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  1. Hi, I purchased the 🔮 Borx Gaming Theme, but it does not work correctly (some blocks are displayed incorrectly). When to expect an update for IPS 4.5?

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  2. Make a reservation. Came to the conclusion that BO1 BO2 BO3 or you can make due account of the match. For example if BO3-specify expense 2-1 in favor of a certain team (get format BO3). But here is regime with grid losers simply there is no. VERY please, add double elemination mode
  3. I would like to see (really need and willing to pay): Field indicating the game mode. For example: Dota Dota 2 has all modes 5v5, captain mode 5v5, 2v2, 1v1 (you can make it possible to add modes through the admin center for each category of tournaments). This should be indicated in the tournament so that the players understand. There are also types of matches (bo1 Bo2 bo3 Bo5 bo7). This, too, need to point fingers in the tournament to players understood. Also saw the loser's bracket And I remind you of the proposed changes (September 29). You said you'd implement it by next month. Change the ability to participate in tournaments Randomly scatter teams in the tournament grid before the tournament starts Change the notification of the invitation to the tournament (so that when you click on the notification of the captain moved to the tournament page and the button to join the tournament was animated) Make it possible to enter the results of the captains in the tournament grid after the match. (if both captains confirm the entered results-the match automatically ends and the tournament grid is shifted. If the dispute is not transmitted to all moderators or a certain group specified in the component settings).
  4. I'll try to test again tonight. Thank you for your prompt response. p.s. my time zone - Moscow. P.S.S. I remind you of a personal message (Title: example of a tournament system ")
  5. Strange, tested yesterday. They created a tournament for 4 teams. We created 4 teams and they were displayed in the grid strictly in the order of registration you can already, go to the tournament actions button and click replace team selects a command, gives an error: This function is for replacement. I mean the tournament grid and its randomness.
  6. @TheJackal84 Please solve the problem as soon as possible: Ability to manually change teams in the tournament. Teams are displayed in the tournament grid in the order of their registration. This is bad. We have tournaments with cash prizes. Also tournaments with contributions. Players will be extremely unhappy. We can't run the site. If necessary, ready to pay
  7. explain that one more too 1 user can create only 1 command. No longer necessary.. Or that it could be customized. explain that a bit more In fact, it is logical to do so: When you go to the tournament page you need to open the description. Now the tournament grid opens. You must first show all the conditions and prizes to the player before the tournament grid. Learn more about the category: When the user opens the information about the tournament-it shows the discipline (category) of the tournament. @TheJackal84 I have sent you a PM a live example + code (in a new letter)
  8. Suggestions for improving the tournament system. Relying on our experience of eSports tournaments: ImportantlyWe have to do something about the tournament grid.Because it has to be randomly generated, or let the Creator organize the tournament grid before the tournament starts and organize the teams. Players will know who they are playing against in advance-they will be ready for their opponent. Ability to specify the date of the tournament (time). Registration for the tournament should be closed as soon as the time is over. Displaying the category (discipline) on the tournament page If the player has the command - it appears in his profile and (for example) the topics on the forum. You can add to the component settings the ability to specify the number of commands created per user. For example we need to set a limit of only 1 command per 1 user. Add a notification to the tournament owner-when the required number of teams joined As soon as the Creator of the tournament will put down the score in the match-the captains receive a notification The same thing - when the tournament ended. Notifications about the winner do not come. This is an important situation-players will not sit and constantly update the page 😞 It would be perfect if: Teams will be able to add lineups in their teams (different disciplines) and recruit players in them. In the component settings (for example), the administrator specifies in advance the disciplines possible in the categories and the maximum number of people in a particular discipline. For example: the test team has 2 squads in Dota 2 and PUBG. Dota 2 has a maximum of 5 players. PUBG has a maximum of 4 players.
  9. That's right. Also, if players have prepared in advance for the date of the tournament, but it was postponed, it's bad. I agree with you.
  10. won't the teams fly forward on the tournament grid, and the rest will be unhappy? p.s. While on the other hand it's better - than move the tournament
  11. Have checked, now like when have user there is no team-button to join tournament is missing. I write to you in a PM suggestions about improvements.
  12. Good. Because this is also an important point(
  13. I just expected to see text there with the need to create a team. But there's just an empty window with a cross on it.
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