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  1. ⭐ 1.0.17 What's New: Update theme to IPS 4.7.11 Send me a PM with a link to the demo and a test account.
  2. As you can see, IPS apparently has too much work or not enough people to deal with it, more and more files appear on the marketplace and everyone updates their plugins/applications/templates and they have. Unfortunately, I do not send files, unless you bought the template outside the marketplace, then you have immediate access to the files.
  3. I uploaded the file a week ago, the IPS moderators did not accept it yet.
  4. Hi, Yes, the template has been updated to the latest version. The demo is on the latest version.
  5. I understand, in my free time I will check it and correct it in the template. IPS doesn't support svg, you change the logo Icon forums:
  6. It's definitely CSS that hasn't been reworked, although it's weird because I seem to have changed every color in the template. Is it some plugin? or is it somewhere ready-made IPS code
  7. ⭐ 1.0.16 What's New: Update theme to IPS 4.7.8
  8. Not currently, I'm swamped with work. Will update templates next week.
  9. 🔥 1.0.1 What's New: Added ability to set subforum in columns. Improved minor theme elements.
  10. This is the support topic for Atmosph Dark Ideas about the template are also welcome.
  11. Certainly, but it does not affect the operation of the menu, because it is modified for the template.
  12. The template is compatible with ips 4.7.7 I do not know, I have no idea.
  13. You will have to modify the css. Send me a PM with your website address, I'll check and send you what you need to modify.
  14. ⭐1.0.15 What's New: Fixed bug related to user alerts.
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