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  1. wget https://remoteservices.invisionpower.com --2023-03-29 05:59:47-- https://remoteservices.invisionpower.com/ Resolving remoteservices.invisionpower.com (remoteservices.invisionpower.com)...,,, ... Connecting to remoteservices.invisionpower.com (remoteservices.invisionpower.com)||:443... connected. HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 403 Forbidden 2023-03-29 05:59:47 ERROR 403: Forbidden. Getting this
  2. curl --help all | grep -- --tlsv -1, --tlsv1 Use TLSv1.0 or greater --tlsv1.0 Use TLSv1.0 --tlsv1.1 Use TLSv1.1 --tlsv1.2 Use TLSv1.2 --tlsv1.3 Use TLSv1.3 i got these
  3. i am using a vps by leaseweb can you recommend me way to check that?
  4. I can't get my license to activate in any way tried everything and also reset the password, and it doesn't always get me the message below When I give the license key, I get this, I ever purchased an SSL to make sure everything is okay. There was an error communicating with the license server. Please try again later or contact technical support for assistance.
  5. I have centos with PHP, and using google, I have successfully configured PHP with Redis. My website is loading up at around 8-sec speeds with all images and scripts anyway i can boost the loading time to 3-5 sec? Thank you so much in advance.
  6. i use a vps from leaseweb any tutorial available anywhere?
  7. Where can I get this info? any tutorials for this ? Redis server address Redis port number: Redis server password: Use Redis to reduce MySQL overhead: what is the purpose of this? Thank you so much in adavance
  8. i did everything properly, my old one had SSL this new one without SSL will that raise the issue?
  9. We plan to switch to another keyword-friendly domain after properly transferring everything. The only problem we face is that all the images are broken. Is there any tool to way to fix it, or what can be done while switching to a different domain? After uploading new images, it is not loading and showing broken. Please advice.
  10. Also looking for this plugins or looking for someone who can develop similar plugins. Happy to pay.
  11. I think some crawler is searching using tags. I had manually clean this junk one by one. Can you make something to select multiple and delete it will same my time. I can see wipe search but don't want to delete all. Thank you! @All Astronauts
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