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  1. Hey@Lindy, I want to use Invision Community on a new business venture but I need to be able to search products within the commerce plugin. Has this feature been implemented yet? Wanted to make sure before I purchase another license. Thanks in advanced for your assistance in this matter.
  2. Well, won't let me post this in peer to peer cause I missed my renewal payment so I am hoping I can get some help here. Anyone know what and where the proper template to add the code for the "auto ads" feature google adSense has? It's like one line of code that needs to be placed just below <head>. Thanks!!
  3. So far it's looking pretty good!
  4. oh man, you rock! Thanks so much!
  5. Anyone know of a way to globally change the word Club(s) to Clan(s). I'd like to enable people to create a club however this is a gaming forum, so I'd like for them to create clans instead of clubs. I feel all I really need to do is change the name from Club to Clan. Anyway, some guidance would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!, -g1nt3r
  6. Thanks! Love your Supergrid as well as your other template plugins btw Excellent idea, thanks for that.
  7. ah, I was thinking that. Thanks! anything else I have to do after changing that? Like in the admin panel?
  8. My hosting says I have an SSL but I need to change my sites default url to contain the s in http://. I cant seem to locate a place to change the sites URL in the admin panel. Can someone assist with this?
  9. g1nt3r

    Fixed Navbar

    Why can't I see the content?
  10. Anyway its possible for my two forums, both on different domains, to share the user database. So members can login to each forum with the same credentials. Thanks
  11. So basically what I am saying is there anyway to put a block in a forum and for it to show topics only from the forum which the user is in. i.e. Say you're in General Discussion, and there's a sidebar with a topics block, that block would only show topics from said forum. Thanks!
  12. Is there anyway to limit the amount of topics a group is allowed to post per day? I have this overwhelming spammer issue and I'd like to limit new users to a certain number of topics per day. Thanks
  13. So I added Authorize.Net to my clients website as well as PayPal "Card" and anytime I try to process a payment I get this There was an error processing the payment. Please try a different payment method or contact us for assistance. Any ideas? (Note: I removed my card details before takin the screenshot for obvious reasons, the info was there when I tried to proccess the payment.)
  14. Honestly little disappointed in IPS for number one not addressing this in this thread and number 2 not implementing it in the first place.
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