them do it even without caring about post count.
  9. How does seeing both of your posts together confusing... That's confusing. In this reply it says this post was edited, so why not include something similar when posts are merged?
  10. It was super convenient and made it so moderators didn't look like they were nit picking.
  11. I personally see this niche. Seems like something that would bloat people's ego.
  12. No max images per post? Shock image spam go, go, go!
  13. The only feature in that image I use is the "default date cut off" for my announcement forum. Rest of those options I don't care if they're gone.
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