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  1. Well then the only way would be to add a custom shop item + add manually the "goods" in a profile field that can only be modified by staff.
  2. Hello, There are several ways to build such system by using 2-3 apps together... here is one way that I can share without getting a virtual jackalous slap. (Oxford 2020) If you use "Members Shop" + "Trophies and medals" by @Fosters together; you can achieve something similar to what you need. You'll simply have to add your "goods" as trophies or medals; after purchase + use, they will receive a trophy/medal that will be shown publicly. Here are the shop items available within the Members shop app. Et voilà!
  3. PRE-SALE is there a way to make it expire OR the member retains access forever?
  4. Yes, one on one, one on many, 3 some... I mean joining tournament without being part of a team
  5. Also there seem to be a problem when updating the theme when it's set as default. I've installed two copies to have both light and dark theme... and updated both however, the settings are messed up for the theme set as default... + The colors have been modified I tried changing them but the changes are not applied.
  6. Pfff the latest update has modified my colors grrrr
  7. Okay, it does what I need. Thank you!
  8. Where is that? lol Or where should I put it?
  9. I mean, I don't want this setting to be applied to the profiles
  10. Hi @TAMAN I need the background on the profiles page to be different than the set body background, is there a way to do that?
  11. @Azza276 you're awesome... It would be awesome to have all these implemented!
  12. Hello, The "add signature" doesn't seem to work. Members can add the signature but it won't show. It is supposed to display the member's signature while the signature is disabled in group settings, right?
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