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  1. How can you edit the actual FAQ after you approve it? also it tells me template is out of date when i try to use blocks?
  2. also if you have more than 2 prizes you can't see the rest of the prizes in mobile view
  3. @Adriano Faria what about the section title? ive changed the title but it doesnt change this one.
  4. Is there away to change the name of the raffles to just giveaways?
  5. Here is my site i've been working on https://noobtubers.com it's aimed for gaming content creators and live streamers. A place where new comers can learn from experienced content creators and live streamers( from guides),as well as people being able to sell their used items to people starting out. I'm not a content creator or live streamer myself,but i've watched quite a few streamers and i see a lot of commentators always talking about a community specific for gaming content creators. Any input would be appreciated! Right now the site is just kinda filled with dummy content, So the homepage will look a bit bare. A few things i still have left to do Add some more awards and fix some pre-existing awards Finish the FAQ section Small tweaks here and there
  6. I actually asked support about this and they told me "Hello. The feature whereby the admin panel URL could be renamed is being deprecated in an upcoming version, so we strongly recommend not doing that. We suggest you instead enable and force the use of Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for anyone who has access to the Admin Panel. It is far more secure than merely renaming the admin directory. Google Auth is the most common authenticator app and available on all phones now. On the off chance that one of your staff does not have a mobile phone, when they first setup 2FA they can choose 3 questions from a provided list, with answers that only they would know, rather than use the auth app"
  7. The last reply i got from him was June 16th when asking where to buy the rules from since you cant purchase them from here anymore.
  8. EDIT * Nevermind,didnt realize it needed a parent and sub categories to work How can you edit the actual faq's? Also i noticed that the breadcrumbs and sub categories dont display on mobile?
  9. oh okay! The info thats displayed on the user profile where you can click the link to see the info. Or are admins the only ones that can see it?
  10. is there anyway to hide the email registration if you only use manual? Also is there a way to hide the info when its posted to the users profile?
  11. I just bought this and can confirm the standalone (without rules) has absolutely no issues or errors on 4.4
  12. Okay awesome! I think i can manipulate this to work how i need.
  13. The way i was thinking about using this would be by using the built in support that invision has(trying to verifiy youtube accounts). They submit a support ticket for verification,i create one manually and give them the code,then they send me a link back to an unlisted video with them telling me the code i sent them. Would that be possible with this? Also do they get a check by their name so everyone else can see that they are verified or does it just use the secondary group for that?
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