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  1. Hey@Lindy, I want to use Invision Community on a new business venture but I need to be able to search products within the commerce plugin. Has this feature been implemented yet? Wanted to make sure before I purchase another license. Thanks in advanced for your assistance in this matter.
  2. Well, won't let me post this in peer to peer cause I missed my renewal payment so I am hoping I can get some help here. Anyone know what and where the proper template to add the code for the "auto ads" feature google adSense has? It's like one line of code that needs to be placed just below <head>. Thanks!!
  3. g1nt3r


    Im trying to use this on my clients site who only has the Commerce plugin (no forums or anything) and I am getting an error while trying to navigate to this page. Is it because I only have the commerce plugin?
  4. Does this work on IPB 4?
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